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The Prā-Pāramitā Heart Experience.

In the life-way of the true meaning.



佛弟子法號 新明星 姓名 蘇耀南譯寫


Translated by Shin-Ming-Shing (buddhi-name of A-Budh-successor) whose worldly name is Yaw-Nan Su, Baŏ-An A-Budh-office, Holy-buddhism Nation Mountain (聖國山) , Lόng-flower-A-Budh-education (龍華佛教) , Novelty-agreement (新約) , Touch-Nil Gate (齋門) , Touch-Nil Teaching (齋教) , Lόng-Magnificence Sect, Lín-Jii Purport, Buddhism.



The Audio-visuality Nature Bodhisattva fulfills buddhi vow-deed (觀自在菩薩行) who at instincts effectuates pra-paramita (深般若波羅蜜) , and then in pra-paramita to learn dharma-law and the worldly learning (多) by ones(時) ; when Bodhisattva using one’s wisdom (時) is at Nature to take a look at affairs and the mind (照) , who can understand one’s five kinds of ingatherings gathering wisdom and felicity then trending to become, a Teacher Of Heaven and People in the future wave-lives (見五蘊) ; Bodhisattva knows that undertones and ingatherings appear from vacuumizing (皆空) and then ingatherings and undertones vary into disappearance (皆空) ; Bodhisattva fulfills pra-paramita to arrive at ferrytion (度) and to ferry the ocean of all affliction and calamity (度) , at pra-paramita utilizes one-seriation to subdue all affliction and calamity then to popularize dharma-law to all distressed living-beings (度一切苦厄).


Srari-doer knows that to utilize material is the same No-disparity that to effectuate vacuumizing-logic, to effectuate vacuumizing-logic is the same No-disparity that to utilize material, to utilize material is the same one that to effectuate vacuumizing-logic, to effectuate vacuumizing-logic is the same one that to utilize material; reception, thought, cycle, soul are also recurrently the same way in Nature and congruence.


Srari-doer at congrunce fulfills dharma-law to utilize the worldly law in life (舍利子是諸法) ; Bodhisattva handles affairs, while the mind is cycling in variety-photo, then in No-reproducing, No-extinguishing, No-contaminating, No- catharsis, No-increasing, No-reducing.  


In congruence and recurrence, volition is at vacuumizing to effectuate Nil-material, Nil-reception-thought-cycle-soul, Nil-vision-hearing-nasal-tastable-flesh-will, Nil-material-sound-fragrance-flavor-touch-law, from Nil-eye-company till Nil-consciousness-company, from Nil-ignorance till Nil-ignorance-ending, or Nil-dotage-death, or Nil-dotage-death-ending; at Nil to treat distress, at Nil to treat collection, at Nil to extinguish distress, at Nil to fulfill buddhi-road, at Nil to use wisdom, the mind natureifys Nil-attainment, to effectuate Nil-attainment recurrently is named Bodhisattva.


Bodhisattva recurrently effectuates Pra-pāramitā, the mind is in without-hang-hinder; at Nil-hang-hinder recurrently, the mind is in without-existentialism-terror, the mind stays away from the photo of reverse-dreaming and lustrating-mood and nirva.


All A-Budhs of three kinds of generations, lastingly to fulfill Pra-pāramitā, natureify A-nuttara-samuak-sambodhi.


To perceive hometown one after one, the buddhi-doer can know that at Pra-paramita handles the most changeful affairs (故知般若波羅蜜多) ; congruence is the great accumulation-dharani, congruence is the great light-dharani, congruence is the Nil-up-dharani, congruence is the Nil-equality-wait dharani, fulfilling Pra-pāramitā can rid of one-seriation-affliction, congruence can achieve true-reality and no falsity.


The buddhi vow-doer can be at congruence in recurrence to preach fulfilling Pra-paramita during this and all the future wave-lives (故說般若波羅蜜多) which is the true-words (咒) ; the buddhi vow-doer at congruence preaches the fulfilling true-words order (即說咒曰) , ‘ Great charity-logic, great charity-logic, at endeavor to fulfill great charity-logic, at lasting endurance to effectuate sangha to fulfill great charity-logic, buddhi-wave-touch-joyity.’.


The Pra-Paramita Heart Experience.

In the life-way of the true meaning.

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Băo-An A-Budh-office, Holy-buddhism Nation Mountain(聖國山), Lόng-flower-A-Budh-education(龍華佛教),

novelty-agreement(新約), touch-Nil Gate(齋門), touch-Nil teaching(齋教), Lόng-Magnificence sect, Lín-Jii purport, Buddhism.