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Principle twenty three  To be moored at spouse or descendant is more harsh than jail-prison.


A-Buddha said, ‘ If there is a persona who is moored at spouse or descendant, or house or residence, results are more harsh than in jail-prison; a criminal in jail or prison can wait for the expiration date of the tern sentence(刑期屈滿日) or the release date of parole(假釋日), but when is the release date of heart jail ? To cut ligature between persona and spouse-descendant.

If persona is without the thought to cut ligature, therefore persona does not know a fear, is controlled and is pressed by sentiment, favor, fondness, passion, material, beauty, lust; which are such as the tiger’s mouth with the bane and persona knows it(心存), willingly the mind is subdued by tiger desire which example is such as to see a mire and to jump into mire and then to be drowned, therefore who is named worldly keeper(凡夫).

At clearness to penetrate ignorant desire(透) then to fulfill buddhi gate can be an off-idea doer or orhan(出塵羅漢).


Principle twenty three  To be moored at spouse or descendant is harsh than jail-prison.

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