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April 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2551 (Western Calendar 2007)


A-Budh’s Experience(佛經) and Buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines are the standards.


With respect to effectuate A-Budh Experience and Buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines.

To disseminate to effectuate buddhi-prescriptions, samādhi, buddhi wisdom.

To praise to trend toward the only perpetuation conveying.



To issue buddhi mind wave-life after wave-life.


Diligently to effectuate Experience (the part of the Experience was translated by Shin-Ming-Shing) (No.75, Da-Jenq edition, Greatness-depository Experience; No.66 quán-Fό), Undertones-photos-answers 陰相應,using five kinds of undertones to recite priority one (五陰誦第一), The Logicty A-Hū Experience (雜阿含經)──

Nature is identity learning (如是我聞).

One, at any time. A-Buddha lived at the garden of the Jata-tree Anathapindaka, in the Nation of Sravasti.

At that time, The Veneration of the World told piksus, ‘There are five kinds of conducive undertones(有五受陰). Which five? Using from conducive stature-undertone(謂色受陰). Piksus! Treating stature and material are with dislike(於色厭), parting far away from desire(離欲), off-wish(離欲), extinction(滅), No-undulations(不起), extrication(解脫), in accordance is named Nature-Accordance (是名如來), Supply-Buddha(應供), Equal-Right Awakement(等正覺). It is the same, to treat reception-undertone(受陰), thought-undertone(想陰) and cycle-undertone(行陰), soul-undertone(識陰) and the use of the conscious with following decision-makers(行識) are with dislike, parting far away from desire, off-wish, extinction, No-undulations, extrication, in accordance is named Nature-Accordance, Supply-Buddha, Equal-Right Awakement.

Piksus ! If there is a piksu who treats stature and material with dislike, parting far away from desire, off-wish and extinction that the way is named Orhan’s wisetion-extrication (阿羅漢慧解脫); it is the same, to treat reception-undertone, thought-undertone, cycle-undertone and soul-undertone with dislike, parting far away from desire, off-wish, extinction is named Orhan’s wisetion-extrication. Piksus ! What differences are there between Orhan’s wisetion extrication and Nature-Accordance to Supply one’s A-Budh(應供) and in Equal-Right Awakement?’.

Piksu said to A-Buddha, ‘Nature-Accordance is the basis and effectuates one’s basis with dharma(如來為法根), Nature-Accordance has logic-eyes and uses one’s logic-eyes(為法眼), Nature-Accordance preaches dharma and all dharma law are based on Nature-Accordance(為法依), I sincerely hope that The Veneration of the World can widely say the meaning to all piksus. We piksus will receive it and respect to effectuate it after hearing it.’.

A-Buddha told piksus, ‘Listen carefully! Think it with charity! I will say it for you. Nature-Accordance Supply-A-Budh Equal-Right Awakement has never heard of the dharma from other person while can find identity-awakement-dharma(如來、應、等正覺未曾聞法能自覺法), then he knows and effectuates Nil-up buddhi throughout(通達無上菩提), and then delivers a preaching to edify and to awake confluences and to teach the sravak of the future generations and the future wave-lives(於未來世開覺聲聞而為說法), that is, the four buddhi thinking(四念處), four right diligence(四正勤), the four satisfactions of Nature-will(四如意足), five bases(五根), five force(五力), seven buddhi-minutes(七覺), eight gradations of right road(八道). Piksu! Congruence is named Nature-Accordance Supply-A-Budh  Equal-right awakement who has never heard of the dharma from other person while can perceive and effectuate it(未得而得), who has never heard of effectuating dharma to do profits while can perceive and effectuate dharma to profit both each other(未利而利), Nature-Accordance knows the buddhi way and the way with gradations(知道,分別道), preaches the buddhi way and is in accordance with buddhi way mind after mind(說道,通道); and then Nature-Accordance achieves to teach sravaks, to educate the conveyings, to instruct what the person does not touch and what the person can do(復能成就諸聲聞,教授,教誡); at Nature and in congruence says that the person shall be with right-accordance-gladness-joy to effectuate charity and dharma, in accordance is named Nature-Accordance,  Orhan has the differences(如是說正順欣樂善法,是名如來,羅漢差別).’.

After A-Buddha preached this Experience, the assiduous piksus learned the Experience said by A-Buddha, being glad and joy to effectuate the Experience.


With respect to effectuate Nature-law and does not depend on person. 


  ‘Does it edify the person effectuate threshold-fine good: to understand true with vacuumizing ? Or not? ’.

  You can explain it more specifically. Input-fine good-the conscious and decision-makers.’.

  “Consult me.”

  So I asked him, “What is the conscious and decision-makers ?”

  “Understanding, to distinguish, knowledge.”

  Will-origin(意根), the will(), will-act(意行), the conscious(意識) are four phases.

  “These abilities of thinking and creating and remembering are within the capability of thought-undertone (想陰) .

  The A-Hū Experiences record six kinds of origins and six kinds of decision-makers(六識); The Great Conveying Experiences record eight kinds of makers (八種識). The will and decision-makers do any use, data must be produced and transported into storehouse, and then in the future the motivation-sequences-consequences appear, these abilities attach to the conscious and then to accompany and attend to operation one after one.”.

  “Thank older buddhimate to preach the dharma for me.”

  ‘Effectuating the only perpetuation-conveying (實行唯一佛乘) .interestedly to do Exquisiteness-perception-discernment-wisement (妙觀察智) and Equal-uses-wisement (平等性智) and Fulfillment-good-action-wisement (成所作智); Greatness-perfection-mirror-wisement (大圓鏡智), to be named and to praise fulfilling threshold-the fine conscious-true-variety (稱為入勝識真空).’.

  ‘Effectuating buddhi vow-deeds in every mind wave-life after wave-life and then became the heir apparent to A-Budh (一念又一念世世實行菩提願行而成為當來下生佛), in this life he reincarnated as Prince Siddhartha; Siddhartha gave up the throne of prince──arriving at Greatness-Awakement-Territory to edify (到大覺地修行); when he saw shooting star flying across the sky, natureifying A-nuttara-samuak-sambodhi (Nil-up right-equal-right-awakement) and the exhaustive nirva. The Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People, A-Buddha and then to fulfill The Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People, A-Buddha.to preach dharma to living beings who can achieve The Teacher of Devas and People, Buddha. (證無上正等正覺及無餘涅槃.成為天人師佛)’.

  ‘Nature-three Nil(自三無).

  Returning at Nil and to buddhiize one’s instincts budh awakes, “Being sure willingly to hope all confluences── who can lastingly perceive one’s substantiality and use one’s detailed mind-uses to issue buddhi mind. (迴向無,皈自性佛:當願眾生──體解心性,發菩提心。)”.

  Wisdom shows Nil, to buddhiize the way of wisdom Nil awakes, “Being sure willingly to hope all confluences── who can lastingly live in lustrating to effectuate A-Budh Experience and  treasury, then all in the Nature wisdom ocean. (智慧無,自皈依法:當願眾生──清淨經藏,如智慧海。).”.

  Effectuating Nil and to Buddhiize sangha buddhism awakes: “The mind-uses-confluences── are lastingly in Nature-circle to use inlets and the conscious, when one-seriation in Nil-difficulty is named effectuating Holy Buddhism. (實行無,自皈依僧:心性眾生──法界入門.一切無礙.即名為聖.)”.’.

  A-Buddha Sakyamuni had been preaching the dharma for 49 years. Before departing from the restriction of the old body, the last Experience he preached is “The Last Will and Testament-instruction Experience (遺教經).”.’.

  ‘Have the buddhi-prescriptions-breaking piksus and bhiksunis from cíh-si-gong-déi-huè (the achievements of the suction of the magnet get filths 磁吸功得穢), fá-gǔ-shan(罰鼓山)worn the colored cloth of variegating-claretPlumRed-mildew with patches with right shoulder bared formulated by A-Budh? Or not? Have they taken whose bowl to beg food with mendicancy? Or not? Have they taken monthly salaries or kept money, treasure? Or not? Have they traded or commercialized or done small business or cultivated land or grown the planting ? Or not?’.

  ‘If Piksus(bhiksus) and bhiksunis really want to preach the dharma, they shall be with respect in accordance with A-Budh’s Experience and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines, effectuate buddhi-prescriptions() and samadhi() and buddhi-wisdom() to wear the colored cloth(with color breaking) of variegating-claretPlumRed-mildew with right shoulder bared, to take whose bowl to beg food with mendicancy, promote the nirva way, and then preach dharma.’.

  ‘The buddhi-prescriptions-breaking piksus and bhiksunis(破戒比丘比丘尼) and their adherents and followers from -gǔ-shan(罰鼓山), húo-guang-shan(活光山) and h-si-gong-déi-huè(磁吸功得穢) prefer to say that follow steps of Master closely; they follow the steps of devil piksu and devil bhiksuni like piksu shih-yn-yn(釋云云比丘), piksu shih-yn-zǎi(釋岩仔比丘), bhiksuni shih-zhèng-yn(釋症癌比丘尼), they only make to go into the hell and three kinds of astray bystreets with afflictions-consequences one after one, without any good and nirva-effect, therefore it is called cíh-si-gong-déi-huè (the achievements of suction of the magnet get filths).’.

  ‘At instincts to effectuate A (所以阿)! Depend on Nature law and don’t depend on person (依法而不依人), we shall respect to effectuate “ Depending on Nature law and not to depend on person ” which is preached by The Teacher of Devas (Heaven) and People, A-Buddha. We shall respect to effectuate the four kinds of great teaching methods records at middle, The Tour-behavior Experience (遊行經), The Long A-Hūṁ Experience (長阿含經). As to hear what the piksu or bhiksuni or the rest said, the Buddhist shall respect to effectuate Nil-attainment to translate the part of Experience, the middle, The Tour-behavior Experience, The Long A-Hūṁ Experience,─── ‘……

  The hearer shall be according to A-Budh Experiences to reason it that the people’s words is real or unreal, according to buddhi-rules and dharma-law to trace and examine the origin and end-all of the people’s words (當於諸經推其虛實,依律依法究其本末).

  If the people’s words is not in accordance with A-Budh Experiences, or not in accordance with buddhi-rules, or not in accordance with dharma-law, the Buddhist shall say the words to the people that “ A-Budh does not say this words. You learnt the fallacious words. Why do I say so ? After I was according to A-Budh Experiences, according to buddhi-rules, according to dharma-law, and then I found that the words said by you before infringes dharma-law. The sage people ! You do not accept the fallacious words or use it, do not say it to other people, you shall abandon it.(賢士!汝莫受持,莫為人說,當捐捨之。…)”.’.

  ‘Devil piksus and devil bhiksunis from fá-gǔ-shan and húo-guang-shan and cíh-si-gong-déi-huè! Please do not wear the worldly clothing to become the devil piksus(bhiksus) and devil bhiksunis; please take your bowl to beg food with mendicancy and do not be the buddhi-prescriptions-breaking piksu or buddhi-prescriptions-breaking bhiksuni and then to avoid following your doings into the hell or turn as animals; please do not habitually steal the name of Buddhistic Merit Association when you refuse to effectuate the complete buddhi prescripts and cannot arrive at nirva-effect (請不要既沒有淨戒和沒有功德而又習慣盜用佛教功德會的名義); please abandon those fallacious words and those fallacious books.’.

  With respect effectuating to depend on dharma law and not to depend on person, and then in Nil-attainment.


April 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2551 (Western Calendar 2007)

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Băo-An A-Budh-office, Holy-buddhism Nation Mountain(聖國山), Lόng-flower-A-Budh-education(龍華佛教),

novelty-agreement(新約), touch-Nil threshold(齋門), touch-Nil teaching(齋教), Lόng-Magnificence sect, Lín-Jii purport, Buddhism.