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January 20th, Buddhist Calendar 2550 (Western Calendar 2006)


A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rule and A-Budh-doctrines are the standard.


With respect to effectuate A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rule and A-Budh-doctrines.

To disseminate A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong, samādhi, buddhi wisdom.

To praise the only perpetuation conveying.



To issue buddhi mind wave-life after wave-life.


Diligently to effectuate the part of Experience (No.    ,Da-Jenq edition, Greatness-depository Experience). For Nature-Home Bodhisttva and Off-Home Bodhisattva to say A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrongs Experience (or to be named The Leading Light Ugra Assemble 郁伽長者會, or to be named To edify Home and reply the quests for the Leading Light Ugra’s requests Experience 郁伽長者所問經), Contancy Priority 28 (卷第二十八), The Great Treasure Experience (大寶積經), A-Buddha told Anan, ‘The Leading Light Ugra in accordance with buddhi lives in Nature-Home territory, then in accordance with buddhi plentifully awakes and profits living-beings in the Philosophers-wavejaking that whose deeds can be accomplished by the off-Home Bodhisattva in hundry wave-jakings or hundry thousand wave-jakings. How about the the deeds to recur in Nature-Home (何以故)?

Anan! Hundry thousand Off-Home Bodhisattvas at Home-purposes to fulfill nirva-effect’s achievements are less than the Leading Light Ugra in accordance with No-natural habit at Home-purpose to fulfill nirva-effect’s achievements (百千出家菩薩所有功德, 不如是郁伽長者所有功德. This part of Experience is translated by shin-Ming-shing).’.



Listening to A-Buddha Preaching the Dharma


  Technological progress brings efficiency and convenience, but also air pollution, pesticide residue, greenhouse effect, etc. People haven’t read A-Budh’s Experiences() and buddhi-rules() and A-Budh-dcctrine() A-Buddha preached. What’s more, electrical video sending messages boosted the evil infectivity of prescriptions-breaking bhiksus.

  Junior Xu returned from Nepal and wanted to read the great conveying’s The Clever law Lotus Flower Experience, which is a must in The Clever law Lotus Flower Experience’s the meeting of dharma preaching Assembly from Lunar Calendar February 15 to 19 annually.

  In Southern Fujian Dialect, he chanted to the Method-Facility Conduct’s priority 2 (方便品第二), “A-Buddha had personally attended hundred thousand trillion uncountable A-Budh in the past wave-jackings, and has fully fulfilled all A-Budh’s Nil-quota wisdom buddhi-way logic (盡行諸佛無量道法), valiance-vigor-essence-advancement,…… Budh-Home-achievement, from the One to Oneness to be difficult to be understood the performable logic and the way to extricate confluences is achieved by A-Buddha (佛所成就第一希有難解之法(, only A-Budh after A-Budh can completely understand and perform all methods and then achieve reality-photo.

  The Home-preaching-logic-way-the serial method is Nature-congruence-from, Nature-congruence-uses, Nature-congruence-substantiality, Nature-congruence-power, Nature-congruence-behavior, Nature-congruence-motivation, Nature-congruence-sake, Nature-congruence-sequence, Nature-congruence-consequence, Nature-congruence-the essential and the future lustrating-mood and the rest (所謂諸法,如是相、如是性、如是體、如是力、如是作、如是因、如是緣、如是果、如是報、如是本末究竟等).’.

  Seeing the clock, time flows second by second, shows inconstancy many times.

  Among heavenly beings, the people of the world, and all living beings, none of them can understand one’s Budh of one’s instincts wisdom capacity. The A-Budhpower shows Nil-fear, extrication, all Samadhi and A-Budh wisdom varied infinite wisdom eductation methods (諸天及世人、一切眾生類,無能知佛者。佛力無所畏、解脫、諸三昧,及佛諸餘法); none of them can guess and measure A-Budh wisdom uses. …… Even if the whole world were filled with men like Saripu, they exhausted their thoughts and pooled to guess-assess-measure, none of them can guess or measure A-Budh wisdom.’.

  With phonetic notation, he chanted where Saripu said himself, ‘I am the No.1 wisdom among the masses of Sravak conveying said by A-Buddha. Now I perceive myself Budh wisdom I puzzle and can not understand one’s Budh wisdom then I can not lead my body-mouth-volution in accordance with instincts and lustrating-mood logic, and then can not fulfill congruence Home buddhi-vow-deed way (於諸聲聞眾,佛說我第一,我今自於智,疑惑,不能了、為是、究竟法…).’

  In the break time, the yoyuger buddhimate Chen said, “I have found the prescriptions-breaking piksu Shi-Yunyun from ho-guang Mountain has committed the crime of slandering many times.”

  The younger buddhimate Wang said, ‘Only A-Budh after A-Budh can completely understand and perform all methods and then achieve reality-photo said by A-Buddha.’.

  ‘Venerable Saripu himself said, “I perceive myself budh wisdom that I puzzle and can not understand one’s Budh wisdom the I can not lead my body-mouth-volution in accordance with instincts and lustrating-mood logic”. But, Dead Elder Disciple Biography written by the prescriptions-breaking shi-yun-yun from the ho-guang-shan have slandered A-Budh and said that Saripu completely knew what A-Buddha preached.’.

  A-Budh has said that the Buddhist shall preach the great coveying. The dead elder disciplebiography (死大弟子傳 shǐ-dà-dì-zǐ-huan) written by the prescriptions-breaking piksu shì-yn-yn) just promotes sravaka conveying’s orhan, but does not preach the great conveying’s Budhisattva, which leads people to mistake A-Budh who only has small conveying’s disciples like sravak conveying’s orhan. What shi-yun-yun said and done is extremely wrong. Respectfully to translate the part of The Logicty A- Experience (雜阿含經 Taisho Tripitaka in Large print, No.785. Da-Jenq edition, Greatness-depository Experience),” if there is a people who is with existentialism to do giving or talking, and even with existentialism to know that the orhan can research one’s mind-uses and No-reception and the future purpose in the outer world (世間), in correspondence is named the worldly right-experience (是名世間正見).”.’.


  ‘The worldly right-experience is mundane, belongs to twelve nexus and twelve motive-sake, sandglass. Why did not the prescriptions-breaking piksu shi-yun-yun from ho-guang-shan write as fulfilling the holy experience’s Bodhisattva?’.

  The younger buddhimate Chen (陳師弟) also said, ‘The Logicty A- Experience (雜阿含經 Taisho Tripitaka in Large print, No.635. Da-Jenq, edition, Greatness-depository Experience) records, “To effectuate the four buddhi thinking (四念處) and then habitually to effectuate the four buddhi thinking, the method can lead the living being to arrive at lustrating if the thought of the living being is unclean……; the method can lead the living being to arrive at ferrytion if the mind of living being can not ferry one’s mind to arrive at coast There ; the method can lead the living being to arrive at orhan, to arrive at the apprenticeship-budh (辟支佛), to arrive on A-nuttara-samuak-sambodhi, and then in Nature to do the upward buddhi behavior to preach dharma-law.”.’.

  ‘The Clever law Lotus Flower Experience (the Method-Facility Conduct’s Priority 2, Constancy 1 ) records, “…… Saripu! The turbidness of wavejacking (劫濁) disturbs living beings, then who use and reuse the thought of accumulating addiction (垢重) to do stint-greed-envy to build all no good roots continuously. A-Budhs observe the prescriptions () with the order (便) and the capacity of living beings. The only perpetuation-conveying has three steps and three minutes (於一佛乘、分,), A-Budhs specially say the three steps and three minutes (別、說三).

Saripu! If anyone of my disciples, who oneself says that who arrives at orhan or the apprenticeship-budh, but who does not learn and does not know that all A-Budhs only teach and edify Bodhisattva to make progress into Buddha (但教化菩薩事), for the reason who is not the A-Buddha’s principle and is not an orhan and is not an apprenticeship-Budh …… “.’.

  “In Dead Elder Disciple Biography is written by Shih-yun-yun, it is only recorded about effectuating the worldly right experience’s piksus sravak orhan like saripu, Anan, great kasya, purna etc., but it is not recorded about fulfilling the holy right experience’s Bodhisattva.”

  ‘Why did not yun-yun disseminate fulfilling the holy right experience’s the great conveying Bodhisattva? Why did not yun-yun disseminate The Nature-Home Bodhisttva The Madame Gold-Flower (金花夫人在家菩薩),The Nature-Home Bodhisttva Gold-Form (金相在家菩薩), The Nature-Home Bodhisttva Vimalakirti (維摩詰在家菩薩), The Nature-Home Bodhisttva Upasika the Ganges-Superior (琲e上優婆夷在家菩薩), The Nature-Home Bodhisttva The Leader Ugga (郁伽長者在家菩薩) The Nature-Home Bodhisttva The Leader Diligence-Teaching (勤授長者在家菩薩), The Nature-Home Bodhisttva The child-girl Ingenuity-wisdom (妙慧童女在家菩薩 Sumatidarikapariprccha), The Nature-Home Bodhisttva (The child-girl) Nil-addiction-abominable giving (無垢施在家菩薩),……’.

  ‘Yun-yun committed many crimes by writing the slandering book. It has hurt the world for scores of years.

  If Venerable kasya, Venerable Saripu, Venerable Anan, Venerable Purna and the rest ten million sravak orhans mistakenly read the Dead Elder Disciple Biography, once they had been in vaded by severe virus of evil views, it causes that they will  withdraw one’s buddhi behavior (退失) and go into six kinds of bystreets and three kinds of astray bystreets (六道、三途) and get affliction, they only get dead path. Therefore, the book written by shih-yun-yun is called Dead Elder Disciple Biography.’.

  The youngr buddhimate Guo hopes to listen four right diligence (四正勤), he chanted,’ The unborn wrong-view, let it be not to produce (未生邪見,不令生) ; the born wrong-view, let it stop instantly (已生邪見, 速令斷) ; the unborn good-view, let it produce instantly (未生善見, 速令生) ; the born good-view, let it grow (已生善見, 令成長).’.

  After hearing it, eleder buddhimate Lin said,

  ‘You see, shih-yun-yun from ho-guang-shan committed the crime of slandering again. Whose book, Dead Elder Disciple Biography, says that “A-Buddha often said the words which humans do not be afraid of making mistakes and humans shall know the mistakes and to correct the mistakes.”.’. ‘Reading respectfully A-Budh Experiences and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrine (佛經律論), we know that A-Buddha teaches Buddhists the words which the unborn wrong-view, let it be not to produce. Thus we will not commit crime and hurt living beings.’.

  “However, prescriptions-breaking Bhiksu Shi Yunyun said in the book that humans should not be afraid of making mistakes. It will be OK to know the mistakes and correct them.

  You see, after killing people, someone knows the mistake and can correct it, while the crime has been committed, people have died, the killer has been sentenced and the result is very severe.”

  On this occasion, younger buddhimate chen thought of some strange words said by shih-yun-yun.

  ‘Shih-yun-yun said in the book, “In Buddhist sangha, it is ok to be a common person, while the common sangha must not be a selfish persona, must not be destroying Buddhism, must not be to cease to help living beings, must not be only to covet many kinds of activities.

  You see, what shih-yun-yun said is very beautiful, while what he did and wrote is destroying Buddhism.

  From the actions, comportment, pictures during scores of years show that prescriptions-breaking piksus and bhiksunis from f-gǔ-shan and ho-guang-shan wear social garments, refuse to wear the colored cloth of variegating-claretPlumRed-mildew with right shoulder bared which is formulated by A-Buddha Sakyamuni (拒穿佛制偏袒右肩斑駁醭染衣,又名袈裟)¸ those prescriptions-breaking piksus and bhiksunis refuse taking bowl to beg food with mendicancy, they also make the person of wearing ordinary clothing (白衣) serve them, they also do not act in accordance with no eating after noon,….,

  Yanzai and the rest prescription-breaking piksus or bhiksunis acted and spoke as the above every words and comportment that they also pretend to be Buddhists and they steal the name of Buddhism, their words and comportment also are destroying the buddhi-rules and buddhi-prescriptions, they lead by personal example to trick the kind people who know nothing about the dharma-land and buddhi-rules buddhi-prescriptions to destroy the wisdom-education system of dharma-law together with them and then to follow the action to go into Avci Hell and to get suffering (recorded in The Buddha wisdom actualizes Experience 佛藏經and The Metal-immortality mind Dharani Doctrine 金剛心總持論)’.

  Junior Xu asked, “Are there more views slandering the dharma in Dead Elder Disciple Biography?”

  “Yes! A lot. The Huo Guang great delay Dictionary compiled by ho-guang-shan contains many more, to the degree that they do not know what is regret.”

  ‘A-Budh Experiences record that because of the guilts and wrong actions were made by Maudgalyyana in the past wave-lives which cause the motivation-sequence-consequence of life paying for life in this wave-life the creditors executing meanderingly outlying bypaths of many the past wave-lives hit him (宿世外道債主打他), making him heavily injured, in some days he died.’.

  “Yunyun said in the book that Venerable Maudgalyyana died for the religion. It is wrong.”

  ‘Nil-attainment with respect to translate the part Experience of Priority 12(第十二), One-threshold-way Conduct (壹入道品), Constancy 5 (卷第五), The Constant One A- Experience (增壹阿含經) ── ‘The Veneration of the world said the world, “Good plant! Charity-plant! Kasya! Your buddhi deed are many-sided plentifully to profit living-being (多所饒益), to ferry living-beings to fulfill Nil-quota (度人無量), the widespread use is through on-seriation and all (廣及一切), while the heaven or human fulfill the way that the doer can arrive at the ferrytion (天、人得度)Home-fulfillment-preaching-doer (所以然者), if the vow-deed of the doer of essential buddhi-prescriptions (頭陀行) effectuated by kasya is popularized by the worldly people in the world, at identity to effectuate dharma-law also can be popularized in the world permanently (我法亦當久在於世). If the wisdom dharma-law can be popularized in the world permanently that the influence is the increase in heaven-population and the doer of fulfilling buddhi way (增益天道), and the influence is the decrease in three kinds of wrong bystreets’ population (三惡道便減); the influence is the appearance in the world simultaneously of sudehun (須陀洹), Sundeva (斯陀含), Ona (阿那含), the doer of sravak conveying’s road and the remote conveying’s road and the great conveying’s way (三乘之道).

  You piksus! What you want to learn ? You all shall be in Nature which is learned by kasya (所學, 皆當如, 迦葉所習). in Nature and congruence, you all piksus, shall fulfill the congruence to learn.’.

  ‘A-Buddha told all piksus ought to fulfill Nature (比丘當如) as the Venerable kasya respectfully effectuates A-Budh Experiences and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrine, buddhi-prescriptions (including A-Budh words and extinguish-wrongs), the vow-deed of the doer of essential buddhi-prescription (頭陀行).

  But yan-zai and yun-yun and the rest prescriptions-breaking piksus refue to wear cassock (the coloredcloth of variegating-claretPlumRed-mildew with right shoulder bared) formulated by A-Buddha (拒穿佛制袈裟), refuse to beg food (拒絕乞食), themselves cook food in the temles, …, those prescriptions-breaking words and comportment have destroyed the method and entrance of the piksu-outward person formulated by A-Budh (已經毀滅了佛制比丘出家人法門). Seen from the appearance, shi-yun-yun praised Veneral purna preaching the dharma-law, while in fact shi-yun-yun was destroying the wisdow education-system of dharma-law and the Buddhists’ buddhi-upward behavior, and planted false evidence to put all responsibilities and slandering onto Veneral Kasya ; such the above words and comportment of shi-yun-yun can delibeately cover his destroying buddhi-prescriptions comportment and destroying dharma-law eduction-system’s comportment, and the living being were misguided into making great effort to preach dharma-law, the slandering words and comportment of the planting false evidence of the prescriptions-breaking piksu is really terrible.’.

  ‘A-Buddha praised Veneral kasya in vow-deed effectuating the essential buddhi-prescriptions, because every Buddhist of all Buddhism shall respectfully effectuate A-Budh Experiences and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrine and buddhi-prescriptions (), the Buddhist oneself can arrive at the extrication and then the Buddhist has the ability correctly to edify living-being with respect to effectuate Buddha, dharma-law, A-Budh Experiences, buddhi-rules, A-Budh-doctrine, and then living beings can arrive at the extrication.

  The Nature-Home Bodhisttva Fu xi (傳翕在家菩薩), The Nature-Home Bodhisttva Pang Yun (龐蘊在家菩薩), shi-xuna-zang (釋玄奘), Linjii Yi-xuan (臨濟義玄), Ma-zu Dao-yi (馬祖道一), Huang-bo Xiyun (黃檗希遷), The Nature-action Teacher Zai-gong (誌公襌師), The Nature-action Teacher Shi-Zhi-jun (釋智覺禪師), The Nature-action Teacher Great Wisdom shi-pu-jue (大慧釋普覺禪師), The Nature-action Teacher Shi-zong-jing (釋宗鏡禪師), Yang-weng-gong (楊文公), Li-wen-h (李文和), The Nature-Home Bodhisattva Luo-yin (羅因在家菩薩), ……Among 1,000 years, many The Nature-Home Bodhisattvas and The Off-ome Bodhisattvas (出家菩薩) in China conservatively painstakingly fulfill Buddha and A-Budh Experiences and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrine, because they correctly fulfill and preach six ferrytions, the great conveying vow-deed of Buddhism have been popular in China.’.

  ‘Prescriptions-breaking piksu yan-zai said himself that he became a piksu again after being thrown out by the army. Prescriptions-breaking piksu yun-yun said himself that he became a sramanera (沙彌 boy-piksu) as he could not have enough food in childhood. Be a outward person (pikisu) for garments, food, living place, the the food or living place vow of shi-yan-zai and shi-yun-yun go against the A-Budh Experiences and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrine and buddhi-prescriptions. The piksus of wearing the worldly clothings certainly dare speak and act destroying the wisdom education-system of dharma-law that “Those thieves tampered with my cassock (cloth, 賊人假我衣服) and wore the false clothing to teach othe (賊人假我衣服), those thieves wearing the false clothing and embezzling the name of Buddhism to do mutual assist peddled Nature-accordance (裨販如來) that they made kinds of actions (造種種業) and made saying which their doing are dharma-law (皆言佛法).”.’.

  Prescriptions-breaking piksu shi-yun-yun wrote in the book that “humans shall know the mistakes and correct them”. Prescriptions-breaking sramans (outward persons) from f-gǔ-shan and ho-guang-shan!

  Dare you recognize the mistakes and abandon prescriptions-breaking comportment? Please wear the colored cloth of variegating-claretPlumRed-mildew with right shoulder bared and beg for food, cloth.

  Respectly to fulfill the part Experience of Priority 14 (第十四), Peacefulness-happiness Circulation Conduct (安樂行品), The Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience (妙法蓮華經) ──‘To treat Sravak person (聲聞人) shall not mention whose true name to speak of whose fault or evil, and shall not mention whose true name to praise whose fineness.”. So to use substitutive name to advise the piksu of the prescriptions-breaking does not continue to destroy one’s Buddha deeds, the wisdom education system of dharma, buddhi-rules deed and buddhi-prescriptions deed.

  To learn A-Budh to preach dharma-law, No-attainment.




  To fulfill The Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience, Peacefulness-happiness circulation Conduct (安樂行品), Priority fourteen’s Experience report, ‘Bodhisattva to treat sravak person shall not mention his or her true name to speak of his or her fault or evil, and shall not mention his or her true name to praise his or her fineness.’. So to use substitutive name to the piksu of destroying the A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong (以代替名勸破戒比丘) who does not destroy dharma-law, buddhi-rules, one’s Buddha, A-Budh-words (), buddhi-prescriptions (), extinguish-wrongs ().


Sublimeness after sublimeness, No-extremity.

  Last month Junior went to Tainan for a few days, witnessing the ways of celebrating and funerals of the neighbors. After returning to Taipei, he went to the temple on the first and fifteenth day of the month for chanting A-Budh Experiences with others. In break time, Junior said,

  “In some part of the south, people still like to ask The touch-Nil preacher and Taoist priest to hold the method and behavior of the ease. The Metal-immortality Mind Dharani Doctrine (金剛心總持論) records that to ask the doer of virtue to chant the Experiences of great conveying for help to release guilts and to beg the blessings.

  How many temples of Lng-Magnificence Sect are still emphasizing holding religious ceremonies to preach the dharma?”

  It is good to consult and ask for advice.

  ‘The Greatness-exactness-equality The Top-king Experience (大方等頂王經) records that A-Budh is like a good doctor, The Experiences and dharma-law and Nature are as medicine (經法如藥) ; for the purpose to treat an illness, doctor and medicine appear ; Nil-disease, rules , Nil-hallucinnogin (無病,則無藥).

  ‘The Priority 5 (第五), three stages of buddhi conduct (三種菩提品), The Upasaka Extinguish-wrong Experience (優婆塞戒經) records that A-Budh fulfilling and preaching the Greatness-Doctor-Teacher is named the Great Doctor Teacher (佛名大醫師), A-Budh fulfill and preach calmness-tranquility (寂靜), A-Budh word’s lifeway and extinguish-wrong’s lifeway (持戒), diligently in buddhi lifestyle and endeavor (勤行精進), arriving at coast there (到於彼岸), knowing and buddhiifying extrication (獲得解脫).’

  Younger buddhimate (師弟) heard it and said, ‘A-Budh is a good doctor, Great Doctor Teacher, A-Budhteach Buddhists who shall effectuate calmness-tranquility, A-Budh word’s lifeway and extinguish-wrong’s lifeway, diligently in buddhi lifestyle and endeavor, arriving at coast there, knowing and buddhifying extrication, the without-vex’s wisdom logic can lead us to arrive at peacefulness-stability life.

  Has The Pharmacy Medical Teacher Experience (藥師經) taught us to effectuate Buddha and dharma-law to profit living-beings?

  Has The Land-Treasury Bodhisattva’s Primary Vow Experience (地藏菩薩本願經) record that to teach us effectuate Buddha and dharma-law to do the method and behavior of ease (超度法事)?

  As to the consultation of believers, I thought of the book of si-f-qn-y (脅佛裙疑, giving baby shoe to A-Budh and the persona beneath skirt doubt right law ) written by the devil piksu shih-yan-zai from f-guang-shan who slandered A-Budh and dharma, and slandered the touch-Nil classmates and A-Budh successor from Touch-Nil Threshold (齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching (齋教), Lng-Magnificence Sect (龍華派), Ln-jii Purport (臨濟宗), Buddhism perform the business of chanting Experiences and penitence.

  A-Budh said that the prescription-breaking piksu is not Buddhist (佛說破戒比丘不是佛弟子). he devil piksu shih-yan-zai wears worldly garment and refuses to beg for food and clothing that he is not a Buddhist, while he slanders A-Budh successors A-Budh successors and Buddhists.

  Lng-Magnificence Sect, to preach the dharma, said,

  ‘Buddhists listen to Buddha and dharma-law, and then shall think and effectuate Buddha and dharma-law, to widely do the ferrytion both each other. Besides writing articles to preach dharma-law, they can also respectly effectuate Buddha and A-Budh Experiences and dharma-law invoking A-Budh to help the prayer to clean out startle (收驚) or to give happiness to prayer (祈福) or to prolong prayer’s life (延壽), to help the soul of facing action and waiting for consequence to go to good place (中陰身救助), and the rest.

  Nil-attainment with respect to state the part of Experience, Priority 10(第十), Conduct profit both each other (自利利他品), The Upasaka Extinguish-wrongs Experience (優婆塞戒經) ── “The Bodhisattva-mahasattva (Bodhisattva-great sattva ) oneself first shall get rid of wrong idea and comportment, and then shall teach other people to get rid of wrong idea and comportment (菩薩摩訶薩先自除惡, 後教人除). If a persona oneself can not get rid of wrong idea and comportment, and then wants to teach other people to get rid of wrong idea and comportment that whose idea and comportment are in without-any right place (無有是處). The method is in congruence recurrently, the Bodhisattva oneself first shall give the alms of dharma-law to oneself for effectuating A-Budh words and extinguish-wrongs (是故, 菩薩先應自施, 持戒), knowing to effectuate dharma-law one after one (知足), diligently effectuating upward buddhi behavior (勤行精進), and then shall edify other people. If a Bodhisattva oneself can not behave in accordance with dharma-law behavior who can not teach or edify living beings (菩薩若不自行法行, 則不能得教化眾生),…”.

  ‘The Teacher of (heaven) Devas and people, A-Budh, has become an A-Budh, also fulfills calmness-tranquility and A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrongs (持戒) mind after mind every, diligently in buddhi and endeavor to do awakement-profit both each other, the mind every time arrives at coast there and extrication.

  Can you now learn a bit why the A-Budh’s assistant (祖師) regulated that shin-Ming Buddhists shall chant The Four-Conveying-Course-Instruction (四乘科儀) and four books of A-Budh Experiences in daily morning buddhi-lesson (早課) and night buddhi-lesson (晚課), and shall sit cross-legged to do logic-training (練法, to perceive or memorize. Nature-action and stability) each morning.”.

  ‘The A-Budh’s assistant Shin-Ming-Lai (新明來祖師) had some vows and good behavior, one of vows is to invoke A-Budh to help the prayer to exterminate disaster (消災). As to the schedule, the A-Budh’s assistant went to the asker’s home, firt worshipping A-Budh and Bodhisattva, and then chanting The Heaven-quintessence-sign-word Poemity Preaching (天華符字偈曰). A-Budh or Bodhisattva gives sustaining (加持) to the A-Budh’s assistant who can know the reason of disasters of the asker, such as couples fighting to disturb the kitchen god, ancestral graves falling into disrepair, relatives dead in southeastern Asia during World II hoping the nephew to have a boy baby, restriction in five elements in the married day …”.

  Telling them the reasons, the A-Budh’s assistant would leave. He just invoked A-Budh or Bodhisattva to help the prayer to exterminate disaster, not discussing other events. Once with consultation, he would answer it. This was his disciple.

  The asker would customarily give a red as the transporting fee. Sometimes, when he saw that asker’s family was poor, the A-Budh’s assistant would just accept the packet and give back the money to the asker. Sometimes he had even sent his own money to poor askers as their expenses. The giving in dharma-law, the giving in without-fear and the giving in treasure and the rest were finished by the A-Budh’s assistant in daily life.

  “Why did the A-Budh assistant accept the transporting fees or red packets?”

  “Build temples, print Experiences, all of which should be paid with money. Longhua Sect dislikes raising funds outside. Besides the scores of years’ slandering from devil bhiksus from Fa gŭ Mountain in the way of writing books, few people would volunteer to donate to temples of Lng-Magnificence Sect for it to preach the dharma and benefit living creatures. For example, during these three and a half years, we just received NT$3,000 to help print A-budh Buddha Monthly for the promotion of the dharma.”

  ‘The Land-Treasury Bodhisattva’s Primary Vow Experience records that the Buddhist shall request A-Budh to give relief and sutaining to Buddhist who can effectuate the method and behavior of ease’.

  ‘There are two modes in this world, one is totally for free, another is to ask for transporting fees. The sincere male believer (清信士) often directly tell the asker the transporting fee, for the asker’s to decide whether it is ok (recorded in The Metal-immortality Mind Dharani Doctrine 金剛心總持論). Some piksus are the outward personas who is the bodies depart from their families, but then their mind live in the greedy families, they said they did this for free, but they lead other people to tell the asker that the asker shall send red packets to the outward persona (piksu). In such an indirect manner against The Metal-immortality Mind Dharani Doctrine, they would often receive money once even more the transporting fees.

  First speaking of doing for free, this trick is very attractive. After chanting, other persona beside them would say, “The giver the other day sent how money transporting fees and red packets”. The asker often gave more for the sake of reputation. Those the outward persons of piksus can play to be dignified, at the same time, get a good income of money. Some of the outward persons of piksus love this manner very much.’.

  The A-Budh’s assistant of Lng-Magnificence Sect asked for red packets or transporting fees, just for the compassion in accordance with dharma, A-Budh Experiences, buddhi-rules () and A-Budh-doctrine (), to avoid the asker owing the action and to make the asker think whether he can pay the fees.

  Lng-Magnificence Sect also has another compassionate behavior. Take public hospitals or private clinics in the world as example. Hospitals should charge medical fees for them to continue maintaining and building houses, purchasing medical equipment and medicine, paying for the salaries of doctors, nurses and other workers, paying for the water and electricity fees …

  A-Budh is a great doctor-logic king. The Buddhists of the Nature-Home Bodhisttva-sanghas, The sravak holy sanghas, upasaka and upasika good-fineness-sanghas from Lng-Magnificence Sect are in accordance with dharma-law, A-Budh Experiences, buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrine to effectuate buddhi affair (法事) and to collect some transporting fees. With a bit of income they can build A-Budh office, can print A-Budh’s Experiences (印刷佛經) and A-Budh Buddha Monthly (步他佛月刊), chants, tapes, CD, etc. With a bit sum of transporting fee, it can prevent the families of our buddhmates going against them reciting A-Budh’s Experience to be in nirva-efect to do the water-land-air-preaching-occasion or to do the preaching (去做功德水陸道場和弘法), and can make people know that Buddhists effectuate buddhi affair and doctors save patients, both to profit living beings, but not be earn money (Now the income of street vendors on the road-side of Taipei markets is much more than to effectuate buddhi affair).

  Observing many religion and Sect or faction, we can find that in Buddhism there are A-Budh Experiences and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrine, in Taoism there is Tao Te ching (道德經), in Confucianism there are Four Books and Five Classics (四書五經), in Catholicism and Christianity there is the same Holy Bible, in Nature-action keynote (襌宗) there is The sixth good-teacher platform Experience (六祖壇經), in Buddhism’s Lng-Magnificence Sect there are A-Budh Experiences, buddhi-rules, A-Budh-doctrine, theexponent of the chief command succeeding preaching-popularity’s The Five-A-Budh-six-A-Budh Register (總勅傳承本的五步六冊), the great variety utilizing test’s The Five-speed-six-Budh-A-Rigister (太空考試本的五部六冊), The Four-Conveying-Course-Instruction (四乘科儀) and the rest.

  The Buddhists in Bao-An A-Budh Office (保安堂佛弟子) has been cautious to fulfill nirva-effect to do the buddhi-affair. In the past twenty years we have been fully devoted in The Five-A-Budh-six-A-Budh Register’s the exponent of the chief command succeeding to preach the buddhi lifeway (copy), The Five-speed-six-Budh-A-Rigister’s the great variety utilizing test copy, The Four-Conveying-Course-Instruction copy, The Lng-quintessence-Course-Instruction and shin-Ming saying taught by A-Budh (龍華科儀及親鈔), The Metal-immortality Pra-Paramita Experience and shin-Ming saying (金剛般若波羅蜜經及中鈔), The Pra-Paramita Heart Experience and shin-Ming saying (般若波羅蜜經及中鈔), The fourty two principles Experience and shin-Ming saying (四十二章經中鈔), The Eight-Greatness-person-awakement Experience and shin-Ming saying (八大人覺經及中鈔), The dharma-law’s Chinese terms and shin-Ming saying (佛法中文名詞中鈔), The A-Budh Buddha Monthly, Buddhistic Lustrating Sanghas School’s dissemination (佛教清淨僧學院), recording of chanting and music scores writing of Buddhist music, In eight right experience to sing buddhi lifeway (八正道之歌) of dharma-law article, English translation of dharma-law Chinese term (佛法中文名詞的英文譯寫), English translation of A-Budh Experiences (佛經的英文譯寫), English translation of A-Budh Buddha Monthly (步他佛月刊的英文譯寫)…….We really have no spare time and people to do buddhi affair for askers 實在沒有刊餘時間和人力去做喪事等水陸道場); in the past five years we just held six times of the water-land-air-preaching-occa (buddhi affair), the transporting fee each time forbuddhimates is around NT$2,000 (The Salary per eight hours for the police, solid plasteres, plumbers is around NT$2,000). Even if some buddhimate asked for transporting fees for all those six times, there would be NT$12,000 at most. If one steamed bread is NT$10, he eats three ones perday, so it would be enough to buy steamed bread for five years. We can know that Lng-Magnificence Sect’s Buddhists holds the religious ceremonies and the water-land-air-preaching-occasion that to help the soul of facing action and waiting for consequence goes to the good place (救助中陰身等), but not to earn money. Devil piksu shih-Yan-Zai planted false evidence to Lng-Magnificence Sect that yan-zai’s slandering mind is very clear now.

  A-Budh (The Instincts Vow-Doer) teaches..to arrive at relief and keynote (佛教臨濟宗), long magnificence school (龍華派), touch-Nil teaching.. touch-Nil threshold’s Buddhas (齋門的佛) and A-Budh successors (佛弟子們), many of them from Lng-Magnificence Sect (龍華派) are in buddhi mind to learn-think-effectuate Buddha, dharma-law, buddhi-rules, A-Budh-doctrine ; many of them from Lng-Magnificence Sect are to clearly fulfill keynote and to clearly preach logic wisdom education (通宗又通教), so can crush down those slandering words written by the prescription-breaking’s piksus, so can use colloquial language to interpret A-Budh Experiences and Buddha, dharma-law and five steps of conveyings (能以口語化講經,說佛法諸乘), to edify living beings to interestedly trend toward Roundness-clearness-education.. – the master of affairs (圓通教) or Hideaway-twilight-showing..-the master of one’s own affairs (幽冥教) ; many of them from Lng-Magnificence Sect can lead Buddhists who can set up the central thought in believing in A-Budh, and in believ in fulfilling A-Budh Experiences, buddhi-rules, A-Budh-doctrine, buddhi-prescription (), Samadhi () and logic wisdom (). And then they can respectfully fulfill A-Budh Experiences and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrine to preach dharma-law, to open schools, to set up hospitals, charity organizations, to invoke A-Budh or Bodhisattva to help prayer to exterminate disaster (消災), to dissolve misfortune (解厄), to clean out startle (), to entreat happiness (祈福), the location-aspect-avoiding wind-brook bow of house (陽宅), location-a pect-avoiding wind-brook bow of house or grave (地理), location-aspect-avoiding wind-brook bow of grave (風水), in dharma-law to do buddhi affair and while to do buddhi affair to arrive at nirva-effect (法事功德),… and rest, all mind and behavior fulfill six kinds of ferrytions in all ages and accomplish the virtue of all things (六度萬行). In the past over five hundred years, all generations of the A-Budh assistants frequently effectuate the bodhisattva mind, the soul-platform mind (靈臺心), the sacredists-mind (聖眾心) to visit people of the world (走入人間), to be in deeply contact with folk people (深入民間), to edify living being to willingly believe in A-Budh and with belief to willingly fulfill Buddha, dharma-law, A-Budh Experiences and buddhi-rules wave-life after wave-life, and then all living creatures can exceed three-existentialism and four-reflux and birth-death-ocean.’.

  The younger buddhimate wanted to make confessions.

  ‘A-Budh successor Sin-ming effectuates penitences to all A-Budhs, effectuates penitences to one-seriation confluences and every living creatures.

  A-Budh successor Sin-ming effectuates perpetuation-body, lustrating mind-uses, Nil-inclination, at Nil to fulfill buddhi vow, at Nil’s use, Nil-attainment to effectuate penitences that since using the soul-the conscious until today I had made those disobeying original mind’s guilt in the vilification to Buddha and budh, guilt in the vilification to The Nature-Home Bodhisattva sanghas (謗在家菩薩僧罪), guilt in destroying pagoda or temple or office of Buddhism, guilt in the destroying the Normal of Buddha (毀佛像罪), guilt in the destroying the Normal or Image of Bodhisattva, guilt in the vilification to the extinguishing guilt or requesting for giving happiness or buddhi affair, guilt in the buddhi prescription-destroying, guilt in the hindering other person to effectuate buddhi, the rest guilt, and refusing penitence.’.

  With the guide of the Teacher of devas (heaven) and people, the A-Bud assistant shin-ming-lai chanted, “issuing buddhi mind to become the thought constantly can help living being to depart away from pains (發心為念眾生苦), fulfilling buddhi mind gives power to eliminate difficulties and to forget ignorance (得力難忘), I want to fulfill Buddha and preaching and I want to become an A-Budh to preach Experiences (我佛書).”.

  Sublimeness after sublimeness; No-extremity; Nil-attainment.


January 20th, Buddhist Calendar 2550 (Western Calendar 2006)

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