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January 15th, Buddhist Calendar 2548(Western Calendar 2004)


A-Budh’s Experience and Buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines are the standards.


With respect to effectuate A-Budh Experience and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines.

To disseminate to effectuate buddhi-prescriptions, samādhi, buddhi wisdom.

To praise to rend towards the only perpetuation conveying.



To issue buddhi mind wave-life after wave-life.


Diligently to effectuate the part of Experience (the part of the Experience was translated by Shin-Ming-Shing), Da-Jenq edition, Greatness-depository Experience, Instincts Sake category, The A-Budh Preaches Lustrating Life Experience (佛說生經,大正版大藏經本緣部), ──A-Budh told Anan.(point) A-Budh。Instincts.(point) Identity ; preaching──one-seriation any conjugal love will have gaps (別).(point) separation (離), Identity issues every existence going to ending (夫生有終).(point)

Matter gathered then from formation going to decay(物成有敗). Any combination formed then the gathering going to dispersion(合則有散). It should go to extinction and depletion(應當滅盡).(point) should be defeated and destroyed.(point) anyone wants to keep it without from birth to depletion, can the persona get contentedness? Can the persona know how in Nature to use one’s volition?

Any use shall go to ending and disappearance(應當終沒)。 The mind should revert and then should base on Nil lastingly to effectuate the methods of inconstancy and disseverance and no loophole(歸于無常離別之法); can the mind arrive at peace when the desire or indulgence is no disappearance?;

A-Budh preached to Anan: The place is Home, is toured by Saripu and Saripu effectuates the place.(point) A-Budh mind prescripton shows peace(舍利弗所遊之處.佛心則安) , No-exploitive comportment-capricious consideration(不以為慮), it shall be differentiated and dissevered(應當別離), destroyed and defeated, and it is inconstant, when desires and indulgences can not arrive at the mind.(point) the mind is peaceful(欲使不至.安可獲乎). Method----from think to use and the end(法──起有滅). Things, from gathering to form the accumulation and then ruin(物,成有敗); the person is from birth to death that whose life is from existence to end and from rise to prosperity and then decline(人生有終興盛必衰), all of them also show their inconstancy and differentiation and disseverance and usable methods, if wishing the inconstancy no coming------anyone cannot obtain. For example : It is just like that a treasure mountain with lofty top.(point) cracking in sudden. So it is, Anan! Piksu Saripu, among sanghas, now goes to nirvana, like a cracked treasure mountain. The way of inconstancy and ruin and destruction and differentiaton and disseverance and usable methods.(point) if anyone want No-evil deserts(欲使不至), from peace to fulfill Nature to use volition

A-Budh told Anan : It is like that there is a treasure tree with fine and exuberant many roots, sprouts, stalks, joints, branches, leaves, flowers, fruits, but the middle of trunk has a big hollow as a big cup(大觚), and then the tree goes to ending, the tree appears weakness and decrease, we can see------the tree is without dignity ; so it is or in Nature and congruence, Anan! Piksu Saripu, all the living crowds(存在眾).(point) sanghas------now effectuating extinction and recurrence(今取滅度).(point) all crowds sanghas.(point) the menaces of ignorance are decrease(威減). The things show that any response shall be in extinction and ending, inconstancy, decline, exhaustion.(point) when desires and indulgences are no-coming, can the person have the idea of attainment

Congruence-Home in recurrence is buddhi way that Anan shall effectuate it (是故阿難從); The thought is that now you shall effectuate the wisdom sun to awake-profit both each other (今日往), and then the behavior is that you shall be at identity to fulfill the perpetuation-body dharma-law (自修身), and then you shall know that any deed already become a fact (行已); If you request to become The Teacher of Devas (Heaven) And People (求), your any thought and behavior shall recur in one’s buddhi instincts-vow-deed (歸依), fulfilling dharma-law to preach dharma-law (以法); When perceiving sequence of wisdom capacity of one’s instincts is named natureity (為證), then the Buddhist shall be at instincts and buddhi vow to effectuate A-Budh Experience, and then the Buddhist shall follow The Typification of The Nature-Home Nature-Accordance (在家如來典型) or The Typification of The Off-Home Nature-Accordance (出家如來典型) to become The Teacher of Devas (Heaven) And People, the Buddhist does not rely other people and other thought (勿求餘歸); How about a piksu effectuates that he hopes to arrive at congruence (云何比丘作.是), and then every thought hopes to conform with dharma-law (行乎), and behavior-psyche hopes to arrive congruence (于是), the piksu with hoping congruence shall perceive one’s body and acts and behavior (行乎于是比丘自觀身行), inside or outside also are inconstant and inside or outside also are not the true I and I should perceive identity (內外非我當自觀). (point) investigation-examination (察) ; to adjust and conduct one’s mind. (point) to perceive every the outer world (觀諸世間). (point) all. (point) according to Nil-trick (由無黠), the body inside to perceive affliction-trouble-itch (內觀痛痒) and to perceive the appearance with its affliction-trouble-itch inside and external are not the true I (觀外痛痒內外非我). (point) to lead input and inlets and threshold──to recur in good and awakement (入───于善哉).

To adjust and conduct one’s mind.(point) to investigate and examine------world and ignorance(世無明).(point) to perceive inside and the uses of one’s mind(內觀其心) ; and to perceive how the mind to use body with facial features external objects(亦觀外心).

In No-attainment to treat inside and outside and input and inlets and threshold to recur in good and awakement(不得內外入于善哉), everyone adjust one’s mind to perceive world and wave-lives and then in Nil-trick to perceive the buddhi upward behavior and sun and moon(自調其心觀世無黠觀上日月), and to perceive external methods(外觀外法) ; No-biarney to use inside and external(不猗內外), to lead input and inlets and threshold to recur in good and awakement. To adjust and conduct one’s mind, willingly to see the future wave-lives in Nil-trick(觀世無黠)

A-Budh told Anan : In congeniality is for conducting one’s body behavior(是為修其身行), the person oneself should request to revert to and correspond with and live in logic territory(自求歸依處於法地). Now and all one’s life revert to instincts with recurring dharma(歸命于法).(point) do not live in other place(不處他地), do not incline to other person(不歸餘人)

A-Budh told Anan : Above all piksus(bhiksus) and bhiksunis and the sincere male believers(清信士) and the sincere female believers(清信女) are receptive to A-Budh education(從我受教), themselves conduct one’s body, themselves request revertment and correspondence(自求歸依), live in dharma territory(處於法地), to revert to logic territory(歸於法地).

The present life and the future lives revert to instincts with recurring dharma(歸命于法), do not live in other place, do not incline to other person or outward person or the person to leave home and to be piksu(不歸餘人出家比丘). As the Buddhist or A-Budh successor in conformation with the teaching is in conformation with Buddha education(為佛弟子順此教者,則順佛教). A-Budh preaches in Nature and congruence. ……


January 15th, Buddhist Calendar 2548(Western Calendar 2004)

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novelty-agreement(新約), touch-Nil threshold(齋門), touch-Nil teaching(齋教), Lόng-Magnificence sect, Lín-Jii purport, Buddhism.