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December 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2547 (Western Calendar 2003)


A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines are the standard.


With respect to effectuate A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines.

To disseminate A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong(), samādhi(), buddhi wisdom(). To praise the only perpetuation conveying. Buddha-paramita(禪定波羅蜜). Pra-paramita. To issue buddhi mind wave-life after wave-life(世世發菩提心).

Diligently to effectuate the part of Experience, Priority 2 (第二), Metal-immortality-body conduct (金剛身品), Constancy 3 (卷第三), The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana Experience (大般涅槃經) (the part of the Experience was translated by Shin-Ming-Shing),

‘Kasya! There is a piksu (bhiksu) with the motive for benefit or living essentials and then he speaks about dharma to others that whose disciples and followers and relatives and personnel will follow the benefit-living essentials teacher with greed to woo benefit or living essentials, the wooing benefit-living essentials piksu makes the bad thing both each other (是人如是便自壞眾).

Kasya! There are three kinds of throngs(眾有三種), the first kind of throng is named the prescriptions-breaking’s hurtful sangha(破戒雜僧), the second kind of throng is named the silliness-infatuating sangha(愚癡僧), the third kind of throng is named the lustrating sangha(清淨僧). The prescriptions-breaking’s hurtful sangha is capricious and prone to do bad things(破戒雜僧則易可壞). The acting on buddhi prescriptions’ lustrating sangha can not be broken by benefits() or living essentials() or cause or sake.

What comportment of the piksu is named the prescriptions-breaking’s hurtful sangha? If there is a piksu (bhiksu) who effectuate buddhi-prescriptions and does not touch the forbidden things; but the piksu is with the motive for benefits or living essentials, he sits, stands up, goes and comes with prescriptions-breaking persona, he and persona are intimate and interdependent (共相親附), and the piksu follows the prescriptions-breaking persona making same affair and action, the piksu making the above comportment is named the buddhi-prescription breaking (是名破戒) and is named hurtful sangha (雜僧).

What comportment of the piksu is named the silliness-infatuating sangha? If there is a piksu living in the aranya place(阿蘭若處), he utilizes his origins with detrimental  (諸根不利), unwise() and dull(), indiscriminate() and shortsighted(), jot-desire and begging for food; on the day preaching buddhi-prescriptions(於說戒日) and the time conducting self-revealing guilts and self-questioning(自恣時), the piksu teaches his disciples and followers to effectuate lustrating and penitence, but the piksu had seen some personas who are not his disciples and followers and personas violated buddhi-prescriptions or made forbidden guilts, the piksu does not teach and order those personas to effectuate lustrating and penitence, the piksu preaches buddhi-prescriptions or conducts self-revealings and self-questioning while the personas attended the meeting that the piksu making the above comportment is named the silliness-infatuating sangha(是名愚癡僧).

What behavior is named lustrating sangha? There is the piksu sangha who can not be depressed by many maras (devils) numbered hundred thousand-billion; the bodhisattva can not be depressed and whose behavior in instincts-lustrating (是菩薩眾本性清淨), then can advise the above two kinds of throngs that they can habitually effectuate dharma to live in lustrating lifeway (悉令安住清淨眾中), the lustrating sangha making the above behavior is named the dharma protector’s Nil-up great teacher (是名護法無上大師).

The excellent rule-doer(善持律者) hopes to teach or advise or profit confluences recurrently, for the above reason the rule-doer effectuates A-Budh words and extinguish-wrongs and then who know all buddhi-prescriptions and all heart photos and belonging to light or heavy(知諸戒相若輕若重).

The persona does not effectuate buddhi-rules and buddhi-prescriptions who can not natureify and know. If the buddhi-rules doer can natureify and know it(若是律者則便證知).

How about teaching confluences whose deeds in accordance with dharma arriving at docility recurrently (云何調伏眾生故)? If the bodhisattva hope to edify living-beings, always enters villages or towns without choosing time and day; or bodhisattva visits the houses or residences where widows or prostitutes live, and then bodhisattva lives there for many years, the above methods can not be used by sravak doer, bodhisattva making the above methods is named edifying confluences in docility and profit (是名調伏利益眾生).

What are the heavy we shall know? If Buddhists hear or see or learn the buddhi-prescriptions which are formulated by Nature-Accordance who saw piksu or bhiksuni making wrongs, from the day of knowing buddhi-prescriptions the Buddhist should not do wrong and should not violate buddhi-prescriptions carefully, such as four kinds of burdensome and forbidden guilts (如四重禁) should be made by outward person, if piksu or bhiksuni of the outward person carelessly or purposely do it such as four kinds of burdensome and forbidden guilts that he or she is not a sraman, is not the shakya-seeding-teacher (非釋種子) the comportment making above heavy guilt is named making heavy (是名為重).

What comportment is named light ? If there is a person making light wrong then who is advised by doer in Nature and congruence three uses(如是三諫), if the person can do penitence and stop doing such again, the above comportment is named doing light (是名為輕)…’.



      To fulfill the Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience (實行妙法蓮華經), peacefulness-happiness circulation conduct (安樂行品).Priority fourteen’s Experience report (第十四的經文), ‘Bodhisattva to treat sravak person (聲聞人) should not mention whose true name to speak of whose fault or evil, and should not mention whose true name to praise whose fineness.’. So to use substitutive name to advise the piksu of destroying the A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrongs (以代替名勸破戒比丘) who does not destroy dharma, buddhi-rules, A-Budh-words, extinguish-wrongs (不要毀佛法戒律).

 To respect A-Budh and to recur in dharma-law


      Opening the freezer of the refrigerator, there are only two slices of toast left. Realizing tomorrow will be a very busy day that I may not have time to buy some toast, so I go to a bakery to buy a packet of thinnest toast which contains ten slices in it.

      In the entrance of the lane, I see a group of people who are dressing up like vampire, hangman, hag, etc. Some of them hold brooms or chains or even toy-knives and toy-snakes. Some modern people call the ghost festival of the western people, occidental Halloween, so they dress up like ghosts and play on the street.

      Going to the crossroad of over five hundred lanes, there is an American emigrant school on the east side of the street and a Japanese emigrant school on the west. Both of them lease land from Bank of Taiwan to build school. The sideway made by red bricks near the school is about ten meters wide.

      On the sideway near the American emigrant school, besides some performers play gosts, there are some people watch the scene of bustle. The performers walk to and fro in order to attract the audiences’ attention. The performers will be very happy and work harder if the audiences are frightened and scream.

      Under the banyan, several people are performing dumb show. They wear actor’s headgear of bhiksu and dress casually. In front of their chest, there is a name board with “Bhiksu Shi Zhaohui” stands for a man, or “Bhiksuni Shi Zhaohui” stands for a woman. The slogan near them is written, “The result of male chauvinism is bhiksuni buddhi-prescriptions”, “Abolish bhiksuni buddhi-prescriptions” ….

      Few people keep an eye on their show. There are a lot of lunatics in the saha world. Today is foreigners’ ghost festival; this show is so terrible that passers-by don’t want to pay any attention.

      I find a person unintentionally who look left and right and then laugh. Realizing someone is looking at him, he endures a little while, then comes over and says, “I’m not the actor. The performers in the east and west are playing one scene.”

      At the west side of Section 6, Zhongshan North Road, there are also some people performing. In front of their chest, there is also a name board with “Bhiksu Shi Miehui” stands for a man or “Bhiksuni Shi Binhui” stands for a woman. Bhiksu Shi Miehui walks bowing his head and watching two meters away from him. In the opposite side,  Bhiksuni Shi Binhui stands aside and immediately bows her head to give a salute to him.

      When the show ends, Bhiksu Shi Miehui sits on a chair. Bhiksuni Shi Binhui falls on her knees far away from him and walks on her knees to two meters away from him, then bows her head and consults dharma from him.

      At this time, the performers in the east side bark like a dog and wave the frightening flag with “Abolish unequal bhiksuni precepts” on it.

      At this moment, I hear this worthy brother saying, “Great! Bhiksuni Shi Zhaohui is not staying in the I-Kuan Tao. As sutras record, the king of Maras will dispatch Maras’ children and Mara’s people interfuse in bhiksus and bhiksunis. Evil bhiksus and bhiksunis will destroy dharma.

      Hearing such frank words from him, I ask him,

      “Are you from I-Kuan Tao?”

      He answers yes and then says,

      “Very well! Bhiksuni Shi Zhaohui harms set and harms get.”

      He is not a faker and his words are insightful, so I decide to chat with him.

      He says, “Are you from east wall or west wall?”

      He uses the show of the performers of the ghost festival as the language of Nature-action. So I reply decently,

      Baǒ-An A-Budh office(保安堂), Holy-Buddhism Nation Mountain(聖國山), Lng-flower-A-Budh-education(龍華佛教), Novelty-agreement(新約), Touch-Nil Threshold(齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching(齋教), Lng-Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Ln-Jii Purport(臨濟宗), Buddhism.

      After hearing that, he says, ‘Very famous Sect, with a history of more than five hundred years. In past dynasties, there have been a galaxy of talents, the long-run perpetuation-conveyers() and great preachers() in buddhi-threshold(法門) appear one after another.

      During A-Budh preached dharma-law in India, A-Budh was defamed and was planted false evidences(栽贓) by evil piksus. You are also defamed and are planted false evidences by evil piksus, the disciple of piksu shi-kuang-ding slandered that you are from I-kuan Tao; piksu shí-yan-zai from Fá-gǔ-shan wrote a book of sié-fó-qún-yí(脅佛裙疑) that the degrees of slander and planting false evidences arrive at the ultimate.’.

       (脅佛裙疑sié-fó-qún-yí :devil piksu shi-zhēng-yan gave a small shoe() to A-Budh and devil piksu crouched beneath skirt() with doubt() wanting to slander A-Budh is call sié-fó-qún-yí 脅佛裙疑).

      “Do you know what they are performing?”

      “In the west, they are performing the greatness of bhiksuni buddhi-prescriptions. In the east, they are performing that the man is inferior to the dog.”

      “Sure! Bhiksuni Shi Zhaohui wants to abolish several restraints of bhiksuni buddhi-prescriptions. You can see that the man is surely inferior to the dog.

      If she abolishes eight buddhi-prescriptions today, she will abolish more items next year. After a few years, she will abolish all the five hundred bhiksuni buddhi -prescriptions.”

      Although the dog is brute, it knows guarding the home as dutiful to the owner.

      Bhiksuni Shi Zhaohui earns clothes, food and money by relying on A-Budh, but she publishes to abandon some buddhi-prescriptions to the journalist publicly and writes frequently and crazily on the magazine.

      She writes, her master is old, dim sighted and deaf …, etc.

      Is it why she can cry loudly to abolish some buddhi-prescriptions, and dare to quarrel with those elder bhiksus from many mountains?

      Bhiksuni Shi Zhaohui is not faithful to put dharma into practice and destroy dharma. Is she inferior to the dog? Is she a Mara’s child?

      Then in a few years, the foreboding may be put on the stage which is recorded in A- Experiences(阿含經) that piksu(bhiksu) and bhiksuni get married and make a living to show dharma or A-Budh’s Experiences for getting money or the necessities of existence(賣弄佛法過生活).

      Evil piksu shih-yn-zǎi from f-gǔ-shan scolds Touch-Nil Threshold(齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching(), Lng-Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Ln-Jii Purport, Buddhism for exaggerating the evil comportments of those outward persons who leave home to be piksu or bhiksuni physically. The undomesticated bhiksuni(尼姑) raves to abolish some bhiksuni’s buddhi-prescriptions; Can’t disciples from the A-Budh successors of Lng-Magnificence Sect blame her? Can it be slandered as exaggerating her evil actions?

      He goes on saying, ‘Do not like to effectuate buddhi-prescriptions, and she can get out. There is no need to destroy buddhi-prescriptions.’.

      “Only Buddhism has buddhi-prescriptions. Some personages from other religions are longing for the buddhi-prescriptions and highly praise them.”

      “Do you know what is the westwall playing? Can you tell me?”

      Realizing he really wants to know dharma, in order to promote the dharma and buddhi-rules and buddhi-prescriptions and let him know the compassion of the Teacher of the Teacher of Devas (Heaven) and people, then I tell him,

      “Bhiksuni Paduma was born pretty. Though she was old, she was also so beautiful that she can make people drool over. Bhiksu Devadatta wants to rape Bhiksuni Paduma, but she refused. In the command of the flame of desire, Bhiksu Devadatta beat Bhiksuni Paduma to death. This is an example how beauty kills oneself.”

      “Perhaps! In the dharma and buddhi-rules and buddhi-prescriptions, the Teacher of the Teacher of Devas and People regulates that bhiksus and bhiksunis must bow their heads when walking. It can avoid bhiksus’ flame of desire when he sees bhiksunis’ face. Bhiksunis must bow her head and stand aside first. It can avoid them seeing faces of each other. The long distance can avoid the opportunity of log meeting raging fire.”

      “When a bhiksu sits down, in order not to see faces of each other, bhiksuni has to kneel down. It can avoid the flame of desire from each other.”

      “Ananda was within an itch of being raped successful by Mātaga, because she saw his beautiful face.

      Having a look at this worthy brother of I-Kuan Tao, then I go on saying,

      “In August of 2003A.D., TV news reported that a bhiksu with strong sex desire raped a woman believer in a temple of Yilan county. Didn’t he bow his head and not stay away from women?”

      “When watching TV, is there some medicine curing women’s leucorrhea and leukorrhea with bloody discharge in commercial advertisement? The actor stays one meter away from the woman and makes an expression. The smell of leukorrhea with bloody discharge is really intolerable.”

      “Last time in a marathon competition for women, a woman athlete menstruated halfway but continued running. Television and newspapers all reported it.

      On television, is the advertisement of sanitary towel when menstruating all emphasizing no leakage even with blood excessive?”

      If that the undomesticated bhiksuni gets menorrhagia all her hip, walks bleeding, and leukorrhea with bloody discharge is smelly, can she stand in the front?

      So it would not be worse if queuing up as to buddhi-rules and buddhi -prescriptions.

      To extinguish filths or discard all filths(擯諸穢) muse be in peacefulness-full harmony(安詳). To respect A-Budh and to recur in dharma and then in Nil-attainment.


A Letter


  Do piksus and bhiksunis from ho-guang-shan feel fine?

      The orthodox of Buddhism from A-Budh Sakyamuni is : The Teacher of Devas (God) and People (天人師), The Nautre Home-Bodhisattva Great Bodhisattva (在家菩薩摩訶薩), The off-Home Bodhisattva Great Bodhisattva (出家菩薩摩訶薩), The Nature-home bodhisattva (在家菩薩), The off-home bodhisattva (出家菩薩). Piksu (bhiksu比丘), bhiksuni (比丘尼), upasaka (優婆塞), upasika (優婆夷), person and heaven conveyings (人天乘).

      Nil-attainment with respect to translate the part of Experience, Priority 1-3 (第一之三), long-lived life (壽)-livability (命)-conduct (品), Constancy 3 (卷第三), The greatness-pra-nirvana Experience (大般涅槃經)──A-Budh told the bodhisattva Kasya, ‘The charitable man! For an example, in Nature and then the king or minister or prime minister has many sons and rear them (產育諸子) who are normal in appearances and countenances, cleverness and smart intellect. The father takes one son or two sons, three or four to hand over a strict teacher and said to him : “The sovereign can help me to teach and order my sons to achieve the obvious bearing (威儀), courtesy and etiquette, technique and art, writing and mediation theme, examination and maneuver (校), resourcefulness and design (計), arithmetic and mathematics, reckoning and data processing. Identity conduct from now that four sons shall conform sovereign and sovereign receiving learning (就君受學), if some at falsity cause three sons to fall ill or to lean on cane then to die the remnant existence causes one son to get affliction-administration (假使三子病杖而死餘有一子必當苦治), essential thoughts-guidance-achievement (要令成就), although three sons died but I do not have hate forever; ”. Kasya! Do the above father and teacher get the guilt in murder? Or not?’. ‘No. The Veneration of the world.’ ‘Why? They utilized their minds with charity into instincts (以愛念故), their behavior and wishes were for achievements (為欲成就) in Nil-purpose and Nil-existentialism-evil minds (無有惡心); in Nature and congruence to do teaching and admonition can make the felicity and Nil-quota infinitely.’.

      The charitable man! Nature-Accordance is in same, seeing the dharma-breaking’s persona and the mind is equal and in Nature to wish the preceding persona as above the one son above. Now Nature-Accordance delivers the Nil-up right-law to all kings and great ministers, prime ministers, piksus and bhiksunis, upasakas and upasikas, and then to encourage and exhort them to achieve in congruence as above behavior of the kings or four kinds of crowds (四部眾) shall advise and encourage all learners, and shall lead learners to effectuate the buddhi-upward behavior in A-Budh words (戒) and extinguish-wrongs (戒), samadhi (定) and wisdom, if there is a people who does not learn the three kinds of conduct methods (三品法) and does not be in congruence with the three kinds of conduct methods that the preceding people is a persona of sluggishness and prescriptions-breaking and the right laws-destroying (若有不學是三品法,懈怠破戒毀正法者.). The kings, great ministers, four kinds of crowds shall treat the above people as above persona with affliction-administration, the charitable man in congruence as preceding behavior of the kings and four kinds of crowds are that do the preceding person have guilt? Or not ?’.

      ‘Not to have quilt. The Veneration of the World.’. ‘The charitable man In accordance with the above mental words-behavior of the kings and four kinds of crowds are that they do not made guilt and they can effectuate Nil-purpose to extinguish guilt from sons (無有罪)   What condition Nature-Accordance. The charitable man! Nature-Accordance in goodness with willingness to effectuate Nature to arrive at accordance and then in equal  to treat all living creatures are as the thought of one son; the Nature-congruence-doer is named the bodhisattva effectuating equal-mind and is the bodhisattva in awakement-wist wisetion effectuating equal-mind (是名菩薩修平等心) . (point) to treat all living creatures are as the thought of one son; the charitable man, the bodhisattva is in Nature and congruence effectuating and learning above actions (菩薩如是修習此業) who can achieve the long life and can be able to dexterously know the wave-lives of destiny and dexterously to use it to do awakement-profits both each other (得壽命長亦能善知宿世之事).’.

      Nil-attainment with respect to transcribe the part of Experience, the middle, Tour-behavior Experience(遊行經), Long A- Experiences(長阿含經), ──

      ‘A-Buddha told piksus that ‘I will preach four stages of great teaching-method to ye (當與汝等說四大教法). Listen carefully! Listen carefully! Ye shall be at charity to think, fulfill and preach it (諦聽!諦聽!善思念之).”.’

      ‘All piksus said, ‘Well. The Veneration Of The world (世尊)! We are to hopefully joyful want to hear it (願樂欲聞).’.

       ‘What are four? It there was a piksu who said that “All philosophers! While I lived at the other village, in the other city, in the other Nation, personally hearing A-Buddha’s words and personally receiving to fulfill the congruence-teaching (躬從佛聞,躬受是教).”.

      The hearer who has heard of his words shall not instantly answer (不應) and does not believe (不信), shall not doubt (不應不信) and does not ruin it (亦不應毀). The hearer shall be according to A-Budh Experiences to reason it that the people’s words is real or unreal, according to buddhi-rules and dharma-law to trace and examine the origin and end-all of the people’s words (當於諸經推其虛實。依律依法究其本末).

      If the people’s words is not in accordance with A-Budh Experiences, or not in accordance with buddhi-rules, or not in accordance with dharma-law, the buddhist shall say the words to the people that “A-Budh does not say this words. You learnt the fallacious words. Why do I say so? After I was according to A-Budh Experiences, according to buddhi-rules, according to dharma-law, and then I found that the words said by you before infringes dharma-law.

      The sage people! you do not accept the fallacious words or use it, do not say it to other people, you shall abandon it.”.’.

      If the person’s words are in accordance with A-Budh Experiences and in accordance with buddhi-rules and in accordance with dharma, the buddhist shall say the words to the people that “The words stated by you are real and were said by A-Budh (汝所言是真、佛所說). Why do I say so? After I was according to A-Budh Experiences, according to buddhi-rules, according to dharma-law, and then I found that the words stated by you before are in congruity with dharma-law (我依諸經,依律,依法;汝先所言,與法相應).

      The sage person! You should receive it and effectuate it, and should widely preach it to other people. Be careful! You do not abandon it.”.

      This is first great teaching-method (此為第一大教法), you shall effectuate it one after one (也).’.

      Piksu shih-x-yún from hùo-guang-shan temple(惑光山寺 Puzzle-blaze-mountain), you wrote a book which is ‘To murder great disciples biography(死大弟子傳)’; on the articles about Venerable Purma, you are wrong on the words. You slandered A-Budh, ‘A-Budh preaches the buddhi-rules about the methods of eating and food, but you had many slanderous words to say no rules, and then slanderously censured Venerable Kasya to prohibit to live in house(內宿), to cook something in house(內煮), to cook something by oneself(自煮), to obtain something by oneself(自取). You slandered that A-Budh promised to cook something in house and to live in house and to cook food by oneself and to obtain food by oneself when it was famine or the rice or wheat was very expensive.’. Your words are fallacious. Why? In accordance with  A-Hū Experiences(阿含經), The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana Experience(大般涅槃經), The Last Will And Testament in preaching Experience(遺教經), and the rest Experiences are preaching that all piksus and bhiksunis should take one’s bowl to beg for food; your slanderous words violate dharma and Buddha and A-Budh’s Experiences.

      Nil-attainment with respect to translate the part of Experience, Priority 10-5 (第十之五), The Light-brightness-charity-noble virtue-king Bodhisattva (光明遍照高貴德王菩薩品), Constancy 25 (卷第二十五), The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana-Experience (大般涅槃經), ‘The charitable Identity The sravak disciples part from Nature-Accordance and twelve seriations of Experiences (如來十二部經). They effectuate and learn all kinds of meanderingly outlying bypaths’ types and learning (修習種種外道典籍); ,Sravak personas, do not effectuate to dissever from family (出家) and to arrive at quietity (寂滅) and the upward dharma and then only makes worldly family work (純營世俗在家之事); what kind of comportment is named making family work ? To accept or keep any unsettling things such as slave or servant, or lackey, or servant-girl, field or house elephant, horse, vehicle, saddle on animal, camel, donkey, chicken, dog, macaque, monkey, pig, sheep, various grains or wheat (種種穀麥) ; being far from teacher or sangha and then to cotton to laity and to be dependent on laity for a living (親附白衣), the comportment violates holy and teaching Buddhism and then say the words to all laities that A-Budh promises Piksu to accept and keep various unsettling things Piksu has preceding comportment is named effecting-learning worldly family work.

      There are many disciples who do not effectuate nirva, but for getting benefits and living essentials cotton to hear and receive twelve seriations of Experiences four refinements of sanghas’ public articles (招提僧物) and sangha’s personal articles (僧鬘物) . (point) clothing and headgear and footwear (衣著), to eat the food of other person is in extravagant such as oneself (食噉如自己有) their comportments are stingy and sparing to do giving or praise other family (慳惜他家及以稱譽), to cotton to the king and all princes, to divine or augur by dream or tortoise or milfoil or eight diagrams for forecasting good or bad luck (卜.筮吉凶). (point) in careful consideration for getting benefits or ridding of loss (推步盈虛), the game of go (圍棋), game of surrounding and annihilating (圍), any kind of chess (), domino (六), any kind of play card (六博), play the races or the race for supremacy (博), game (博), gamble (博), dice (摴蒱), the gamble to plunge arrow into quiver or to throw the circle around the kettle (投壺), to cotton to bhiksuni or woman or girl anywhere (親近比丘尼及諸處女), or keeping two sramaneras (畜二沙彌), always to visit the family of butcher or hunter or any alcoholic drink-makers or any alcoholic drink-seller or the place where candala lives ; various buy or sell, or to make food by himself to act as a messenger to take message to neighboring country (受使隣國) to act as a messenger boy to take message-order to receiver (通致信命), it is a knowables that the persona is a relationship or kindred spirit of mara devil when the persona makes any preceding comportment and then the persona is not disciple of mine (當知即是魔之眷屬,非我弟子). The preceding persona (Piksu or bhiksuni ) at devil thought (以) with preceding devil knowledge (是) meets thing and then one’s motivation-sake mind produces greed, then the mind gathers greed to have producing (心共貪生), the mind gathers greed to have extinction (心共貪滅), also the mind gathers infatuating (癡) to have producing or extinction.(point) the instincts shows recurring in Nature and congruence (亦復如是),

      Nil-attainment with respect to translate the part of Experience, Priority 12(第十二), One-Threshold-way-Conduct(壹入道品), Constancy 5(卷五), The Constant One A-Hū Experience(增壹阿含經), ‘At that time, The Veneration of the World(世尊) told all piksus, “If there is a person who praises or celebrates aranya or the doer in aranya(其有歎譽阿練若者), when the person is praising and celebrating me already(則為歎譽我己). What is the reason? Until now, I constantly praise and celebrate that I can lastingly do aranya behavior(我今琣蛩袹A阿練若行). If there is a persona who slanders aranya or the doer in aranya, when the persona is slandering me already. If there is a person who praises or preaches mendicancy or the piksu in mendicancy(其有歎說乞食者), when the person is praising and celebrating me already. What is the reason? I constantly praise and preach mendicancy and doer in mendicancy(我睄蛬*鄐^食者). If there is a persona who slanders or destroys mendicancy, when the persona is destroying my words already(其有謗毀乞食,則為毀我己)..…”.’.

      Piksu shih-ya-yún! Please delete those fallacious articles and words committing the guilt in slandering A-Budh. Any Piksu makes the guilt in slandering A-Budh that the piksu is a prescriptions-breaking piksu (破戒比丘). It is recorded in The Buddha wisdom actualizes Experience (佛藏經) that the prescriptions-breaking piksu does not fit the name of divorce from family and does not wiseize-awake divorce from family (破戒比丘不名出家) who has no advantage to take, just like remnants of woods after a cremation. Piksu shih-ya-yún! The prescriptions-breaking piksu does not fit the name of divorce from family and does not wiseize-awake divorce from family. You said you are the person of the divorce from family, you committed the guilt in slandering A-Budh. Please don’t spread your fallacious words and fallacious thought to other. You should abandon it.  

      Nil-attainment with respect to translate the part of Experience, Priority 4-3, Nature-Accordance uses-conduct(如來性品), Constancy 6(卷第六), The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana Experience(大般涅槃經), ‘…The doer depends on the meaning and don’t depend on word(依義不依語者), the great doer is effectuating and is named preaching-awakement-congruity(義者名曰覺了), the great doer in awaking only one meaning is effectuating and is named No-tiredness-bad comportment(覺了義者名不羸), the doer in No-tiredness-bad comportment is effectuating and is named now preaching-effectuating only one meaning and the future same deeds(不羸劣者名曰滿足), the great doer now preaching-effectuating only one meaning and the future same deeds is effectuating and is named preaching() Nature-Accordance constancy-home(常住) No-transformation(不變), the great doer in Nature-Accordance constancy-home No-transformation is arriving at dharma-Constantity and in congruity with dharma-constantity(如來常住不變義者即是法常), the great doer in dharma-constantity is achieving and in congruity with sangha-constantity(法常義者即是僧常), in consistency is named “to depend on meaning and don’t depend on word(是名依義不依語也)”.  What kinds of words and speeches are we not to depend on ? These are the worrying discourses or articles, the lustful deceitful composition or literature or phraseology(所謂諸論綺飾文辭) which are found faults by A-Budh that uncounted classics and scriptures spread greed or suppliance with no dislike(無量諸經貪求無厭), many kinds of cunnings or adulteries, flatteries or adulations, frauds or falsities, in the disguises of a relatives for getting money or helps(詐現親附), that personas claim who are well-known for getting benefits or services from managers or worldly persons(現相求利經理白衣為其執役).

      They also announced many opposing words and cheat people such as A-Budh allows piksus to keep many kinds of slave or servant or lackey or servant-girl, any unsettling things, gold, silver, rare gems, treasure, grain, rice, storehouse, cow, sheep, elephant, horse, to do sell for getting benefits ; in the period of hunger or famine or crop failure(於飢饉世), A-Budh had pity for disciples then admitted the piksu keeps and stores up food, sleeping at a place exceeding two nights(陳宿), to cook food by one’s hand(手自作食), to eat food without begging(不受而噉), as above any afflictive comports or words is not to be depended(Note:A-Budh only preaches 12 seriations of Experiences.). ”.’.

      Piksu shih-ya-yún! A-Budh’s Experiences record that piksu even in the period of hunger or famine or crop failure should not keep or store up any kind of grain or food, sleeping at a place exceeding two nights, should not cook food by one’s hand. Your words in the article violate dharma and Buddha. Please don’t spread those slandering words to other, you should abandon it.

  It has been fifty years since you ran to Taiwan. During this period, there have been no wars, famine, but food is enough with low and steady prices. In accordance with your Comments on Huo × , you should all beg with mendicancy.

        Nil-attainment with respect to translate the part of Experience, Priority 4-4 (第四之四), Nature-Accordance uses-conduct (如來性品), Constancy 7 (卷第七), The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana Experience (大般涅槃經), ‘A-Budh told to kasya, “Seven hundred years after I do greatness-pra-nirvana, the followers of devil mara-papiya gradually deject and destroy the Buddhists at identity to effectuate my right laws and to preach at identity to effectuate my right laws (是魔波旬漸當沮壞我之正法。)……

      If the followers of devil spread the words----‘A-Budh lived at the essential house Jetavana-vihara, in the Nation of Sravana, while let matters drift such as all piksus receive or keep slave or servant or lackey or servant-girl, messenger, page, cow, sheep, elephant, horse, donkey, mule, chicken, pig, cat, dog, gold, silver, nature colored glass (琉璃), pearl, glass(頗梨), crystal(頗梨), giant sea-clam(musaragalva車渠), agate, coral, amber, goods made by white seashell(珂具), jade, caldron or big caldron made by copper or iron(銅鐵釜鍑), big or small copper plate, the living essentials from tilling the land or planting seedling or sowing seeds or buy and then sell or sell or barter, to store up grain or rice, as all above worrying things were taken a laissez-faire attitude by A-Budh in great charity to pit living creatures that piksu can do it’, all such the foregoing classics or scriptures or rules are said by devil mara(皆是魔說).’.

      If there are persons who say the words. (point) ‘A-Budh lived at the essential house Jetavana-vihara (衹陀精舍), in the Nation of Sravana, where the neighborhood was lived by ghosts Narikela. At that time, Brahman called Gǔ-di-dé (羖羝德) and the king Prasena heard above things to inquire A-Budh, Nature-Accordance preached the words, ‘The piksu should not receive or keep gold or silver, or nature colored glass (琉璃), glass (頗梨), crystal (水晶,頗梨), pearl, giant sea-clam, agate, coral, amber, goods made by white seashell, jade, slave or servant or lackey or servant-girl, messenger, maiden, boy, cow, sheep, elephant, horse, donkey, mule, chicken, pig, cat, dog, or other animals; caldron or big caldron made by copper or iron, big or small copper plate, all kinds of varicolored bed with bedclothes (種種雜色床敷), bedding ; or daily necessities or living essentials as: room, house, tilling the soil, or planting seedling, or sowing seeds, or buy and then sell, sell, barter making food with one’s hand, grinding grains or pounding grains or grinding cures for body or pounding cures for body (自磨自舂) doing incantations for a living (治身咒術) training hawk or to learn the methods of training hawk, looking at the constellations (仰觀星宿), in careful consideration for getting benefits or ridding of loss (推步盈虛), wanting to get benefits by reading man or woman’s physiognomy to tell fortune (占相男女), to say good or bad things or male or femael or not the right male (非男) or not the right female (非女) about analyzing a person’s dreams to use sixty four kinds of abilities about analyzing a person’s dreams (六十四能), or utilizing the spirit male or female’s sixty-four kinds of abilities to confuse other people (非男非女六十四能), to utilize eighteen kinds of disconcerting incantations with skills (復有十八.惑人咒術), various crafts or art (種種工巧), or to talk about worldliness with uncountable worldly things (或說世間無量俗事); or powdered fragrance (散香), perfume (末香), balsam (塗香), fragrance by smoke (薰香), any kinds of floral decoration (種種花鬘), hairdressing or hairdressing method or hairdressing recipe (治髮方術), cunning or adultery or flattery or adulation or falseness or flattery or tortuousness, to covet benefits with no dislike (貪利無厭); to be love or pleasure with muddle (憒) or bustle (鬧) trick (戲) or joke or laugh (笑) or chat or making carding comments (說) greed to eat fish or meat to make poison or to undergo fragrant oil or to escort fragrant oil (治押香油), to pursue or get the work about holding (king’s) treasured umbrella (捉持寶蓋), or leather footgear, utilizing leather to make fan or box or trunk, various pictures or statues storing up or gathering grains or rice or barley or wheat or beans or various fruits or the creeping plants of various melons or squashes or cucumbers or calabashes (蓏), to come near king or prince or minister or all kinds of females, laugh loudly or resuming silence, to have doubts or puzzles regarding all things, talk a lot or talk with nonsense (多語妄說), the things to be long or short or beautiful or ugly or good or no good, likely to wear good clothing, oneself praising such above afflictive things in the presence of giver, or entering or going out of or roaming the afflictive place of such any alcoholic drink-making or alcoholic drink-sell obscene or prostitute any kind of play card or play the races or the race for supremacy or game or gamble or the game of go chess or chess (奕)  ......’. I do not allow and take a laissez-faire attitude such the persona of above the afflictive things to be in the piksu (如是之人, 我今不聽在比丘中) ; such the piksu of above the afflictive things should separate from the way of the piksu and then turns back to be the worldly people (應當休道還俗) ; labor or service to employ or work (役使). For example in Nature : all the barnyard grass and weeds and variant plants extinguished and to be no any remain (譬如: 稗.悉滅無餘); ’ it is knowable that the Experiences preaching in congruence and in equal (是等經) or the rules preaching to recur in Home and to conduct one’s behavior (律所制) to arrive in congruence (悉是) are fulfilled by Nature-Accordance and are preached by Nature-Accordance (悉是如來之所說也).

      If any persona follows or submits to the words said by devil mara that the merger is a relative-personnel of devil mara(若有隨順魔所說者.是魔眷屬).

      If anyone follows or conforms the words said by A-Budh   arrival congruence is a bodhisattva(若有隨順佛所說者即是菩薩).

      Nil-attainment with respect to translate the part of Experience, priority 11-1(第十一之一), the teach-exponent-preaching bodhisattva conduct(師子吼菩薩品), The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana Experience(大般涅槃經)── ‘Next. The charitable man! The outward person meets four kinds of illnesses and gets anyone, so who can not arrive at the sraman result within four grades.

      What are four illness? There are four kinds of evil desires(謂四惡欲). The first is the desire for clothing(一為衣欲), the second is the desire for food(二為食欲), the third is the desire for bedding(三為卧具欲), the fourth is the desire of existentialism(四為有欲); there are named four kinds of evil desires.  These are the illnesses of the lay piksu(是出家病), there are four kinds of good medicines which can cure these well. They are that wearing the garbage cloth can cure piksu of the evil desire for clothing(糞掃衣   能治比丘為衣惡欲), begging can destroy the evil desire for food(乞食 能破為食惡欲), sleeping under a tree can destroy the evil desire for bedding(樹下──能破卧具惡欲), the mind leading body in calm can help piksu to destroy the evil desire for existentialism.   Those four kinds of illnesses were cured when fulfilling the four kinds of medicines that the way above is named holy deed(以是四藥除是四病.是名聖行). At Nature and in congruence to do holy deed can natureify jot-desire and knowing to do the full that the way is named jot-desire and knowing to do the full. ……

      Next, the charitable man is fulfilling jot-desire to destroy evil desire that who is the doer of jot-desire.  The doer of jot-desire can do that if there is a piksu who lives at vacuumizing-calmness place, sits rigidly and does not recline, or lives under a tree, or lives amidst graves, or lives in the open place in convenience to sit on grass, to beg food and to eat it and the mind arrives satisfaction in having food; or the piksu eats one meal with one place sitting and does not exceed one meal. The piksu only has three clothes(three different purposes of cloths 三種不同用途的僧衣). Wearing the colored cloth of garbage cloth(糞掃衣), fuzz-cloth(毳衣) are named jot-desire. Fulfilling the thing above and the mind without regret is named interest in doing buddhi law;

      Touch-Nil Threshold(齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching(齋教), Lng-Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Ln-Jii Purport(臨濟宗), Buddhism is the formal full name, is the orthodox in Buddhism, because it disseminates: The Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People (天人師), Buddha(), The Nature-Home Bodhisattva Great sattva(在家菩薩摩訶薩), The Off-Home Bodhisattva Great sattva (出家菩薩摩訶薩), the Nature-Home Bodhisattva(在家菩薩), the Off-Home Bodhisattva(出家菩薩), piksu, bhiksuni, upasaka, upasika(優婆夷), conveying and human beings conveying(人天乘).

      In Buddhism, any sect or clan or faction which can disseminate the only one meaning is the orthodox of Buddhism, the Buddhist would effectuate A-Budh’s words(持戒) and extinguish-wrongs(持戒) and buddhi upward deeds(精進) who is the orthodox of Buddhism.

      Touch-Nil Threshold, Touch-Nil Teaching, Lng-Magnificence Sect, Ln-Jii Purport, Buddhism

  The A-Budh formulation’s upasaka good-fineness-sangha and upasika good-fineness-sangha(佛制優婆夷善好僧)

  The A-Budh formulation’s four kinds of pairs and eight kinds of grades(佛制四雙八輩), upasaka wise-crowds-sanghas(優婆塞聖眾僧) and upasika wise-crowds-sanghas of sravak conveying(聲聞乘優婆夷聖眾僧)

  The A-Budh formulation’s effectuating bodhisattva buddhi-prescription’s Nature-Home Bodhisattvas, bodhisattva-sanghas(佛制實行菩薩戒在家菩薩菩薩僧)

  The A-Budh formulation’s Nature-Home Bodhisattva of the right-equal-prescription(正平等戒) of conforming vacuumizing and Nil-vexation-Photo(無相) and Nil-inclination(無願) and at Nil to fulfill buddhi vow(無願), bodhisattva-sanghas

  The A-Budh formulatoin’s The Nature-Home Bodhisattvas of comforming the only perpetuatoin-conveying(佛制向唯一佛乘在家菩薩菩薩僧), bodhisattva-sanghas(菩薩僧)

  Please piksus and bhiksunis from puzzle-blaze-mountain (惑光山huò-guang-shan) effectuate A-Budh’s Experiences (佛經) and buddhi-rules (律) and A-Budh’s doctrine (論) and dharma-law to wear the A-Budh formulation’s the colored cloth-cassock of variegating (斑)- claretPlumRed (駁)-mildew (醭) with patched keeping right shoulder bared and take one’s bowl to beg food, not to keep money or treasure (不畜財寶), not to eat food after the noon (過午不食), not to slander Buddha (不謗佛).

      Best wishes,

      Prescription-breaking piksus(bhiksus) and bhiksunis

    Conforming ten(合十), Shin-Ming-Shing(buddhi-name of A-Budh-successor) whose worldly name is Yaw-Nan Su, Bǎo-An A-Budh office’s the exponent(保安堂宗正), A-Budh successor(佛弟子), the 35th buddhi successor(第三十五代法嗣), Touch-Nil Threshold(齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching(齋教), Lng-Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Ln-Jii Purport, Buddhism 



Upasaka and Upasika stood putting food into the alms bowls of the bhiksus.



After receiving the offerings, bhiksus chant dharani. (chanting loudly). Upasaka respects dharani and receives the blessings from bhiksus.


December 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2547 (Western Calendar 2003)

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Băo-An A-Budh-office, Holy-buddhism Nation Mountain(聖國山), Lόng-flower-A-Budh-education(龍華佛教),

novelty-agreement(新約), touch-Nil threshold(齋門), touch-Nil teaching(齋教), Lόng-Magnificence sect, Lín-Jii purport, Buddhism.