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October 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2547(Western Calendar 2003)


A-Budh’s Experience and Buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines are the standards.


With respect to effectuate A-Budh Experience and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines.

To disseminate to effectuate buddhi-prescriptions, samādhi, buddhi wisdom.

To praise to trend towards the only perpetuation conveying.



To issue buddhi mind wave-life after wave-life.


Diligently to effectuate the part of buddhi-rule of Pali Tipitaka(edition of Yuan Heng Temple)──…… The erring piksu is accompanied by a piksu(bhiksu) to go to the learned person’s home(居士家) for asking to repent one’s fault, and shall ask the learned person for pardon in three kinds of existences widely. If the learned person does not accept, the companionate piksu shall represent the erring piksu to ask the learned person for pardon in three kinds of existences. If the learned person does not accept again, piksus shall say their names of sanghas and do the behavior of sangha to ask the learned person for pardon in three kinds of existences. If the learned person still does not accept, the erring piksu shall kneel his single knee(胡跪) before the learned person and put one’s hands together to state one’s guilt.’.



Reverting, recurrence, prescription to treat letters


  The issue of A-Budh Buddha monthly depends on great goodity-leader.

  More than one year has gone with a wink. As to readers’ letters that advocate dharma, we would write back according to the layout, publish part of them or give some of them a comprehensive reply. 

  And the modes of article-writing can be divided into four types:

  The first mode is that the mind is at Nil-attainment with respect to translate the part of A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rule, to let those A-Budh’s successors(佛弟子) who are willing to listen to and think of and act in conformation with A-Budh dharma read Experiences with respect.

  The second mode is to incorporate dharma into our daily lives, make it more interesting so that both adults and children like reading it, and are willing to put it into practice in their lives.

  The third mode is to advise and encourage time and again those persons who are willing to do buddhi endeavor but who are negligent in buddhi-prescriptions to become prescription-breakers, if someone was negligent in buddhi-prescriptions and then we just give them a warning.

  The fourth mode is to crush down or break(摧破) the fallacious essay of evil bhiksus(piksus) who slandered Nature-Accordance(如來) dharma or destroyed dharma or destroyed the behavior of someone who fulfills one’s Nature-Accordance and dharma.

  Dharma and A-Budh’s Experiences(佛經) and buddhi-rule() are the intellectual property and copyrights of The Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People who is A-Budh(). So when evil piksu slanders or destroys dharma of Nature-Accordance, it is Buddhist’s right and obligation to destroy their fallacious essay, so as to maintain upright development of dharma.

  Some letters were written that the writers are delighted that we can respect to translate the part of A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rule directly to advise and awaken the worldly people.

  Also somebody called himself as a piksu who not only deny A-Budh’s Experiences but also take no account of buddhi-rules and buddhi-prescriptions() in the letter. Another even bragged that he or she continuously refuse to dress the colored cloth(cassock袈裟,染衣) of variegating()-claretPlumRed()-mildew() with right shoulder bared but Taiwan Buddhists still gave him or her money as blind offerings, he said he pleased with such a comfortable life and he does not worry about earned income and clothes, food and house (such kind of words and comportment are demonstrative? And asks you that what can you do about treating them?)

  Someone asked in his letters why it was necessary to publish the part of A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rule as well as those describing what would drive people into the hell.

  There is a letter which criticizes piksu Shi-shing-yn in F-guang-shan temple and the f-guang large dictionary, which says that Chán-teacher F-in had said ‘to break wind means to abandon the farts of loftiness(貢高), arrogation(自大), snub(我慢), ignorance, greed, anger(), and to abandon the fart of disparagement.’ Su-Dong-Po ferried across the river to test the Chán-teacher F-in; does the test be that F-in praised to abandon the fart and then to be able to ferry and arrive at coast there(稱讚能放屁,才能度到彼岸)?’.

  So, whether did Chán-teacher F-in make ‘the guilt in praise by oneself(自贊罪) or the guilt in ruining the honor of other person(毀他罪) (those two guilts are burdensome guilts)’, or make ‘the guilt in chat about somebody faults of four kinds of sanghas Buddhism (the guilt is burdensome guilt), among ten kinds of burdensome and forbidden guilts(十重禁罪)’? Or did he make prescriptions-breaking? Or did piksu Shi-shing-yn make the burdensome and forbidden guilts and prescriptions-breaking? Only their treasure-gift(藏識) is clear about that, as nobody can deceive himself.

  In addition, it is also stated in this letter the piksu(bhiksu) is not allowed to disdain the family person and piksu is not allowed to slander the purification belief’s good-fineness-sangha of the family life(比丘不可誹謗在家淨信善好僧), and piksu is not allowed to cast a bone between family persons…

  There are many other grave crimes of bhiksus stated in this letter, which we will publish separately if possible.

  But we may give a brief explanation about some points. The letter raises a question that ‘we can find the words in F-Guang Large Dictionary which while after 40 years in Minkuo(40th Years of ROC calendar) the orthodox Buddhism of mainland entered Taiwan and then the Touch-Nil Teaching(齋教) declined gradually’, do the words and the comportments represent those extreme piksus’ extreme thought and action? We don’t know about it.

  Still an undeniable fact is that all piksus, bhiksunis, upasakas and upasikas in Taiwan for hundreds of years are slandered in The F-guang Large Dictionary of F-Guang-Shan Temple, the transformers from F-Guang-Shan directly reviled all Buddhism in Taiwan before Minkuo 40 years were unorthodox, including those Four kinds of sanghas(四眾們) of Yuè-mei-shan, Da-gang-shan, Líng-yún-chán Temple, Fǎ-yún-chán Temple, and Touch-Nil Threshould(齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching(齋教), Lng Magnificence Sect (龍華派), etc.

  There is no need for piksus of F-guang-shan temple to revile masters of eight generations of other sects even if they decided to slander and revile Touch-Nil Threshold. To involve innocent people into a criminal in such a way of ‘taking a part for the whole’ is the cruel means by which ancient emperors established their autocratic monarchies. For instance, in ming dynasty Zhen Cheng Gong period, king Lu’s daughter believed in Touch-Nil Teaching, Nil-making Teaching(無為教), Lín-Jii Purport(臨濟宗), Buddhism, so Kangxi, one of the emperors in qing dynasty, suppressed Lng Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Lín-Jii Purport.

  It is said in A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rules that ‘the Four kinds of sanghas are always in the first place’, the doers of law in the only one meaning are also in the first place that they are no such ideas and words and comport as one is superior while others are inferior, nor one is respectable while others are just in the opposite.

  Therefore, which one of bodhisattva’s buddhi-prescriptions was violated? Which one of bodhisattva’s ten kinds of burdensome and forbidden guilts was made? Which one of piksu’s buddhi-prescriptions was violated? How to hinder others to fulfill Nature-Home Bodhisattva-Great sattva buddhi-threshold(如何障人入在家菩薩摩訶薩法門)? How to slander the Bodhisattva-sanghas who effectuate vacuumizing() Nil-vexation-photo(無相) Nil-inclination() and at Nil to fulfill buddhi vow(無願) in Touch-Nil Threshold(齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching(齋教), Lng Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Lín-Jii Purport(臨濟宗), Buddhism? Or slandering the sanghas of The Nature-Home Bodhisattva-prescriptions(在家菩薩戒僧) in issuing buddhi mind(發菩提心)? Or slandering the upasaka holy crowds-sanghas(優婆塞聖眾僧) who are in four kinds of pairs and eight kinds of grades(四雙八輩) in sravak conveying(聲聞乘)? Or slandering the upasaka purification-faith good-fineness-sanghas of A-Budh’s formulation(佛制優婆塞淨信善好僧)? Alaya can keep such matters 100% and correctly in memory.

  If the time went through thousand hundred wavejackings(假使千百劫), but the action made by person is not extinguished(所作業不亡), when motivation and sake are gathered(因緣會遇時), the person shall suffer from one’s own sequential result and rewards(果報還自受).

  To deal with letters in Nil attainment.





  The first day of one month in Lunar Calendar was just around the corner, so I went to the market for some fruits to offer A-Budh.

  Even though it was autumn, there were still all kinds of fruits on the fruit holders, including red honey-like apples, grapes, pawpaws, green dates, pears, bananas, kiwi fruits, sweetsops …, etc.

  Then I found there were even longans which were ripe only in summer. I felt curious and consulted the staff. I was told that they were imported from tropical countries before many times of pollination. Therefore, these longans may taste a little bit different from those we often ate.

  I came across an elder buddhimate who also wanted to buy fruits in the market. I waved at him; he saw me and walked up to me. We then said hello to each other and continued to choose fruits.

  I saw the elder buddhimate buy one durian. So I laughed and asked him that if he wanted to make a fried durian, frozen durian or yoghourt durian, etc. after offering A-Budh.

  To my surprise, the elder buddhimate(師兄) said, ‘It is really a shame that even if I have been worshiping A-Budhs and Bodhisattvas for many years, I actually don’t make head of dharma. So please lead me into Buddha, Bodhisattva and sangha. Since I can know dharma and then I can effectuate dharma with endeavor, and I can support A-Budh, dharma and sangha in a relatively correct way.’.

  When I faces such a big question, I must answer it cautiously to avoid guilt in the falseness(避免妄語) and to avoid the guilt in the vilification to Buddha or Budh(避免謗佛罪).…, etc.

  So I could only tell him, The Metal-Immortality Pra-Paramita Experience recorded(金剛般若波羅蜜經記載), The Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People(天人師A-Budh) requires ‘the charitable man or charitable woman shall receive and fulfill, read and recite the Experience and then explain its meaning to others’. In this A-Budh’s Experience, A-Budh informs A-Budh successors(佛弟子) shall effectuate Buddha and dharma, shall explain dharma and to be Buddhas, and shall deliver a preaching in dharma and Buddha several times in one A-Budh’s Experience. It is also said in many A-Budh’s Experiences that A-Budh, The Teacher of Devas (Heaven) and People asks four kinds of sanghas to deliver a preaching in dharma and being Buddhas.

  A-Budh(), Buddha(), sangha() come directly from Indian Sanskrit, if we want to explain it in the only one meaning(了義講說), we shall respect to read A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rules(律部) and A-Budh’s doctrines(佛論) and then translate the sentences to write middle saying (中鈔) or to deliver a preaching.

  After hearing I talked in such a discreet way, the elder buddhimate realized it is such a solemn and great thing to listen and to think and act in conformation with dharma that one can’t be careless at all.  

  Then the elder buddhimate said that, “It is just like fruits. We need to pick ripe fruits of improved variety, take out their seeds, dry them in the sun and let them have a winter sleep; when spring comes, look for a piece of rich land to plant the seeds, water them; then the seeds germinate; water and apply fertilizer to them, cut out the diseased branches; they grow up, blossom and yield fruits, and finally ripen.

  Only by avoiding inferior sour rotten fruits, and then they grow into large sweet fruits. ”

  ‘Can you please tell me what those A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rules(律部) are? So that I can respect to read A-Budh’s Experiences and the sentences of buddhi-rules, and then I can accord with A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rules to do correct and effective learning, thinking and fulfillment.’.


Nil-attainment to invite The Logicty A-Hūṁ Experience, (大藏經大正版873經) Da-Jenq edition, The Greatness-depository Experience No.873 from samyutta Nikaya──

‘ Nature is identity learning.

One at any time. A-Budh lived at the garden of the Jata-tree Anathapindaka, in the Nation of Sravasti. Nature-Congruence-identity-to perceive and hear The One any time, The Buddha is living in Home-preservation -Nation, where showing the success tree-giving-loner -single garden.

At that time, The Veneration of the World told piksus, ‘ There are four kinds of the good-fineness-regularity -docility-crowds.

Who are the four kinds of ? The meanings are piksu-regularity-docility, bhiksuni-regularity-docility, upasaka-regularity-docility, upasika-regularity-docility, they are named four crowds.’.

At that time, The Veneration of the World delivered a preaching to say the poemity, “ At the time, all the worldly persons of one’s mind respects and arrives in instincts that the mind is preaching and effectuating poemity and is showing as good as one’s words and is speaking on good grounds. To use ability and eloquence and in Nil-dread, to widely learn and understand and fulfill dharma law, to recur in dharma-law-sequencing (法次) and dharma-law-purpose (法向) , the doer of the above way is named good-crowds.

The piksu effectuates A-Budh-words (淨戒) and completes extinguish-wrong (持淨戒) or bhiksuni effectuates wide learning and erudition or upasaka effectuates purification-faith (淨信) or upasika effectuates purification-faith, the above doers are named good-crowds, anyone of the above doers is named good-crowd that whose the above deeds are named good-crowds, whose deed is as the sun to brighten oneself and to illumine others. Nature-the sun-brightness-identity-illumination.

To fulfill the above regularity is a good-fineness-sangha (如則善好僧) , the doer of the above regularity can be sangha-middle-fineness (是則僧中好) , recurrence with dharma law leads sangha in fineness, deed in Nature is as the sun to brighten oneself and to illumine others. Nature the sun-brightness-identity-illumination.”.

A-Budh had preached the Experience.

The assiduous piksus learned the preaching said by A-Budh, are joyful and respectful to fulfill ; Buddha-preaching-identity is effectuated by all the persons of requesting method that the method is to perceive the Buddha and home and preaching of one’s mind, deed in accordance with preaching is docility, in Nature to arrive at docility, deed in accordance with preaching to do eloquence, in Nature and congruence to do eloquence, to do gentleness and Nil-dread, to do wide learning and erudition (多聞) , to realize and to buddhiify logic throughout (通達法) , to deliver a preaching, dharma-law-sequencing and dharma-law-purpose and the future conduct in accordance with dharma law by ones (隨順法行) , good-crowds are in Nature to deliver a preaching as Experience.’.

  The elder buddhimate became silent after reading the sutras. He was pale, with a trembling body. I didn’t know if that was because he was old and became tired after buying fruits. So I advised him to sit down and have a rest, and then I brought him a cup of boiled water to quench his thirst.

  A moment later, he muttered to himself, ‘ A upasaka to effectuate purification-faith is a sangha. There were some people to slander that the learned person(居士) is not a sangha before, and I kicked up a fuss together with them before checking and testifying whether their words were correct or not, so I fell into their trap. Did I make the guilt in the disturbing mouth of gossip or sophistries or instigation, etc. (不知道是犯了兩舌罪)? Or the guilt in the oral abuse (惡口罪)? Maybe I made the guilt in five kinds of treachery (犯了五逆罪) or the guilt in a destruction to unifying-conforming sangha-buddhism (和合僧罪)? ......, etc. If so, that is too bad.’.

  When I saw whose expression of rebuking oneself that he made a catastrophe because he mistakenly followed the prescription-broker to bully the good-fineness-sangha upasaka(欺凌優婆塞善好僧); he felt extremely scared because probably the motivation-sequences would produce consequences for a long time.

  After a period of time, the elder buddhimate became slightly calm and said, ‘ Now before, I did not think that all living beings have equal and capability. If anyone willingly learns and thinks and effectuates dharma then he or she can part far away from all afflictions, and then can do ferrytion and arrive at Home one after one (而度達極樂家鄉). Now I know the catastrophe I made previously, can you tell me that is there any buddhi method to extinguish guilt and exterminate faults? ’.

  I thought of the matter of the elder buddhimate(師兄) who always makes buddhi endeavor in the buddhi behavior class(同修會), I didn’t know how to answer his big question. But I couldn’t answer it casually, either, so I could only say, ‘ Same way, respecting to read A-Budh’s Experiences(佛經) and buddhi-rules() and A-Budh’s doctrines(佛論) said by The Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People. A-Budh’s sayings are actually correct.’.



  To fulfill The Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience(實行妙法蓮華經), Peacefulness-happiness Circulation Conduct(安樂行品)Priority fourteenth Experience report(第十四的經文), ‘ Bodhisattva to treat sravak person(聲聞人) should not mention whose true name to speak of whose fault or evil, and should not mention whose true name to praise whose fineness.’. So to use substitutive name to advise the piksu of destroying the A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrongs(以代替名勸破戒比丘) who does not destroy dharma, buddhi-rules, A-Budh-words, extinguish-wrongs(不要毀佛法戒律).

 The affliction touches, at instinct, extinction, Experience


  At faith to effectuate buddhi road is the beginning and the mother of nirva-effect(信為道元功德母).

  It was extremely muggy in July this year. It hailed twice in Taipei, while several thousand people even died of heat in France since there had been about ten hottest days within a hundred years, when the temperature was about 40 °C. So some of the old and the sick were called by God and quit the scene.

  It was very hot in Taipei in the daytime with a temperature between 35 °C and 39 °C, making people feel like in a heating stove. So it’s better not to go out between 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. so as to avoid getting too much ultraviolet irradiation to reduce the chance of being attacked by skin cancer. As to exercise, it’s better to do it when it’s nightfall or even in the night.

  Walking along the pedestrian path, you can see maple leaves are deep green, while lindens are blooming. If you smell their flowers, they seem like the soy sauce’s flavor.

  Ghost Festival was being held in a temple nearby. Everyone was so busy that they all sweat heavily even with air conditioner on. It was just too hot, so some leaves on trees around the bend in the road were blown dry by hot wind, displaying the circumstance of a single withered branch in the midst of green leaves.

  There were so many people watching the almsgiving with food to the souls of burning mouth that temperature-increasing effect had been caused among the crowd. Some people even couldn’t bear the heat, so they took essential collection of the almsgiving with food to the souls of burning mouth and went outside the temple, and then took a rest on the cement chair.

  One said happily with a monthly magazine in his hand, “Look! One article titled Handouts of History of Buddhism Development is published in July, 1992 T Monthly. And it says, ‘… the number of Buddhism talents fell into decline in late ming Dynasty, so good and bad sanghas were intermingled. Four ringing sanghas emerged one after another in Wanli Period(AD 1573), namely Hanshan(shih-d-chen), Zǐb, Linch(shih-jhu-hóng) …’…”.

  ‘ shih-d-chen has been exiled due to his fame and position and his involvement into Prince-legitimating Case in the court.’

  ‘ Alas, The A- Experiences recorded that A-Budh told the main meaning to piksus who shall do endeavor to effectuate Buddha and dharma, who shall avoid talking of governance of state and life of king, the prince and the ministers. The peacefulness-happiness circulation conduct, The Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience (妙法蓮華經安樂行品) recorded that ‘… should keep away from the king and the prince’. But shih-d-chen turned a deaf ear to the words of A-Budh, so he was involved into prince-legitimating case in the court. He destroyed A-Budh’s words, is he a prescription-breaking piksu? Or not? ’.

  ‘ Look! shih-d-chen lived in ming dynasty and even wrote the comments on Doctrine of the Mean(中庸), and wrote comments on Lao-Tzu as well as Chuang-Tzu that he was at a mock dharma to write those comments to say Tào(寫佛化言道的老子注解和莊子注解).’.

  ‘ He wrote the comments on Lao-Tzu and Chuang-Tzu if he did not get permissions from Lao-Tzu and Chuang-Tzu, piksu shih-d-chen obviously made the guilt in the theft or robbery.’.

  ‘ So won’t he become a well-known prescriptions-breaking piksu and big thief (成了頂頂出名的×戒比丘和大賊)?’.

  Prescription-breaking piksu yn-zǎi of F-gǔ-shan wrote a desultory essay of sié-fό-cyún-yí(---, at the small shoe’s notion to bully A-Budh and at the doubts beneath skirt to bully dharma), he falsely accused and rendered Lng Magnificence Sect(誣指龍華派) to play up the errors of the outward persons(Piksus). Nevertheless, it seems that shih-d-chen and his followers have been very pleased to propagandize shih-d-chen’s committing stealing for hundreds of years?’.

  ‘ Alas, Piksu shih-d-chen was at mock dharma to say Confucianism and then to write the comment for Doctrine of Mean(釋德輕比丘以佛化言儒的中庸注指), shih-d-chen was at mock dharma to say Taoism and then to write the comments for Lao-Tzu(老子) and Chuang-Tzu(莊子); but if shih-d-chen wrote comment even on a volume of Doctrine of the Mean by using dharma or mock dharma, then probably he would be convicted in the burdensome and forbidden guilts which are the guilt in praise by oneself and the guilt in ruining the honor of other person(可能歸類於自贊毀他的重禁罪).’.

  ‘ To write comments on Taoism or Confucian scriptures by using Buddha dharma is the same with stirring up the hate among other religious followers intentionally, which will easily give rise to provocative acts among religions. ’

  ‘ Mr. T has written very clearly that the number of Buddhism talents fell into decline in late ming dynasty, now the prescription-breaking Piksu shih-d-chen added in them, while they almost were totally all dark.’.

  Because the upasaka’s words not only conformed to buddhi-rules, but also came to the point of the ways of the world, the public become silent, admiring his boldness to speak out the fact of severe mistakes of prescriptions-breaking piksu in ming dynasty.

  Other people hope that each religion would live in peace, so they take out sections of other religious scriptures as mutual understanding, which are as follows:

   “The body seems like a closed house or prison.”

  I deem the strong afflictions that I have the body of desire(吾之大患在於有身).

  A part of ideas of Buddhism and Taoism are expressed in these two sentences, which are capable of promoting communication and living in peace among the people.  

  Who or which is just like piksu shih-d-chen that his words and comportments slandered A-Budh and dharma and stirred up other religious follower’s hate? But which happened more than 400 years ago; in addition, there were works which tells us about some people’s praise of shih-d-chen’s words and the comportments of slandering A-Budh dharma as well as some people’s piracy of destroying Buddha dharma of mēng-yōu-jí(盜印毀佛法的夢憂集), maybe they highly agree about shih-d-chen destroyed Buddha dharma and slandered A-Budh dharma, prescription-breaking and bullying words and comportments?

  On hearing this, the audience became more interested. Since shih-d-chen had so many drawbacks that it was better to stop talking about him here, otherwise an eminent monk’s fame will be tarnished completely.   

  There was one audience who said, ‘I got an necessary collection of the almsgiving with food to the souls of burning mouth(焰口施食要集) by the temple, as some ancient person has copied articles which prescription-breaking Piksu shih-zhu-hng slandered A-Budh.’.

  Upasaka came up and said with a smile,

  ‘ Look ! How beautiful the articles was written by the Piksu shih-zhu-hng of prescription-breaking’s hurtful sangha in ming dynasty. But it is a pity article which hinders Buddhists to learn and think and effectuate Buddha dharma(破戒雜僧釋諸宏比丘障人聞思修佛法的文章)’.

  A-Budh’s Experiences(佛經) said by The Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People, A-Budh, teach the wisdom education about all living beings can effectuate pra-paramita(實行般若波羅蜜), about to use five kinds of ingatherings(五蘊) and buddhi-gift(佛性) becomes The Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People(天人師), A-Budh.

  Five kinds of ingatherings are just five kinds of ingatherings that they are not six combinations.

  Then, what is the meaning of “confirm with six combinations”?

  Six origins are within the scope of soul-accumulation(識蘊), cycle-accumulation (行蘊), material-accumulation(色蘊), which are just a part of functions of five kinds of ingatherings(五蘊), but not six combinations.

  One Upasika then added,

  ‘ It is said in A-Hū Experiences(阿含經) that stature-undertone(色陰), reception-undertone(受陰), thought-undertone(想陰), cycle-undertone(行陰), soul-undertone(識陰) are named the perpetuation-body(法身).

  The evil bhiksu shih-zhu-hng promoted ‘conformation of the six combinations’, so whether that means striking up a discordant tune with Buddha Sakyamuni?

  The Great Treasury Experience(大寶積經寶梁聚會) recorded, “ There are many evil piksus destroying my dharma law. Kasya(迦葉)! There are ninety-five kinds of the outside byroads(九十五種外道) that they can not destroy my dharma law, or other outside byroad can not destroy my dharma, only all of the infatuated personas(痴人) who conceal themselves in my dharma education system that the infatuated personas can destroy my law system(此痴人輩能壞我法)…”.

  Alas! Some people do feel happy to have words which slander Buddha Sakyamuni printed in essential collection of alms of food so that they would be able to exaggerate their words.”  

  “Are there Ynqi’s other works that slandered Nature-Accordance or dharma?”

  “Yes! There were quite a few words and expressions that slandered Nature-Accordance or dharma in his other works.”

  Alas! Mr. T talked about again that the number of Buddhism talents fell into decline in late ming dynasty. Now those prescription-breaking’s hurtful sanghas(破戒雜僧) added in them, talents were debilitating indeed. Even we can put it this way, while there were just few holy sanghas, but prescription-breaking piksus were so many that they filled the streets.”

  “Tell us more, please, so that we can progress zealously.”

  The upasika (upasika of India Skr. is translated into Chinese meaning the initial initiate woman淨信女) said,

  “What’s that?”

  “A table which is used for offering verse praising the merits of A-Budh.”

  ‘What condition is it if we moved the table to the five delicacies of seriate circle(若是將桌子搬到五方結界,是什麼)?’.

  ‘It is a table in the five delicacies of seriate circle. If we moved the verse praising the merits of A-Budh to the five delicacies of seriate circle, wouldn’t it become a ○○○○ verse?’.

  ‘Piksu hng-zǎi ! The motivation()-sequences()-consequences(報應) of hindering other person’s buddhi upward increase are very terrible.’.

  After upasaka(淨信男 the initial initiate man) and upasika(淨信女 the initial initiate woman) ended the talking of dharma, the almsgiving with food to the souls of burning mouth(焰口施食) in the temple just came to an end. So everyone took away their articles and went home.

  I returned to the A-Budh office(佛堂) and talked about what I saw just now with my younger buddhimate(師弟). He took out wú-shēng-lǎo-mǔ-sù-yun(無生老母溯源, Nil is producer and skill mother.) that compiled by Mr. Zhèng-zhì-mng, and was published by Literature, History and Philosophy Press(鄭志明先生編寫,文史哲出版社印行的).

  The book refers to concentration of zhèng-é-jí(症訛集) by the evil piksu shih-hng-zǎi who once criticized the A-Budh’s assistant Lo-yin(羅因祖師) and Lo-yin’s testing copy of The Five-speed-six-Budh-A-register(對五部六冊考試本加以批判), whose book said that evil piksu shih-hng-zǎi had criticized and vilified Lo-yin, the evil piksu has pointed out straightly from the shoulder his fatigue of the Nil-making-law(指出其無為哲理的困頓. But the point is that whether the evil bhiksu shih-hng-zǎi has this capability? Because The Buddha wisdom actualizes Experience 佛藏經, Constancy 4 卷第四的了戒品第十 recorded, “ …… the prescription-breaker 破戒者, persona without easy to teach 難與語者, persona living in evil law 住邪法者, persona doing evil comportments 行邪行者, persona respecting money or profit貴財利者, persona respecting the priority in clothes or foods 以衣食為上者, …… learned identity dharma, and if he or she said that he or she can believe or understand or effectuate or recur in identity with dharma 於我此法若能信解通達. But he or she gets without-any unison. 無有是處).

  My younger buddhimate said, “Mr. Zheng is always friendly to Lng-Magnificence Sect. So as to those sentences, is it possible they got wrong punctuation marks during typing? ”

  “No! The most arrogant article hng-zǎi wrote has been copied, which waits for us to break the slandering words.”

  ‘Is it just like that shih-T-T copied the most arrogant slandering articles into the book of almsgiving with foods to the souls of burning mouth and then waited for Buddhists to crush down(摧破) hng-zǎi’s articles of slandering Nature-Accordance dharma ?’.

  Everyone began to talk about this; each airs his own views.

  ‘Hey! The full name of The Five-speed-six-Budh-A-register is the test volumes of The Five-speed-six-Budh-A-register(五部六冊的全名是五部六冊考試本), the lst volume is named The affliction touch-instincts-to buddhiify buddhi Experience(苦功悟道), the 2nd volume is named The praise in Nil-making to treat worldly affairs(歎世無為), the 3rd volume is named The crushing down evil comportments and then to effectuate buddhi appearance and to arrive at natureity and to do buddhi upward behaviors(破邪顯證上), …… the sixth volume… . There is no need for him to write as ‘The Five-speed-six-Budh-A-register is name wú-wéi-juàn(無為卷), because the guilt in pārājika or offending the buddhi-prescriptions of no oral abuse would be terrible(造波羅夷罪或犯不妄語戒豈是好惹的).’.

  Another younger buddhimate said,

  ‘ The most arrogant articles published in the collection of almsgiving with foods to the souls of burning mouth(焰口施食要集) tells us that prescription-breaking’s hurtful sangha shih-zhu-hng(破戒雜僧釋諸宏。大般涅槃經的經文中,佛呵責破戒雜僧) even can not understand what are five kinds of ingatherings(五蘊) as well as perpetuation-body(法身) and he only dares to slander A-Budh(他只敢謗佛).’.

  “Hey! He is a well-known sangha. Please do not damage his reputation.”

  “It is his articles that have undesirable impacts on his reputation. Now we speak of that with the purpose of helping others avoid falling into the pit.”

  ‘The persona does not know perpetuation-body and can not behave lustrating words as well as deeds(不懂法身清淨言行的人), how can he know Nil-making-law (無為法).’

  ‘Shih-zhu-hng did not know dharma but he camouflaged knowing dharma, the motivation()-sequences()-consequences are very terrible while he did not natureify but he camouflaged natureifying dharma(釋諸宏未證言證,因果報應是非常可怕的).’.

  “Let’s learn The Teacher of Devas Heaven and People’s way of destroying evil bhiksus’ slandering words. ”

  Nil-attainment to translate the part of Constancy 6, The Lotus Flower Solemnizing Experience(六十華嚴,華嚴經卷第六, The Sixty Lotus Flower Solemnizing Experience), ‘… Manjushri! Instincts permanently shows dharma(文殊法常爾), Logic King is the only law(法王唯一法), the doers of Nil-obstacles of all one-seriation lastingly fulfill the One-Experience to utilize the changeable volition-producing-extinction and the changeful body-birth-death of the wave-life(一切無礙人,一道出生死)…’.

  ‘Alas! Piksu(bhiksu) shih-zhu-hng planted the slander words of “ discarding thousands of deed methods on the A-Budh’s assistant Lo-yin ” (釋諸宏比丘謗羅因將萬行門都廢置), the slander words was like as pointing at Lo-yin but abusing A-Budh Sakyamuni.’.

  ‘As the A-Budh’s Experience recorded that “Logic King is the only law” which is the only perpetuation-conveying(佛經記載『法王唯一法』的唯一佛乘.), there is no need for shih-zhu-hng who wrote the slander words of discarding thousands of deed methods and then to plant on Lo-yin. Is modern Bhiksu shih-yn-zǎi in Fá-gǔ-shan(罰鼓山的釋岩仔比丘) offspring of shih-hng-zǎi? Their ways of slandering Nature-Accordance(如來) and dharma are extremely similar.’

  ‘Prescription-breaking piksus shih-d-chen and shih-hng-zǎi and evil piksu shih -yn-zǎi! You do not need to hinder other person’s buddhi increase that you used mock words which were written by planting words or words in falseness, as foul articles would just be harmful to yourselves and others.’.

  “Is it necessary not to write real ordination names of prescription-breaking bhiksus as well as names of their works, just as what we did before?”

  ‘We continue to effectuate A-Budh’s Experiences(佛經) and buddhi-rules() and A-Budh-doctrines(), we effectuate Experience of Priority 14, Peacefulness-happiness Circulation Conduct(安樂行品), The Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience (妙法蓮華經), “To treat sravak person should not mention whose true name to speak of whose faults or evil, and should not mention whose true name to praise whose fineness, and does not have the mind of resentment or disgust.”……’.

  ‘All right! We treat the prescription-breaking piksu or died man who died for ages as well as whose writings, we should not mention whose true name to speak of whose faults or evils, to use substitutive name but we crush down their fallacious discourse and their prescription-breaking words.’.

  Affliction touches, at instinct, extinction, Experience and then Nil-attainment


October 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2547(Western Calendar 2003)

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