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June 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2547(Western Calendar 2003)


Joint Announcement


A-Budh    Bodhisattva

The Saint Tao Teacher Lǐ’er(聖人道師李耳), The Original Beginning Heaven Respectable(元始天尊), The Eight Good Life Taoist(八卦道人), The Old Originator Wang Chan(王禪老祖), The Great-Greatness Relief True-Person(太乙救苦真人)

The Paramount Saint Prior Teacher Confucius(至聖先師孔子), The Second Saint Mencius(亞聖孟子), The Confucian wise man and philosopher(儒家聖賢)

The Sworn Mother of king of Dāo-Lì Heaven(天母)

The Perpetuation-body class three The Nature Home-Bodhisattva of the king of Dāo-Lì Heaven


Goddess Matsu(媽祖)

Saint(), Apotheosis(), Ascetic(), Philosopher()

  Joint relief of all beings

Obeying A-Budh’s Edict(奉佛令)

  To clean out startle(收驚)

  o-An A-Budh office, Lng-Magnificence Sect, Lín-Jii Purport, Buddhism


A-Budh’s Experience(佛經) and Buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines are the standards.


With respect to effectuate A-Budh Experience and Buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines.

To disseminate to effectuate buddhi-prescriptions, samādhi, buddhi wisdom.

To praise to trend toward the only perpetuation conveying.



To issue buddhi mind wave-life after wave-life.


Diligently to effectuate the part of Experience (Da-Jenq edition, Greatness-depository Experience), For Nature-Home Bodhisattva and Off-Home Bodhisattva to say A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong Experience (or to be named The Leading Light Ugra Assemble 郁伽長者會), constancy Priority 82(卷第八十二), The Great Treasure Experience(大寶積經),’

Leading light(長者)! The Nature-Home Bodhisattva should revert to Budh, revert to buddhi law, revert to sangha Buddhism(在家菩薩應歸依佛,歸依法、歸依僧), shall fulfill the three depositories(三寶), Nirva-effect(功德), reverting(迴向), the Nil-up right-true road(無上正真之道). Leading light ! How about The Nature-Home Bodhisattva to natureize Budh? I shall accomplish A-Budh body with the thirty two signs and one’s mind in solemnizing, and then I lastingly fulfill the good root to gather the thirty two signs and the heart-photo of buddhi spirit(丈夫相); wish to gather it , diligently to fulfill with endeavor; Leading light ! Congruence is named The Nature-Home Bodhisattva to revert to Budh(是名在家菩薩歸依於佛).

Leading light ! How about The Nature-Home Bodhisattva to revert to dharma ? Leading light ! To revert to Budh and then Bodhisattva respects dharma and the buddhi preacher, is at dharma law to use the Nil-making law and will-making law(為法), wishes to learn dharma(欲法), is happy to effectuate dharma(樂法),is happy in nirva mind after mind(極樂),learns assistant method and utilizes assistant method to accomplish dharma(助法), is at dharma law to utilize law(住法), is lastingly to effectuate dharma(持法), preserve dharma(護法), is at stability to fulfill dharma(堅住於法), praises dharma(讚歎於法), is at buddhi lifeway and preaching(住於法行), widely increases in the uses of dharma(增法),seeks dharma for improvement(求法),is at dharma to use power or force(以法為力),gives dharma law or implements or stick(施法器仗), only makes the work to do awakement-profit both each other in dharma(唯法為務), after I natureify A-nuttara-samuak-sambodhi and then I shall equally preach right law to persons, heavens and osura; Leading light ! Congruence is named The Nature-Home Bodhisattva to revert to dharma(在家菩薩歸依於法).

Leading light ! How about The Nature-Home Bodhisattva to revert to sangha Buddhism ? Leading light ! Supposing bodhisattva meets sudehun(須陀洹), sundeva(斯陀含), ona(阿那含), orhan(阿羅漢) with lay piksu(凡夫), they are also in sravak conveying; bodhisattva meets sravak conveying person, shall be that minds are respectful and meek(皆悉敬順),immediately stand up to greet them with kind words and voice, have them right around; while bodhisattva should think like this, ‘When I natureify the Nil-up right-true, I hope that some persons can accomplish sravak’s and then they can do nirva-effect profits, so I will preach dharma to them. Although with respect, the mind does not live in sravak; Leading light !

Congruence is named the Nature-Home Bodhisattva to revert to sangha(是名在家菩薩歸依於僧).

Leading light ! The Nature-Home Bodhisattva shall achieve four methods to revert to Budh. Which four ? Don’t abandon to fulfill buddhi mind(不捨菩提心),don’t abolish to advise living-beings to issue buddhi vow and to issue buddhi mind(不廢勸發菩提之心), don’t desert the great reliefty(不捨大悲),the mind lastingly does not produce to live in other conveyings(於餘乘中終不生心); Leading light ! Congruence is named The Nature-Home Bodhisattva to achieve four methods to revert to Budh(是名在家菩薩成就四法歸依於佛).

Leading light(長者)! The Nature-Home Bodhisattva shall achieve four methods to revert to dharma. Which four? Be close to the preacher Buddhism(於法師人親近), to trust the buddhi teaching said by the preacher Buddhism(依附), after hearing or learning, the dharma and then diligently to think and to effectuate dharma(聽聞法已,善思念之), to preach the dharma what who heard to others, with the preaching nirva-effect would return at The Nil-up Right-True Road and to do it; Leading light ! Congruence is named The Nature-Home Bodhisattva to achieve four methods to revert to dharma.

Leading light ! The Nature-Home Bodhisattva shall achieve four methods to revert to sangha. Which four ? To advise or lead the person to issue one-seriation-wisdom mind and to do one-seriation-wisdom lifeway(勸令發於一切智心) if there is a person who did not decide or live in sravak conveying, to give alms to poor people and then to preach dharma to them(若以財攝) or to say the law or knowledge to persons and then to preach dharma to them(法攝), to study from the No-regression Bodhisattva sangha(依於不退菩薩之僧) and not to study from sravak sangha to beg sravak virtue, the mind does not persist in any photo; Leading light ! Congruence is named The Nature-Home Bodhisattva to achieve four methods to revert to sangha(是名在家菩薩成就四法歸依於僧).

Next, Leading light ! After The Nature-Home Bodhisattva sees Nature-Accordance(如來), fulfills the behavior in buddhi uses(修於念佛), congruence is named to revert to Budh(是名歸依佛).

After hears dharma, The Nature-Home Bodhisattva fulfills the behavior in dharma(修於念法), congruence is named to revert to dharma(是名歸依法).

After to see the sravak sangha taught by Nature-Accordance, The Nature-Home Bodhisattva does not forget buddhi, congruence is named to revert to sangha(是名歸依僧).

Next, Leading light ! If Bodhisattva would willingly fulfill the behavior in buddhi uses to do giving(若菩薩願常與佛俱而行於施), congruence is named to revert to Budh.

To preserve the right law and then to do giving, congruence is named to revert to dharma.

The mind doing giving returns at the Nil-up road, congruence is named to revert to sangha.




  The wind in Northern Taiwan is usually blowing from northeast in winter. When the cold air is coming, it rains. The temperature is going all the way down to above ten degrees Celsius from around twenty degrees Celsius.

  In the winter of 2002 A.D., when it turned cold, the mercury hovered around 10. When it turned hot, the mercury leveled at roughly 25, which is not easy to acclimatize to. Therefore, more cases of influenza or cold symptoms cropped out, which built overburden social costs.

  However, what made things strange? A few days before Winter Solstice, one night, more than ten tremendous claps of thunder shook the whole sky, roaring for over ten minutes. Quite big thunderstorm had fallen a moment later, more like the orographic rain in summer, which was big and dense, making people feel dreary.

  The following day, the newspaper reported thunderstorm fell down in some areas, including some districts in Pingtung, Nantou and Miaoli. It thundered before a heavy thunderstorm, together with hail stones.

  Winter Solstice had not arrived yet, while the summer thunderstorms dropped. Kaohsiung, Pingtung in tropical regions greeted the winter with thunderstorms and hail. It seemed that greenhouse effect became more severe. The repeated counterattacks of the climate seemed more violent.

  Next day, newspapers reported it rained in Guangdong province, some areas of which were under heavy rains firstly, and then large hail.

  A new outbreak of disease occurred in Guangdong and Hong Kong in the spring of 2003 A.D., called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Emergency. Aliening from general pneumonia bacteria, it proved to be a new variety, similar to the coronavirus in animals. Such disease, in English abbreviation as “SARS”, sounded like “evil dead”, which led to high mortality, constituting at somewhere between 4% and 20%. At present, SARS contained roughly a dozen of the virus genetic structures, some of which would be mutating. Health authorities were seeking for therapies.

  In mid-April, “SARS pneumonia” had spread in many parts of the world. Fear spread through the crowd like a plague. Wherever you went, you could stumble upon people talking about the issue.

  Yesterday, I heard the neighbors talking in the street. A said, “The animal coronavirus. How can it survive in the human body? And it is as terrible as the plague.”

  B said, “Why not? You see, yellow and white people got married, having children with blue eyes, and a little bit blonde hair. White people and black people got married, having children with curled hair. People can get married and have children. Coronavirus, of course, can also get married and give birth to new varieties of coronavirus, violent and powerful.”

  Hearing that, A thought that “Wow! That is to say, if the chickens, ducks or turtles were not cooked well, having them or drinking turtle blood, deer blood can bring in animal coronavirus in the human body. Human and animal coronaviruses got married, and then gave birth to SARS-CoV?”

  B heard it and said, “It is possible. While, in addition to this possibility, are there any other possibilities?”

  A said, “The dogs, cats ... and so on. We often hug the pet in the bosom, which also acts as the cause of animal coronavirus or reproductive parasite in the human body.”

  B went on, “Damn He Chungong published pictures and some words of encouragement on the Internet with hybrid human and animal sexual misconduct. It is very bad which he is a wicked professor more than a murderer.”

  After hearing what neighbors said at the crossing road, I know that the silent majority were often the most vulnerable group of people. They can only express their victimization and grievance in private, and speak ill of a minority of people, who carried a great threat on human health and life.

  In recent days, some senior fellow apprentices came to the temple worshiping Buddha, also talking about SARS pneumonia.

  They also talked about the A-Budh’s assistant Shin-Ming-De, the 32nd Vacuumizing-Variety(空空), Lóng-Magnificence Sect, Lín-Jii Purport, Buddhism.

  About ninety years ago, around 1910 A.D., there was a proliferation of non-traditional cold as well as plague all over the world. Millions of people amounted in all countries died in this disaster.

  Respect to effectuate A-Budh’s decree, while A-Budh’s assistant cleaned out startle for them with strange disease, he recited the true-words(dharani) and made the hand signet, or asked their friends and relatives to recite A-Budh’s Experience. Some severe people still died; some others recovered a few days later. Therefore, A-Budh’s assistant was well-know. Even Japanese top supervisor knew him at that time.

  If receiving praise, the A-Budh’s assistant would say that A-Budhs and Bodhisattvas, Ascetics() and Apotheoses  and saints gather to rescue living beings.

  Just like consultation in the hospital, in addition to the contribution of the President, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory specialists, electricians, and cleaning staff ..., etc, also contributed. We don’t know about it before being told. After he said we know it.

  Talking for a long time, the elder buddhimate(老師兄) added, “About eight years ago, the A-Budh’s assistant Shin-Ming-Lai(新明來祖師), the 34th Buddhi successor(34代法嗣), Lóng-Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Lín-Jii Purport, Buddhism told us that after many floods and earthquake, floods and many droughts, there would be cases like in the middling wavejacking(中劫). A-Budhs(), Bodhisattvas(菩薩) and the great upward behaviorists of Buddhism, Saint Tao-Teacher Lǐ’er, Confucian Saint(儒家聖者), Taoist Saints or Sages, Ascetics(), Apotheoses() etceteras would help and save living beings, many persons abide by law and exert by goodness(許多守法向善的人) in common period would be able to stay away from sick or affliction.’.

  ‘With more than five hundred and forty years of buddhi history(法統), Lóng-Magnificence Sect, Lín-Jii Purport, Buddhism entered the world again, to disseminate The Nature-Home Bodhisattva-Great sattva buddhi-threshold (發揚在家菩薩摩訶薩法門), and to disseminate great conveying, remote branch conveying(辟支乘), sravak conveying(聲聞乘), person-heaven conveying.’.

  “Yes! Let currently beings who love heaven live in heaven, and thus they will not be too idle to mistakenly run into the three evil bypaths.”

  ‘Indeed! The Lotus Flower Solemnizing Experience records one of the demeanors among The Nature-Home Bodhisattva.’.

  “Had A-Budh’s assistant been free from physical restraint for about four years?”

  “Afterwards, 921 Earthquake occurred? In 2002, those typhoons were really severe. In the same year, for some time we also had to use water by turns from district to district.

  How time flies! Before the recovery of world economic prosperity, such non-traditional pneumonia broke out, making travel agencies and airlines miserable. Some of their staff had to set up a stall for living in the street. Attributed to infection of animal coronaviruses in Taipei City Hospital Heping Branch, Health authorities regarded it as the infected area and ordered it a closure of more than ten days.”

  The elder buddhimate(老師兄) of over 90 years old said again, ‘The Teacher of Devas and People(天人師) gave edict to the A-Budh’s assistant Shin-Ming-Lai that Lóng-Magnificence Sect would develop and spread all over the world. Younger buddhimate! Do you have any progress?’.

  I replied, ‘All come from the instruction, training and care of the Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People. Our life is always like this, being born, growing up, and dead.

  Respect to effectuate A-Budh’s edict to clean out startle.’.


  Epidemic in Nil-attainment.


The Beginning Day of the Buddhi lifeway of The Nature Audio-Visuality Nature-Home Bodhisattva Great-Sattva, Buddhist Calendar 2547


At buddhiizing-buddhi behavior to recite

To Recur in Nil The Original Teacher A-Buddha Sakyamuni

To Recur in Nil The Buddhi Prescription-Impacting Teacher The Light-Lighting A-Budh

To Recur in Nil The Instructive Teacher The Buddhi Buddhi Nature-Accordance

To Recur in Nil The Directive Teacher The Right-Law-Light Nature-Accordance

To Recur in Nil The Buddhi Prescription-Guide Teacher The Nature Audio-Visuality Nature-Home Bodhisattva


At arrival-sincere mind to write ode, while congruence is respecting A-Budhs and Bodhisattvas.


  Ode to Newness-Brightness

Nature-Accordance Perpetuation-Body, Greatness-Perfection-Mirror-Wisement

Wisdom-Virtue-Photo, Equal-Uses-Wisement

Mind-Uses-Instinct-Lustrating, Exquisiteness-Perception-Discernment-Wisement

Nature-Circle(法界) No-turning(不動), Fulfillment-Good-Action-Wisement

The Buddhi-name is Shin-Ming-Shing(the worldly name is Su-Yaw-Nan), the exponent of A-Budh of Bǎo-An A-Budh Office(保安堂宗正), the successor of A-Budh(佛弟子), the buddhi-successor of 35th graduating Buddhist(第三十五代法嗣), Touch-Nil Threshold(齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching(齋教), Lng-Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Lín-Jii Purport, Buddhism.




  The Three Wisdom Experience record, ‘What is to fulfill Road and Virtue(何謂為道德) ? To believe in dharma to fulfill Buddhi Road(信為道), and then to control one’s body and mouth and will to fulfill virtue.’.

  It seems as if the time of somewhere is running fast. If you don’t believe it, just go to the MRT station, taking a look around. Time for some people means fleeting. All the transport lines like Tamsui Line, Bannan Line, trains and buses make a great combination at the station in Taipei; people from Tamsui are hurried to another bus stop waiting for the bus, in order to arrive at the company’s factory in time. Their professionalism is admirable.

  Of course, there are exceptions, such as people who go outing, who do not know how to get a ride and who watch the crowd in and out. However, time is flying as fast, not waiting anyone. There is no preferential treatment, nor privileges from young to adults, old, very equal.

  When getting out of the car, it is Guandu Station. You could walk to a nearby mountain field. When I was young, I had had a play here by railway. With Tamsui River, Guanyinshan here, the sight was incredibly beautiful. I even wanted to come back to view it again the next day.

  But now? There are houses everywhere and I don't know how to enjoy it.

  The tram runs roughly every ten minutes. I prepare to be back to shift Zhishan Station by the next tram. I can enjoy the blue sky, white cloud and trees near the road while waiting. If there is enough time, I can sing a song, or make a poem. Like this one, the MRT poem is completed soon.

  A star in the sky, is called the sun.

  It appears in the east in the morning, for me to have a good exercise.

  Then I go to work, have a fast food for lunch.

  In the evening I take MRT and have a rest at home.

  If you can't experience dharma in such ordinary life, just work harder. Buddha Sakyamuni saw the meteor and natureifyed Nil-up buddhi, being The Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People. I can make another poem like this one.

  Wind rolls, cloud flies; issue, awakening, knowledge; a feel is cold ? Or a feel is hot? it is detailed and clear; ideas, roots, five undertones, variety, vacuumizing house; the withered tree blossoms, in buddhi behavior.

  When I got to Zhishan Station, having a walk in nearby park, directing to Tianmu along Zhongcheng Road. The girl I saw in front looks like Miss Lin from Tianhua bookstore. When I came near and found it was indeed Miss Lin. We greeted each other. She was studying an advertising signboard which is small and beautiful, which avoided falling down to hurt the passengers in typhoon days.

  Miss Lin asked, “Will you go to our bookstore?”

  To have a chat? Not bad. The morning and late afternoon is the most leisure time in the bookstore. We all have benefits to visit them during that period.

  In the bookstore, Miss Lin said, “Once I deliberately took others’ works to test you. You let me arbitrarily turned a page or with the fan blowing. This time, I still test you.”

  Miss Lin continued, “In recent monthly magazines, someone abused you, someone desired to provoke you. Today we also meet such conditions. It all depends on you. Turn away or be defensive and reactive.”

  Some people speak directly, just like pointing to someone else's nose, “You have not respectfully read A-Budh’s Experience, or listen, think and effectuate dharma seriously. You see yourself in trouble, just unwilling to help yourself.”

  Then, she took a True Belief in Buddhism” and turned to the article, Why should We Believe in the Three Depositories?”

  In order to lead Miss Lin satisfy her will in the upward buddhi increasing, I ought to respectfully invite A-Budh’s Experiences, I can show Experience said by The Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People to Miss Lin who can read it and then to learn, think and fulfill, she have correct understandings, thus to easily effectuate in conformity with the seven science(七科) and the thirty seven buddhi-conducts(三十七道品). Then should I respectfully invite The Great Conveyity Nature-birth Heartland Visuality Experience ? Or The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana Experience ? Or respectfully invite other Great conveying’s Experiences ?

  Well, I just invite The A-Hūṁ Experiences which are three conveyings’ Experiences. Three conveyings are great conveying, remote branch conveying and sravak conveying. The Buddhists of great conveying and remote branch conveying or sravak conveying shall all respectfully read The A-Hūṁ Experience, so The A-Hūṁ Experience are named the Experience for three kinds of conveyings.

  Nil-attainment to respectfully translate the part of Experience, The Brief Sake Experience(小緣經), Constancy 6, The Long A-Hū Experience(長阿含經卷第六), ‘A-Budh told Bosetha, ‘…Bosetha ! In the Khattiya(剎利種), if there is a person who sincerely believes in A-Budh, Nature-Accordance(如來), The True(至真), A-nuttara-samuak-sambodhi with A-Budh’s ten appellations(十號具足); person sincerely believes in dharma(篤信於法), who believes in self-Nature-Accordance dharma(信如來法), delicacy-lustrating(微妙清淨),person can now effectuate the upward behavior with dharma(現可修行); person preaches dharma without the limit of time or space, and shows the secret of Nirva which is only known to the people with wisdom, but which is not reached or taught to those ordinary or fool; person sincerely believes in sangha, person can be at instincts to effectuate good and straight forward fine character(性善質直), buddhi road and result can be achieved, whose relative and personnel can learn dharma(眷屬成就), dharma law can be achieved by A-Budh’s real Buddhist mind after mind(佛真弟子法法成就); what is crowd ? Buddhi-prescription crowds are fulfilled by person and then to achievement, samādhi crowd(定眾) and buddhi wisdom crowd(慧眾) and extrication crowd(解脫眾) and extrication-knowledge crowd(解脫知見眾) are fulfilled to achievement; direction sudehun, to effectuate sudehun, direction sudeva, to effectuate sudeva, direction ona, to effectuate ona, direction orhan, to effectuate orhan, the above methods are named four kinds of pairs or eight kinds of grades(四雙八輩), congruence can fulfill Nature-Accordance crowd or Buddhist crowd(是為如來弟子眾也).…...’.

  After reading the A-Budh’s Experience, Miss Lin said quietly,  ‘A-Budh’s words are the true law, the person read A-Budh’s Experience and then fulfills dharma that who is named the Buddhist the real faith. In A-Budh’s Experience and buddhi-rule, is the outward person not arriving at sudehun called piksu ? Saripu Venerable is called great piksu sangha, The Manjussri Nature-Home Bodhisattva is named Bodhisattva or Bodhisattva-Great sattva.

  “Well! A-Budh’s Experiences record thousands of upasakas entering direction-sudehun who are also sanghas Buddhism. A-Budh said, ‘All confluences are in equal’. The confluence can learn and think and effectuate dharma and can natureify buddhi, A-Budh’s Experiences are in agreement with facts.”

  At this moment, a upasika stepped into bookstore, hearing upasika effectuating direction-sudehun is also sanghas Buddhism, said with delight, ‘piksu yn-zǎi from fá-gǔ-shan told lies that ordinary sangha is piksu or bhiksuni who can say law to confluences to ferry.         The prescription-breaking piksu yn-zǎi excludes upasaka and upasika good-fineness-sanghas who were recorded in The Logicty A-Hū Experience(雜阿含經) and The Great Conveyity Nature-birth Heartland Visuality Experience(大乘本生心地觀經). The prescription-breaking piksu yn-zǎi(破戒比丘岩仔) rejects to wear the piksu’s  colored cloth of variegating-claretPlumRed-mildew with right shoulder bared which cloth was formulated by A-Budh(岩仔比丘拒穿佛制偏袒右肩的斑駁醭比丘衣), yn-zǎi swears against the three depositories, it is knowable that yn-zǎi is not qualified as sangha Buddhism.   The prescription-breaking yn-zǎi and their followers often cheat others that three outward persons together are called sangha, yn-zǎi is the persona that “one word is different to the A-Budh’s Experience and yn-zǎi’s words is just the same as a devil’s words.”.’. 

  Miss Lin saw the upasika, full of joy, and continued to express the opinions,

  ‘The A-Budh’s Experiences are very clear. Oneself effectuate prescriptions of A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong mind after mind(念念實行戒), one self  arrives at buddhi-prescription-crowd-achievement(戒眾成就), Samadhi-crowd-achievement,……, such buddhi behavior are named sangha crowd.’.

  ‘Is yn-zǎi sure that piksus dare not offend him? Does he think that upasaka and upasika good-fineness-sanghas have little time to read A-Budh’s Experiences ? So yn-zǎi can slander A-Budh and dharma more than thirty years.’.

  Miss Lin pointed at the slanders against Tathagata, asking, “What about this sentence?”

  Then I invited two ladies to continue reading A-Budh’s Experience respectfully.

  Nil-attainment with respect to translate­ the part of Experience of The Tour-behavior Experience(遊行經), Constancy 2, The Long A-Hū Experience(長阿含經), ‘A-Budh told A-nan, “The person should make self-blazing lighting(當自熾燃), should enkindle the light in dharma(熾燃於法), shall not make other burning flare-up(勿他熾燃). The person should make self-revertment(當自歸依), should buddhiize dharma(歸依於法), shall not rely on other(勿他歸依). What method, the person can effectuate that the person make self-blazing lighting, should enkindle the light in dharma, shall not make other burning flare-up; the person should make self-revertment, should buddhiize dharma, shall not rely on other ? A-nan! Piksu perceives the inside operation of body(比丘觀內身), in essence and diligence(精勤),Nil-negligence(無懈), memory in dharma(憶念), No-forgetfulness(不忘), to get rid of the worldly greed and worry(除世  貪憂); piksu perceives the outside operation of body(觀外身), perceives the inside-outside operation of body(觀內外身), in essence and diligence, Nil-negligence, memory in dharma, No-forgetfulness, to get rid of the worldly greed and worry; it is the same method to perceive and use reception()-thought()-cycle()-soul()(); then to do it with recurrence(), or at Nature() and congruence() to do it with recurrence. ……”.

  After the two ladies with respect reading the A-Budh’s Experience, I said to them, ‘To effectuate dharma is named in dharma or dharma homekeeping(住持佛法), in short, homekeeping. To effectuate the tree to revert to A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong is named the three depositories homekeeping(住持三寶), in short, homekeeping.’.

  Hearing this, the upasika said rationally, ‘Whoever runs the temple who only called a property keeper. It is not permitted that the only one meaning(了義法) is mingled under the worldly term and then the great meaning is vanished. The upasaka in family effectuates purification-faith is a good-fineness-sangha(在家的優婆塞淨信是善好僧). A-Budh’s words is certain.’.

  Miss Lin continued, ‘Piksu yn-zǎi from fá-gǔ-shan slanders the three depositories again. Piksu yn-zǎi cheated us that dharma-continuation(住持佛法) shall have to be the outward person(出家人); piksu devadatta was an outward person, while those evil piksus(the outward persons) gathered to make evil action, to rape women, to kill people…, they are just three(piksus)  the outward persons together only called the prescription-breaking evil sanghas(破戒雜僧).’.

  “Was it three evil piksus getting together to do evil that gave rise to Buddhism abolishment by Emperor Taiwu of the Northern Wei. Was it called at that time? Was it the one that resulted in “wiping out the poisonous weeds movement”, in which no religion is permitted to spread within the scale of the mainland during the period of about forty years?”

  The upasika smiled expansively, and said, ‘Get it ! Get it! Why is that the Nature-action keynote(禪宗) is slandered ? Why is that Touch-Nil Threshold, Touch-Nil Teaching(齋教), Lng-Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Lín-Jii Purport, Buddhism is slandered? It is because of frank speaking keeping others out of the way of fame and benefits.’.

  ‘A-Budh crushes down or breaks(摧破) the gossip of slanderer; you ought to crush down or to break the planting false evidences of the vain piksu yn-zǎi(摧破白衣比丘岩仔的栽贓), you ought to crush down or to break the words of slandering Nature-Accordance of the f-gǔ-shan. Thus the ones with wisdom won’t follow evil piksu to slander Nature-Accordance and dharma.’.

  “Yes! Speak it out! You see, evil bhiksus offend A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong, evil piksu made the guilt in the disturbing mouth of gossip or sophistries or instigation and so on, and imitate the literary persecution of the emperor to assault fortified sects’ positions, they themselves are also as in Buddhism abolishment by the emperor.”

  ‘Evil piksus and their followers are so bored, fá-gǔ-shan, religious belief(╳教), X patriarchal clan(╳宗), X faction(╳派), X mountain(╳山), they plant false evidence to other(栽贓) and they make the guilt in the oral abuse(犯惡口); evil piksus and their followers make five kinds of treachery guilt(犯五逆罪) and swear people, while in fact they are cursing their own religion a X religion.’.

  A-Budh-words are the standards, it is the standard in A-Budh’s Experience and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines. The doer who effectuates A-Budh’s Experience and buddhi-rule and A-Budh-doctrine(佛論) and extinguish-wrong(持戒) is A-Budh’s successor.   Those violating A-Budh’s Experience or buddhi-rule or A-Budh-doctrine are all evil piksus and the ban persona of candala upasaka etc.

  ‘Do you still continue to fulfill The Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience(實行妙法蓮華經), The Peacefulness-happiness Circulation Conduct(安樂行品)The Priority Fourteen’s Experience Report(第十四的經文), ‘ Bodhisattva to treat sravak person(聲聞人) should not mention whose true name to speak of whose fault or evil, and should not mention whose true name to praise whose fineness….’. So to use substitutive name to advise the piksu of destroying the A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong(以代替名勸破戒比丘) who does not destroy dharma, buddhi-rule, A-Budh-words, extinguish-wrong(不要毀佛法戒律) ?’.

  ‘Let all return to A-Budh’s Experience and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines! Although Touch-Nil Threshold, Touch-Nil Teaching(齋教), Lng-Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Lín-Jii Purport(臨濟宗), Buddhism has promoted for over five hundred years to return to A-Budh’s Experience and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines, piksus and bhiksunis keeping purely A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong should also take action, as well those kind people’s supervision in the society. Make beneficial grass grow and poisonous grass wither. Thus our society will be more wonderful in an easier way.’,

  ‘If the time went through thousand hundred wavejackings(假使千百刧), but the action made by person is not extinguished(所作業不亡),when motivation and sake are gathered(因緣會遇時), the person shall suffer from one’s own sequential result and rewards(果報還自受).’.


June 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2547(Western Calendar 2003)

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