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February 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2547 (Western Calendar 2003)


It is the norms in A-Budh Experience and buddhi-rule and A-Budh-doctrine.


Nil-attainment to translate the part of Experience (translated by Shin-Ming-Shing) in Priority 4-5 (第四之五), Nature-Accordance Uses Conduct (如來性品), Constancy 8 (卷第八), The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana Experience (大般涅槃經), ‘At that time, A-Budh told the Bodhisattva Kasya, “The charitable man! Thou now shall not be as the sravak person or worldly people to differentiate three depositories. To fulfill great conveying is at Nil with buddhi vow to do the three procedures of revertments to differentiate photo and to use photo, is not at having notion to learn three revertment or to use photo of differentiations (於此大乘,無有三歸分別之相). What is the reason and procedure? In one’s buddhi-gift (佛性) is with dharma and sangha. With wishes to teach and to ferry the sravak person and worldly people (凡夫), on basis of the different procedure, to say the differentia photos of the three procedures of homing (說三歸異相). The charitable man! If from the angle of the worldly law to say , according to their grades have differentia classes of the three revertments.

The charitable man! Bodhisattva shall do the thinking as the following, shall do Nature-congruence thinking, ‘I am that to use the identity to natureize Budh (我今此身歸依於佛), and then I arrive at (若即), at the identity fulfill Buddha Road (此身得成佛道). Did I fulfill Buddha mind after mind? Or not? I should respect to worship and support offerings to all The Venerations of the Worlds (世尊). Why ? All Buddhas, equal. At equal teaches living creatures to fulfill one’s revertment mind after mind (等為眾生作歸依故). If at the wish to respect and use the perpetuation-body Srari (法身舍利) should respect and worship all A-Budhs and A-Budh’s pagoda and A-Budh temple. Why do it ? For the wish to teach and ferry living creatures by ones, to teach living creatures to perceive one’s identity to produce pagoda thinking and temple thinking, to do worship and support offerings, and then the Nature-congruence confluences can be that identity perpetuation-body is whose Natureizing place (如是眾生以我法身為歸依處).

All living beings follow untrue law and wrongly false law, I should be with procedure to preach them the true law. If living beings go and rely to untrue sangha, I should teach them to revert at the true sangha place; If living beings have the differentiae in three revertments, I should teach them to go to one buddhiizing place (若有分別三歸者,我當為作一歸依處), without-three differentiae (無三差別), I would help living beings to throw away whose blindfold and then he or she can use whose eyes; about sravak person or fringe awakening person, I should preach them the true buddhiizing place. The charitable man! The Nature-congruence Bodhisattva can preach A-Budh and buddhi works to the uncountable evil living creatures and all wise persons.

The charitable man! There is, as an example, a person here who goes to the battlefield and thinks: “I am the first of all of these. All soldiers depend on me.” Also, it is like the prince who thinks: “I shall conquer all other princes, succeed to the works of a great emperor, gain unmolested [unrestricted] power, and make all other princes pay homage to me. So, let me not entertain a whit of thought of self-surrender.” As with the prince of the king, so too with the minister. The charitable man ! Bodhisattva Great sattva is at Nature-congruence to do the thinking that how can I let the above three kinds of matters to digest in a proceedings of mine.

The charitable man identity shows the three kinds of matters to digest in an ending, nirva (涅槃). The Nature-Accordance person wiseizes (慧) and awakes Nil Emergence Doer to become The Unsurpassed Man of Nil. For example the head is the highest part of a person’s body, not the other limbs or the hands or legs. The same is the case as A-Budh, Nature is the most respected and the top; when any idea touches, dharma law and sangha, recurrence (非.法僧,也). In order to teach and to ferry the worldly people at ones, he or she tells many kinds of shows and differentiae photo as the pedals of the ladder. This being the case, you now shall not receive and do that ignorant persona or worldly people has the differentiae photo in three buddhiizing; thou shall advance promptly to fulfill great conveying, if thou meets desires, you can decide to fulfill dharma and you can cut off all ignorance as a sharp sword to cut off it.”.

Bodhisattva Kasya sought the logic and said to A-Budh, ‘ The Veneration of the World! I know to do buddhiizing (我知行悟), and I purposely do the asking; not for the matter, living beings do not know that I am a bodhisattva with great brave and great promptitude, I asked the Nil-ignominy (無垢) lustrating-behavior place for a wish that Nature-Accordance said the differentiation with unusual especial thing to praise and to proclaim the Great conveying Exactness-Equality (方等) Experience Typification (經典) for all bodhisattvas. Nature -Accordance at great charity, now, was good at preaching; I am same at Nature-congruence peacefulness-fulfillment (安住) to recur, the bodhisattva lustrating-behavior place said by A-Budh is to preach The Great Pra-Nirvana Experience.

The Veneration of the World ! I now at home (亦) shall popularize Nature-congruence Nature-Accordance secret treasure to a great many living beings, in the preaching period (亦) I will be to natureify and to know the true three homings place. If any living being can believe Nature-congruence The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana Experience (信如是大般涅槃經), he or she can perceive one’s capacity spontaneity and can effectuate dharma, can arrive at the three revertments place (三歸依處). Why?

Nature-Accordance secret treasure has buddhi-gift showing operation (如來秘藏有佛性故); if anyone of living beings widely preaches in accordance with the Experience Typification, he or she always says that one’s body Omnipresence (盡) shows buddhi-gift Nature-congruence fulfillment doer who do not need to go far out to beg the three buddhiizing place. Why? In future or in the future wave-lives at identity body can be fulfill the three depositories; wish to part far away from worry, the doer of sravak or the fringe awakening or other living beings shall be in accordance with identity to do respect and worship.’.

‘ The charitable man ! Wish to increase in good behaviors with recurrence, the person shall now learn the great conveying Experience Typification.’.

Kasya said again, ‘ Buddhi-gift Nature, congruence No-speculating-speech (不可思議), thirty two signs (三十二相), the eighty kinds of the fine seeding (八十種好), A-Budh follower (亦), No-speculating-speech.’. 




Middle Way Praise

The dreamland meets the place where can know sweetness or bitterness, with illusion and change, inconstancy, shows Nil-continuation(演無際).


  Such is the sky of Taipei, sometimes with immense clarity, sometimes with white clouds. Such are the roads of Taipei, flat for walking. There are many schools for foreigners from America and Japan at the end of Section 6, Zhongshan North Road, and they hold celebrations and parties in special occasions such as national days, birthday of their presidents, school anniversary, etc.

  That was a cool afternoon. I went to the market for some vegetables and dairy foods. I heard loud instruments’ performing and crowds beside the foreign schools. People were busy back and forth amid the booths selling donuts, sandwiches, used clothes and cassettes …

  Students band were sitting on the north, devoted in playing guitar or strumming drums, while a young female student were swinging her body and singing a western song:

  ‘Life can not always sweet and happy, sometime maybe tears shed to pillow into wet. But knowing worldly thing is in inconstancy, the person can have the time of peace and coziness.’.

  On the other side, some students were performing acrobatics, and there was a board saying, “False; don’t fall”. The first performer played ping-pong magic, hat-trick with pigeons or plastic flowers, and the second played card tricks. They were much slower for the amateur skills, and sometimes the ping-pong even fell. Everyone was watching in smiles.

  Some were with friends, some persons with family looking for funny goods. So, there were full of opportunities to talk and exchange ideas.

  A little boy said, “It’s so funny. There are pigeons coming out of the hat! Mom, I want one with dolls and toys coming out.”

  Mom said, “It is false. Don’t fall for that. This is a kind of special trick, to fool the audience’s eyes with quick moves in cooperation with the colleagues. The plastic flower is placed in the hat without being noticed. The flower is already in the hat when we see it. Some applaud to the performer because of good performing skills. You think that it is a magic hat and want one while the hat is just normal, not be able to generate anything.”

   Knowing his mom would not buy the hat, the little boy went on to see the show quietly. His elder brother said, “There is April Fools’ day in USA. Is there Fools’ Year?”

  His mom said, ”My son is smart, judging from your words.”

  As you could see it, they were truly wisetion root. Thinking I would buy correction fluid and other stationery, I went to a bookstore in the neighborhood, named Tianhua.

  Miss Lin of the store introduced newly promoted stationery to us. The blue stretchy flexible glue was really good. Then she took out a book which name is “sié-fó-cyún-yi(its means that the persona gave a small shoe to A-Budh and the person stays in skirt to doubt)’ written by Nońg-cǎn temple(strong calamity temple) of Fá-gǔ-shan. Turning over the pages, it is an article slandering the three depositories titles “Tell the truth from the false” in black and white.

  Miss Lin asked, “How could you explain this paragraph?”                                  

  Tianhua Bookstore is a currency place of A-Budh’s Experience, so I invited The Constant One A- Experience.

  Nil-attainment to translate the Experience of ten memories-conducts priority 2 (十念品第2), The Constant One A--Experience, ‘ To learn Nature-congruence (聞如是): One times (一時). A-Budh was living at the garden of Jata-tree Anathapindaka, in the nation of Sravasti.

  At that time, The Veneration of the World (世尊) told all piksus, ‘Ought to effectuate the upward behavior in One method (當修行一法), ought to popularize the upward behavior in One method widely (當廣布一法), in identity convenience to achieve in spirituality-communication (便成神通), to part far away from all confused thinking, to arrive at the sarman result, at identity to do nirva (自致涅槃). How about preaching and fulfillment? It is the Buddha behavior in buddhi-uses (所謂念佛). Ought to do the upward behavior in good (當善修行), ought to deliver a preaching widely, in spirituality-communication to utilize six communications (便成神通), to extinguish all ignorant thoughts, to arrive at the sarman result, at identity to do nirva; in congruence and in recurrences, Piksus ! Ought to effectuate the upward behavior in One method, ought to deliver a preaching widely in One method, Nature-congruence, all piksus ! Ought to effectuate the congruence and the knowledge.’. At that time, all piksus learned the knowledge said by A-Budh, were joy and respect to effectuate it.

  After reading A-Budh’s Experience, Miss Lin said in a stable voice, ‘I will believe in and fulfill the only perpetuation-conveying(我要信行唯一佛乘)’. ‘Yan-zai piksu of fá-gǔ-shan had written some writings, in his writing wrote, “If one word is different to the A-Budh’s Experience(離經一字) that the word is as same as devil’s word(離經一字,即同魔說).”, and while in same article, yan-zai also wrote, “ whoever believe in A-Budh while he or she does not believe in dharma() or sangha() that he or she is blind.”, Yan-zai piksu is the persona that whose word is different to A-Budh’s Experience(岩仔比丘是一位『離經一字』的人).’. (A real believer to believe in A-Budh will effectuate dharma law, effecting dharma law while he or she can become a sangha or bodhisattva sangha or Buddha. The persona can say that who is a believer to believe in A-Budh but who does not effectuate dharma law, so who is not a sangha Buddhism and is not a real believer to believe in A-Budh.).

  Miss Lin pointed to the same article, “How about this sentence?”

  She could see where the article Yan-zai has slandered Nature-Accordance, which was really uncommon. Therefore I continued to read The Constant One A-Hū Experience for her.

  Nil-attainment with respect to translate the part of Experience, immensity-showing-conduct priority 3 (廣演品第三), constancy priority 2 (卷第二), The Constant One A-Hūṁ Experience, The Veneration of The world said the dharma-law with particular steps ‘If there is a piksu effectuating the right body and right volition that he is in the sitting posture with legs crossed and soles upward (正身正意,結跏趺坐), to carry one’s mind with the operation of origin (繫念在前), and without ignorant thinking (無有他想), to concentrate one’s mind with essence (專精) to make the behavior in sanghas Buddhism (念眾). Nature-Accordance (如來) and Sacredist (聖) and all four kinds of sanghas Buddhism can arrive at good-action achievement (善業成就), quality-honesty (質直), in accordance with buddhi meaning (順義), without wrong action (無有邪業), to treat superior or inferior to be in harmony (上下和穆), dharma law achievement (法法成就). Nature-Accordance and sacredist and all four kinds of sanghas Buddhism can fulfill A-Budh-words achievement and extinguish-wrong achievement (戒成就), samādhi achievement (三昧成就), wisement-wisetion achievement (智慧成就), extrication achievement (解脫成就), extrication-knowledge-fulfillment achievement (解脫知見成就). Who can do the sacred behavior in dharma (聖眾者)? Four kinds of pairs and eight kinds of grades can learn and then effectuate the sacred behavior in dharma (所謂四雙八輩), congruence can preach Nature-Accordance and the sacred behavior in dharma (是謂如來聖眾), who will be respected and worshiped by living beings, living beings shall undertake the dharma preaching (承事) and shall do the behavior in accordance with dharma law (禮順).’.

  At this time came an upasika. Upasika is a direct sound translation from Indian language, explained in Chinese as a sincere female believer. These two names are both recorded in the Experiences.

  They two read the A-Budh’s Experience, Miss Lin said clearly, ‘The sangha shall do the upward increasing, if sangha who can do the sacred wisetion-awakening behavior in dharma law (僧又名為聖眾), who is named the sacredist (被稱為聖者). The buddhist shall effectuate dharma, when who has qualification to be named sangha Buddhism. To think of “the without ignorant thinking (無有他想) and then to concentrate one’s mind with essence (專精) and to make the behavior in sanghas Buddhism (念眾).”. Can be named behavior in dharma while all one’s mind-confluences to effectuate dharma ? Or not ? Can the sangha be named sacredists if one’s mind-confluences arrive at sudehun direction or sudehun above (自心意念眾生達到向須陀洹或以上,而稱為聖眾?)? Or not?’

  The upasika said happily, “In the A-Budh’s Experiences it is recorded that many upasakas and upasikas have arrived at Sudehun result, Sundeva result, ona, and bodhisattva. If I progress zealously, I will also be one among holy sanghas.”

  Miss Lin also said, ‘Buddhists of Nature-Accordance, the sincere male believer(信士優婆塞), the sincere female believer(信女優婆夷), piksu(比丘乞士) or bhiksuni(比丘尼女乞士) to effectuate A-Budh-words(持戒) and to effectuate extinguish-wrong(持戒), four kinds of sacredist(聖眾), anyone of them can be named sangha. Piksu yan-zai wrote that sangha is made of outward person(出家人), sanghas can be named sangha group; yan-zai piksu is the persona that one word is different to the A-Budh’s Experience(離經一字) and yan-zai words is as same as devil’s words (離經一字,即同魔說).’.

  The upasika continued saying happily, “What A-Budh said is right. yan-zai is destroying the dharma.”

  Miss Lin held that book for too long and felt tired. Therefore, she wanted to take it in another hand. She moved it too fast, pages sliding and it was another page, while it was just another article slandering the Three Depositories.

  She had a look, saying, “What is it about?”

  I joked, ‘You just blurt out my weakness. I am the A-Budh successor (佛弟子)from Touch-Nil Threshold (齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching (齋教), Lόng-Magnificence Sect (龍華派), Lín-Jii Purport (臨濟宗), Buddhism. You show this article slandering us to me. One rotten apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch.’.

  The upasika laughed, “She is not intended. The pages just moved a bit and that page was just turned to. Well, are there Experiences refuting those words?”

  There are many A-Budh’s Experiences in the Buddhist bookstore. If we want to read some one, it is very convenient to find it out.

  Nil-attainment with respect to translate the part Experience from One-Threshold-Way-Conduct Priority 12(壹入道品第十二), constancy 5, The Constant One A- Experience, ‘To learn Nature-congruence: One at any time. A-Budh lived at the garden of Jata-tree Anathapindaka, in the Nation of Sravasti.

  At that time, The Veneration of the World (世尊) told all piksus, ‘If there is a person who praises or celebrates aranya or the doer in aranya (其有歎譽阿練若者), when the person is praising and celebrating me already. Why? Until now, I constantly praise and celebrate that I can lastingly do aranya behavior (我今琣蛩袹A阿練若行). If there is a persona who slanders aranya or the doer in aranya, when the persona is slandering me already. If there is a person who praises or preaches mendicancy or the piksu in mendicancy (其有歎說乞食者), when the person is praising and celebrating me already. Why ? I constantly praise and preach mendicancy and the doer in mendicancy (我睄蛬*鄐^食者). If there is a persona who slanders or destroys mendicancy, when the persona is destroying my words already (其有謗毀乞食,則為毀我已).…’.

  Miss Lin said with reason, ‘yan-zai wrote in the book, “ Touch-Nil Teaching, Lόng-Magnificence, I-kuan Tao said some outward persons (出家人) who left home to be piksus but they do not effectuate A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong, adviser exaggerated the evildoing and destroying A-Budh-words and destroying extinguish-wrong by outward person…”. This just makes us understand piksu yan-zai who is slandering Nature-Accordance A-Budh.’.

  I sighed, ‘yan-zai himself was willing to become a piksu to keep A-Budh-words (佛語是戒) and extinguish-wrong (息惡是戒) at first, he shall at every moment keep dharma and A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong. If yan-zai is told his fault, he shall thank the adviser, he should not slander Three Depositories, and should not plant false evidences in Touch-Nil Threshold (齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching (齋教), Lόng-Magnificence Sect (龍華派), Lín-Jii purport (臨濟宗), Buddhism.’.

  Miss Lin asked curiously, ‘ There are a few piksus (bhiksus) and their followers who said that anyone should not point out the wrongs of the outward person. Is there any confirmation in the A-Budh’s Experiences ? ’.

  I replied, ‘ There are many such stories in The A- Experience, great conveying Experience typification (大乘經典). The adviser or speaker should say in charity.’.

  Nil-attainment with respect to translate the part of Experience, Constancy 3 , The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana Experience, ‘A-Budh told kasya, “After the physical body of mine finished the nirvana (我涅槃後), in the world of turbidness-bad, the land devastated, Nation is in confusion, persona to do confiscation or pillage both each other (互相抄掠), the peoples will be driven by hunger. At such a time, because of hunger, many personas may make up their minds to abandon home then to become piksus or bhiksunis, above the desire piksu or bhiksuni is named bald-headed persona (如是之人名為禿人).

  The bald-headed persona and follower see the person who effectuates A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong (持戒) or effectuates four kinds of obvious bearings (威儀具足) or is lustrating piksu to preserve the right law, maybe who above will be deported (驅逐令出) or be killed or be hurt by the bald-headed persona and followers. ……. Although all kings, ministers, leaders, elders, upasakas, et cetera may preserve dharma……

  After reading it, the upasika said, ‘ This paragraph in A-Budh’s Experience told us, many personas leave home to do piksu just for food or money. Prescription-breaking piksu (破戒比丘) will also persecute person who honestly acts in conformity with dharma law, prescription-breaking piksus are those who settle figures of A-Budh in temples while are cruelly destroying Buddhism (是一群在寺廟裡擺佛像而殘酷的在毀滅佛教的人。).’.

  Miss Lin also said, “Is it one of the reasons that yan-zai slanders Lόng-Magnificence Sect, Lin-Jii purport, Buddhism?”

  The upasika said again, “Let’s continue reading A-Budh’s Experience respectfully.”

  Nil-attainment, I with respect continue to translate the part of A-Budh’s Experience, ‘ Kasya ! The dharma Protector (護法者) has that who effectuates the right experience (具正見) and can widely preaches the great conveying Experience Typification; who lastingly does not carry or hold something for king that it is the bejeweled parasols, oil pots, cereal, rice, all kinds of fruits and edible fruits; who does not wish to get profit-support to approach a king, minister, leader or elder; who treats the danapais (檀越) (skr) (alms-givers) that the mind is without flattery and without grievance; who effectuate four kinds of obvious bearings, who crushes down or subdues (摧伏) the prescription-breaking evildoers etc. (破戒諸惡人等); Such above a doer is name the effectuating buddhi-Prescription preservation-dharma teacher (持戒護法之師).’.

  After the upasika read A-Budh’s Experience, she said emotionally, ‘…..who crushes or subdues the prescription-breaking evildoers etc.; such above a doer is name the effectuating buddhi-prescription preservation -dharma teacher. A-Budh told Buddhisms who should crush down or subdue the prescription-breaking evildoers etc., then many people won’t be cheated or hurt by prescription-breaking personas.’.

  Miss Lin in the bookstore said a words which touched me, that was, ‘In the past several decades, piksu yan-zai from fá-gǔ-shan wrote several books slandering Nature-Accordance and put faults on others (罰鼓山岩仔比丘寫了幾本書謗毀如來和栽贓), you shall translate A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rule (律) to refute yan-zai, thus others will understand dharma correctly and then know clearly that Touch-Nil Threshold (齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching (齋教), Lόng-Magnificence Sect (龍華派), Lín-Jii purport (臨濟宗), Buddhism is disseminating The Nature-Home Bodhisattva-Great Bodhisattva buddhi-threshold (在家菩薩摩訶薩法門) and A-Budh dharma with the four kinds of conveyings (佛法四乘).’.

  Their words were quite right. In many great conveying A-Budh’s Experiences and The A- Experiences recorded that A-Budh delivered a preaching and refuted those Prescription-breaking piksus evildoers many times, The Nature-Home Bodhisattva-Great sattvas and great piksu sanghas had also refuted evil piksus with their fallacious sayings many times.

   “Can you sit still before those evil bhiksus who slander and destroy dharma?”

   ‘You can do a thinking! Can the buddhist become a A-Budh if the buddhist dare not crush down or subdue evil piksus? ’.

  I should indeed ponder it over facing these kind suggestions. For example, in the beginning of yan-zai’s slander, I wanted to discuss it with him, while his followers answered, ‘He has been to another country. Only the outward person is called sangha, you are not sangha. You and us are also Buddhists, don’t hurt each other; the doer of upward behavior should not speak of fault of another.’. But they print the Book to slander Nature-Accordance year after year for more than 30 years.

  Evil piksus destroy Buddhism in a honey-mouthed and dagger-hearted way, I must respect to fulfill dharma and then write articles to crush down the evil piksus from fá-gǔ-shan.

  ‘Don’t make any evil notion, then fulfills all good thoughts, the volition is in accordance with one’s lustrating, from congruence to A-Budh is the education said by all A-Budhs.’.

  ‘Don’t make any evil notion, then fulfills all good thoughts, the volition is in accordance with one’s lustrating, from congruence to A-Budh is the education said by all A-Budhs.’.

  Should I continue to keep not pointing out their true names?

  Nil-attainment with respect to translate the part Experience, priority 14, Peacefulness-Happiness circulation Conduct(安樂行品),The Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience(妙法蓮華經), ‘ To treat sravak person(聲聞人) should not mention whose true name to speak of whose fault or evil, and should not mention whose true name to praise whose fineness.’.

  Middle Way Praise, Nil-attainment. 


February 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2547 (Western Calendar 2003)

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novelty-agreement(新約), touch-Nil threshold(齋門), touch-Nil teaching(齋教), Lόng-Magnificence sect, Lín-Jii purport, Buddhism.