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October 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2546 (Western Calendar 2002)


A-Budh’s Experiences and buddhi-rules and A-Budh's doctrines are the standard.


With respect to effectuate A-Budh’s Experienc, buddhi-rules, A-Budh's doctrine.

Delivering a preaching about A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong, samādhi, buddhi wisdom.

To praise the only perpetuation conveying.



To issue buddhi mind wave-life after wave-life.


Be willingly active in fulfillment on The Great Treasury Experience(the part of the Experience was translated by Shin-Ming-Shing), constancy priority 113(卷第113),depository-ridge-gathering to join priority 44(寶梁聚會第44), piksu conduct priority 2(比丘品第), part of report(Da-Jenq edition, Greatness-depository Experience),

‘At that time, A-Budh told kasya,what kinds of mental words-behavior are named piksu(bhiksu) ? Piksu can destroy worry, so is named piksu; to destroy solipsist-think and living-being-think and longevity-think(破眾生想)and human-being-think and male think and female think is named piksu; next, kasya! To fulfill A-Budh’s words(修戒) and to extinguish wrong(修戒)and to fulfill wisetion(修慧) is named piksu; next, kasya! To stay away from terror and fear by ones, ferrytion by ones and to exceed three kinds of existences and to exceed four kinds of refluxs(度、三有四流), to see all errors-aftermaths of existence and reflux, to stay away from all existences and refluxs by ones, mind and mind in peace to fulfill Nil-fear road, is named piksu.

Kasya! If some piksu knows that he doesn’t achieve Nature-congruence to fulfill dharma and other good law, while he goes farther away from the above dharma and goes bypath; Kasya! That piksu is not my disciple and I am not his teacher.

Kasya ! There are many evil piksus destroying my dharma law. Kasya ! There are ninety-five kinds of the outside byroads(九十五種外道)that they can not destroy my dharma law, or other outside byroad can not destroy my dharma, only all of the infatuated personas(癡人)who conceal themselves in my dharma education system that the infatuated personas can destroy my law system(此 癡人輩能壞我法); Kasya ! An example, it is like that even though the lion is the king of all animals, until he died, then tiger, the wolf, the bird, the beast could not get the lion meat to eat; Kasya ! It is that the lion has all kinds of worms in his body and worms eat the meat of lion body.

Kasya ! In the education system of dharma-law said by me will have those such as above evil piksus who covet-harbor(貪惜) profit and support, who are covered by greed and profit, who can not extinguish wrong law, and can not fulfill good law, who can not stay away from falseness; Kasya ! Such as above piksu can destroy my dharma.

Kasya! It is sure that the piksu(bhiksu) is the evil piksu(bhiksu), if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment(有、四、法成就,當知是惡比丘); What are the classifications about four ? Greed, resentment, infatuating, undertone’s egotism(我慢), connector is named evil piksu. Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, having four, manner accomplishment. What are the classifications about four? Egotism with proud(傲慢),overbearing predisposition(自大), no shame and no regret(無慚、無愧), to pay no attention to evil speaking(不慎口過), connector is named evil piksu.

Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it , four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four? Retrocession and turn(掉動), to put a slight on a person(輕他), to covet-require profit or support(貪求利養), to do many ignorant manner, connector is named evil piksu. Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four? Crafty falseness(姦偽), to do illusive fascination to deceive other, to do many the wrong livelihoods of ego(多作邪命), to do many talks of evil words(多說惡言), connector is named evil piksu.

Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four , manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four? He does not know to do reward when he get the other person’s favor, he makes censure for getting great reward if he gave small favor to other person, he does not have thanksgiving if he get favor from other persons, to invade or to damage his relatives and friends, connector is named evil piksu.

Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four? He squanders other person’s felicity-rewards(失他福報)when he got the faith-giving from other person, without good to maintain A-Budh’s words or extinguish-wrong(不善護戒), to despise A-Budh’s words to extinguish-wrong receiving by himself(輕所受戒),not to firmly fulfill buddhi-rules, connector is named evil piksu.

Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four? To do existentialism with solipsism(有我論), to do existentialism with living-being ism(有眾生論), to do existentialism with egoism(有命論), to do existentialism with pedigree ism(有人論), connector is named evil piksu.

Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four? Not to revere A-Budh, not to revere dharma, not to revere sangha, not to revere A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong, connector is named evil piksu.

Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four? He is not happy if others are in harmony-conforming between sanghas(若僧和合而心不悅), unwilling to stay alone, pleasure to stay with others, always to say about worldly daily talk odds and ends(常論世俗所有言說), connector is named evil piksu.

Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four ? To seek profit and support, to seek great fame, to seek many kinds of learning, not to be interested in Holy Buddhism and seeding(不住聖種), connector is named evil piksu.

Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four? To moor his mind at devil and to belong to devil(繫屬於魔), to be coerced by devil(為魔所害), to waste a lot of time on sleeping, to feel no happiness after doing good deed, connector is named evil piksu.


Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four? He makes rot and corruption in the dharma education life, he puts his mind into flatter and adulation, is coerced by worry, stay away from the sraman result, connector is named evil piksu.

Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four? To be fired by the desire of obscenity, to be fired by anger or resentment, to be fired by foolish or infatuating, to be fired by one-seriation-worry, connector is named evil piksu.

Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four? To be addicted to lust area while not to know one’s wrong and evil, not to know to fulfill dharma(不知知足) even if with erudition, not to know to fulfill dharma to treat the desired things, the mind always to do envy and not to do giving to other, connector is named evil piksu.

Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four? From the dark to the dark and from infatuating to infatuating, not to perceive holy logic(不見聖諦), to do many doubts and puzzles and then always to be moored and to be tied by birth-death, to close nirva threshold, connector is named evil piksu.

Next, it is sure that the piksu is the evil piksu, if he bore it, four, manner accomplishment; what are the classifications about four?  To do many crafty behavior by physical body, to do many crafty behavior by mouth, to do many crafty behavior by volition, to do many crafty behavior by ceremony; what are that to do many crafty behavior by physical? ………..; Only to shift eyeball to see between left and right but not to move one’s head to see between left and right is a crafty behavior of physical body, to see as far as no more than six feet of sight between left and right is a crafty behavior of physical body(若左右視不過一尋,是身姦行), ……….., at flattery to walk in the place of space and free but not to seek the logic of the show of space and free, ………., at flattery to dress in the trash cloth(糞掃衣) but not to feel ashamed and sorry, ………., kasya, the above are named the crafty behavior of physical body.

Kasya! What are the crafty behavior of mouth ?…… I had hoped to be invited and then someone invited me, I got but I said that I do not require profit and support;………; or said that I always do good law and I ought to get support; or said that I am excellent to ask and respond, or I can comply with logic photo, or I can do the counter nexus-law-photo; ………..  .

Kasya ! If the piksu has a mouth which is not the mouth of docility-regularity, and then he uses his mouth talk that all his words are not right words, his mouth always makes crafty behavior;

Kasya ! The mouth of above connector is named the mouth with many crafty behavior(口多姦行).

Kasya ! What are the volition with many crafty behavior ? ............cloth(), clothes, bowl, beddings, diets, medicines,………., the mind of above connector is named the volition with many crafty behavior.’.



Dharma in Life



  In the past months, upasakas and upasikas in the temple practiced Buddhist chants, both with alt and bass. Sometimes the melody is slow, sometimes fast, some is major G, and some is major D. I have heard that the easiest singing melody is major G or major F. Then if meeting major D with the speed of 60 per minute, how could we sing? Maybe we could not sing in a complete way even we made great efforts. Then there was one saying, “No cross, no crown!” So we should suggest they cross and get the crown. For Buddhist chants, we practice major D at the speed of 70 per minute, with different melodies for every one, but is that possible? That should have been first class chorus.

  Younger buddhimate Wang(王師弟) likes asking questions. On hearing melodies, he asked what are melodies, what are rhythm(旋律), temperament(音律), legislation(法律), buddhi-rule and A-Budh words to extinguish-wrong(戒律), and why all are named “liuh” in Chinese and all include the meaning of regulation.

  In the old times, Chinese divided the melodies in the music into seven kinds and seven scales as the basic standard, for the sake of singing or playing the instrument. Foreigners first divided the melody into high, medium, low pitches and each pitch is divided into seven scales. Thus it seemed more moving and sorrowful when singing or playing the instrument.

  Many people sing very well and play the instrument very well, while it is not good enough just for yourself to be good. It would be much better for tens of people to sing and play the instrument together, with accurate melody, starting or ending it at the same time, etc. So through some research, pitches and scales were invented, as well as all kinds of sign regulations. With the same standard, learning and teaching became both easier, and it is also easier for the singer and the player to cooperate with each other, thus to create excellent and famous singers and choruses. That is really good.

  I seemed clear about it. Only with clear rules, as well as the tools for communication, there will be the basic standard for self-progress, for those of great virtues and competency to show their talents, or for those excellent choruses or bands to profit both each other.

  “While, how about buddhi-rules and A-Budh words to extinguish wrong ? ” Younger buddhimate Wang asked after pausing quite a while.  

  “Good horses shoot on seeing the shadow of the whip, only leaving the worldly people(凡夫) seeing index finger.”

  Buddha with uses(佛性) is one; great conveying(大乘), remote branch conveying(辟支乘), sravak conveying(聲聞乘), are three, all doers of three conveyings shall fulfill buddhi. The three to rely on A-Budh words extinguish-wrong(三歸戒); at the right motivation to fulfill A-Budh words to extinguish wrong(正因作戒); to fulfill variety(), Nil-vexation-photo(無相), Nil-inclination(無願), and at Nil to fulfill buddhi vow(無願) is named the right equal with A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong(正平等戒), and is named the true off-home(真出家) and to be at lustrating to fulfill A-Budh-words(), extinguish-wrong(), …… .  

  The person carries himself with fulfilling A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong; many the doers of A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong conform to buddhi-rule and encourage both each other, and then to arrive at the result of philosopher or Holy Buddhism(佛教的聖). Thus it is easier to cultivate students according to their personalities. Therefore, everyone would have excellent characters, and the society will be more harmonious and better.”

  To see all of them sitting quietly, maybe they were wondering, I have just heard there are the five A-Budh-words extinguish-wrongs(五戒), the eight touch Nil A-Budh-words to extinguish-wrongs(八齋戒), the ten A-Budh-words to extinguish wrongs(十戒), piksu must fulfill A-Budh-words and extinguish 250 avertible wrongs(比丘戒), bhiksuni must fulfill A-Budh-words and extinguish 500 avertible wrongs(比丘尼戒), bodhisattva shall fulfill A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrongs(菩薩戒), …..etc. Today the elder buddhimate(師兄) referred to many other A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong. Do which belong to great conveying or the immediacy-teaching to do greatity conveyity(頓教大乘) ? ”.

  In fact, you can only keep yours when you keep loose on others. Your most familiar old songs are always popular, right?


  Every mind does not make any wrong notion(諸惡莫作); all of minds with respect to make good(眾善奉行)identity can carry one’s volition with one’s lustrating(自淨其意)Accordance mind after mind is every A-Budh education(是諸佛教).







  To fulfill The Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience(實行妙法蓮華經), peacefulness-happiness circulation conduct(安樂行品)Priority fourteen’s Experience report(第十四的經文), ‘Bodhisattva to treat sravak person(聲聞人) should not mention whose true name to speak of whose fault or evil, and should not mention whose true name to praise whose fineness .’. So to use substitutive name to advise the piksu of destroying the A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong(以代替名勸破戒比丘) who does not destroy dharma, buddhi-rule, A-Budh-words, extinguish-wrong(不要毀佛法戒律). 


  One day, at lunch time, I went to the opposite snack bar for a plate of chow mein. Waiting for a while, chow mein was ready. When having it, I watched noon news on TV, all negative news on depression, quarrels or fights.

  Beside me were sitting several pupils. Watching news on TV, one of them said, “Owing to bad temper, people will quarrel with each other.” Another said, “Wrong concepts lead to conflicts.” The third one said, “With little tolerance or courtesy, people quarrel easily.”

  When another two customers came in. I recognized that they are foreign missionaries preaching from door to door recently. Insight into some missionaries are keen. One of them recognized me, too. Sitting by a table beside me, they waved at me and asked, “Do you still extol A-Budh’s Experience and sit cross-legged for two hours every day?”. “Great!”.

  I also said to them, “There are many Christians in Taiwan. Which church are you from? You are also really working very hard.” They replied with one accord, “… séance, not Christianity.” Then one of them asked me, “Which upward behavior do you belong to?” Explaining several times to them, while I cannot pronounce accurately and they cannot understand it. So I handed them my name card. They followed me reciting, “A-Budh office, Touch-Nil Threshold(齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching(齋教), Lόng-Magnificence, Lin-Jii Purport, Buddhism”. “Why do you put them in such an order? Is there any special meaning in it?”

  Foreigners are practical and they are often curious about special situations, further asking about them or carefully doing research on them. I know about it, so I replied in a cautious way, “That is one of inspired ways of Nature-action method in Nature-action clan of Buddhism, sometimes being called Nature0action operation, or being called creating suspense, that is, inspiring the opponent to get to the bottom of the truth, and then learn about Buddhist dharma law and at last voluntary believe and fulfill dharma law.”

  Nil-attainment respectfully to transcribe The Long A-Hū Experience(長阿含經,大正版大藏經Da-Jenq edition, The Greatness-depository Experience), part of The Tour-behavior Experience(遊行經的部份經文), ‘ Anan sought logic and said to A-Budh, “Why Nature-action is named support(齋何名供養)? ”.’. A-Budh said, ‘ To learn and to receive dharma, and then to fulfill dharma law, the awakement-magnificence is the support(受法而能行,覺華而為供).The purplish gold flowers are as big as wheel that it is not offering or support scattering all flowers to A-Budh(紫金華如輪,散華未為供). To utilize undertones-company-inlets to arrive at Nil-id is named the one-support(陰界入無我,乃名第一供).’.

  One of the missionaries asked, “touch-Nil stands for dharma law the one support. What does come after that?”

  Seeing them so curious, I know the opportunity training in Nature-action clan comes, so I said,

  “ The Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience, Experience reported, ‘The method to teach bodhisattva that they are protected and remembered by A-Budh(妙法蓮華經,經文的教菩薩法,佛所護念).’.”.

  Nil-attainment respectfully to transcribe The Lotus Flower Solemnizing Experience(華嚴經),constancy seventy eight(78), part of Experience, ‘ At that time, Maitreya bodhisattva great sattva(彌勒菩薩摩訶薩) at Nature in congruence praise many nirva-effects of the good-depository pureness-doer(歎善財童子種種功德) who enlightened Nil-quota uncountable hundred thousand living-beingto issue buddhi mind and they issued(令無量百千眾生.發菩提心已).

  Told good-depository, ‘Good behavior, good behavior! The charitable man, thou were for the sake of the plentiful profit to all one-seriation the outer worlds(為饒益一切世間).Thou were for the sake of relief and protection to all one-seriation living-beings(為救護一切眾生). Thou were for the sake of diligence and study all one-seriation dharma law and then issued A-nuttara-samuak-sambodhi mind.

  The charitable man, thou had good-profit and thou are easy to decide to be born with the human body(善得人身), thou profitably utilizes life time, thou are good with excellent decision to go to the period of Nature-Accordance preaching(汝善值如來出現), thou are good at seeing The Manjussri Great goodity-leader(大善知識);

  Thine body is a good implement which is moistened and polished by all good-bases(汝身是善器,為諸善根之所潤澤); thou are patronized and supported by white law; the mind arrive at lustrating to treat belongings, purpose, understanding, want(所有解欲悉已清淨); to be protected and remembered jointly by all A-Budhs; to be preached and recognized jointly by good-friends(已為善友共所攝受); why ?

  The charitable man, buddhi mind is like the seed that it can produce one-seriation Buddha and all A-Budhs and all dharma law and it can be recurred(菩提心者,猶如種子,能生一切諸佛法故); buddhi mind is like the fertile field that the white lustrating law of living-being grow from it and it can be recurred(菩提心者,猶如良田,能長眾生白淨法故); buddhi mind is like the mainland that it can support one-seriation-the outer world and all the outer worlds and it can be recurrently; buddhi mind is like the clean water that it can rinse one-serial worry-addiction away(洗一切煩惱) and it can be recurred(); buddhi mind is like strong wind that it can go with Nil-hinder throughout all the outer worlds and it can be recurred(普於世間無所礙故); buddhi mind is like the big fire that it can burn all view’s woods and it can be recurred; buddhi mind is like pure sun that it can illumine all the world(菩提心者,猶如淨日) and it can be recurred; buddhi mind is like the full moon that it has the full of perfection in the white lustrating law(猶如盛月,諸白淨法悉圓滿)and it can be recurred; buddhi mind is like the bright light that it can send out all kinds of law brightness(能放種種法光明) and it can be recurred; buddhi mind is like the pure eyes that person with buddhi mind can completely see one-seriation-peacefulness-place and one-serial dangers-places(普見一切安危處) and it can be recurred;buddhi mind is like the main road that it can lead persons to the great wisdom city and it can be recurred; buddhi mind is like the right relief(正濟) that it can lead doer far away from all wrong laws and it can be recurred; buddhi mind is like the big bus or train that it can drive all bodhisattvas(菩提心者,猶如大車) and it can be recurred; buddhi mind is like door that it leads and shows one-seriation-bodhisattva behavior and it can be recurred(菩提心者,猶如門戶,開示一切菩薩行故).’.

  Hearing and hearing, when the foreigners thought of something, asking, “Sometimes in the funeral, we could see pictures describing bitterness in the hell. What’s the matter?” While I asked them, “You also said that whoever does evil will go to hell. What if you Christians go against God, what the result is ? ”.

  These two foreigners replied straightforward, “Leave those take no faith in it where they are. No need to go against God. What if someone goes against Buddha Sakyamuni and does not fulfill buddhi-rules and A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong? Will he go to hell?”.

  This is so serious a question.

  So, Nil-attainment respectfully to transcribe part of Experience from A-Budh preaches action-rewards-difference Experience(無所得恭鈔佛說業報差別經之部份經文), ‘Next, they are ten actions which can urge living-being to the rewards of hell, number one is the body to do heavy evil action(身行重惡業), number two is the mouth to do heavy evil action, number three is the mind to do heavy evil action;.’.

  The foreigners could not understand it and asked, “What are heavy evil actions ? ” I replied, “For example, The persona whose body to depart from home attended a ritual to become a piksu who must fulfill A-Budh-words and extinguish 250 avertible wrongs(身體出家者受了比丘戒), and then who made one of five treachery guilt(犯了五逆罪) or guilt in the vilification to Buddha or Budh(犯謗佛罪) or guilt in the vilification to logic(犯謗法罪) or guilt in the slander to sangha-buddhism(犯謗僧罪) or guilt in homicide(犯殺人罪) or heavy guilt in the oral abuse(犯嚴重惡口罪), or heavy guilt in the disturbing mouth of gossip or sophistries or instigation etc. (犯嚴重兩舌罪等), or guilt in the theft or robbery(犯偷盜罪)…..etc. these parajika or sanghavasesa(parajika is the guilt in the sangha’s extinguish-wrong breaking as who was beheaded by himself, sanghavasesa is the guilt in the sangha’s extinguish-wrong breaking as who was maimed by himself).”.

  At that time, my younger buddhimate came for lunch, too. Seeing us exchanging ideas on the religion, he took out a magazine of yesterday, saying, “In this magazine, there is an article slandering the three depositories, publishing some temple in some mountain.”

  Seeing him smiling that way, I told him, “It is still good for us to endeavor and fulfill with dharma law. We should preach dharma law all the time.”

  In The Logicty A-Hū Experience(雜阿含經紀載), ‘ Piksu effectuates A-Budh-words(淨戒) and completes extinguish-wrong(持淨戒) or bhiksuni effectuates wide learning and erudition or upasaka(優婆塞) effectuates purification-faith(淨信) or upasika effectuates purification-faith, the above doer is named good-crowds(善眾), whose deed is as sun to brighten oneself and to illumine other. To fulfill the above regularity is a good-fineness-sangha(如則善好僧),’.

  In A-Budh Experience(佛經) or buddhi-rule words about piksu, but in all A-Budh Experiences we can not find the appellation of monk or the appellation of sangha of the body to depart from home(身體出家僧). Ah! Piksu must wear the cloths with color breaking(比丘要著壞色衣) and must carry the alms bowl to beg food for whose livelihood(執持應器,以乞自活) and shall not store up money or matter(不可蓄財物), ..... In the mainland China(中國) and Taiwan, since ming dynasty till now, the formulation piksus sanghas of A-Budh(佛制比丘僧) were seldom seen.

  Yanzai(岩仔) is not the formulation piksu sanghas of A-Budh while he slandered on the formulation upasaka good-fineness-sangha of A-Budh(佛制優婆塞善好僧), as well as the sect, while he planted false evidence in(栽贓) the formulation upasaka good-fineness-sangha of A-Budh, as well as sect(及其宗派), yanzais comportment severely violates Buddhism ethics and belongs to outrage and rebellion(暴行、叛變); the piksu made the guilt in the falseness who is the piksu of destroying the A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong.

  Two foreign missionaries heard it and then said, ‘How could the monkish persona in F-gǔ-shan(罰鼓山) break the A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong formulated by A-Budh(罰鼓山身體出家者怎麼可以破壞佛制戒)? They mutinied against A-Budh Sakyamuni(他們向釋迦牟尼佛唱叛變). If the piksu cannot fulfill A-Budh-words and can not fulfill to extinguish 250 avertible wrongs, he can ask for permission to end his piksu lifeway from A-Budh; then he is not a piksu, he can go home and shall work for a living; so, the monkish persona needn’t do injury both each other(不必自害害人). The monkish persona(身體出家者) is that this piksu is only the body to depart from home, but whose mind lives in the ignorant greedy family).

  Seeing that two foreigners respect Buddhist precepts very much, I continued, “Do you know that in ming Dynasty, piksu shih deqing had had asked for agreement from A-Budh Sakyamuni and sacredist Li Er before he made notes on Tao Te Ching and published it. Or it was very terrible if he made the guilt in the theft or robbery. The motivation-sequence and consequence are terrible if someone makes guilt like parajika or sanghavasesa.”

  My younger buddhimate pointed to some place, “How do you explain about this?”

  I replied, ‘The persona broke whose promise to be observant of prescriptions of A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong(人破所受戒), then if who made heavy evil action(造重惡業), shall go to hell, it is the knowables that who could only suffer and cry in the hell and could not stay outside the gate of the hell to chant eulogy Buddhism.’.

  So, those persons stand at the outside of gate of the hell, do those persons represent to fulfill A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong(持戒), endeavor in buddhi(精進), sangha knowing to fulfill buddhi road(得道) or Taoist knowing to fulfill Tao(得道)? Do those persons are just like visitors waiting before the outside of the gate of the hell and wait to do the wide preaching to the crying living-being in the hell? Do those persons are just like visitors waiting before the outside of the gate of the hell and wait to see their criminal relatives?

  It is not necessary for Yanzai destructive piksu to take the works by other sects as our works, Touch-Nil Threshold, Touch-Nil Teaching, Lόng-Magnificence Sect, Buddhism. It is not necessary for Yanzai destructive piksu to take the praises on piksu or bhiksuni as slanders going against them.

  At that time, my younger buddhimate asked again, “How about these sentences?”

  ‘ Younger buddhimate(師弟) ! Have you read The Learned Clear-headed Infant prodigy Experience(儒童經) ? In its Chinese name, there is a character named “Rú” in it; in the Experience, there are also names like all “Rú”and every . What is the meaning of “Rú” ? Does “Rú” represent the true law listener(聽正法者) ?In A-Budh Experience, there are shyh, dawroad, rútrue law or true law listener, wú ju無極 the perpetuation-wisdom-logic, san tzuen三尊three respectable typifications, shian ascetic, shèngholy, wú wéi無為Nil-making, rén benevolence, yìrighteousness, etc., these are common words used from ancient times. Touch-Nil Threshold(齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching(齋教), Lόng-Huá Sect (龍華派), Ln-Jii Purport(臨濟宗), Buddhism has always cited those words from A-Budh Experiences(使用佛經經文內的名詞),while we are slandered to steal some words or sentences from Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism().’.

  Those two foreign missionaries heard and asked, “Is Yanzai scolding translators of A-Budh Experience?

  Is he rooting out whoever is loyal to A-Budh Sakyamuni?”

  The younger buddhimate asked again, ‘What is road to vanquish the house of a fire(什麼是道降火宅) ? ’.

  I replied, ‘I really don’t know where piksu yanzai’s words come from? From this sentence, in terms of A-Budh dharma law, it is maybe from The Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience(妙法蓮華經), the pra-paramita great road can vanquish the house fire of worry in three kinds of districts(般若波羅蜜大道能降伏三界煩惱火宅) that surely anyone of the sangha-depository of four crowds. Buddhism(佛教四眾僧寶) can achieve it. It seems unnecessary for the destructive piksu yanzai(破戒比丘岩仔) who purposely slandered the advice sentence of fulfilling good law into the road only comes to sangha upasaka or upasika(道降在家)” ; the destructive piksu yanzai unnecessarily made slander that road does not come to sangha piksu or bhiksuni(謗為道不降僧尼).

  The foreign missionaries went on asking, “How long have they been slandering? Who had bad luck most?”

  I told them clearly, “Those articles slandering the Three depositories have been publishing for thirty years. They claimed that they have issued more than 100,000 copies. Who suffered most? Of course Yanzai himself. Then come those followers, and then those bookstores selling articles slandering the Three depositories.”

  The foreign missionaries asked once again, “Are you angry with it?”

  I replied, “We still live at ease. Because we fulfill in conformation with dharma law, we live a relaxed life with patience and endeavor.”

  After lunch, I had a cup of tea, and told my younger buddhimate, “Write articles to preach dharma law and let those doer of good who seek kindness be access to more references. We ourselves can also exhibit ourselves fully, making the public understand? More about Touch-Nil Threshold Touch-Nil Teaching, Lόng-Magnificence Sect Lin-Jii Purport Buddhism.”

  Think of one poemity() in the A-Budh Experience(佛經), ‘If the time went through thousand hundred wavejackings(假使百千劫), but the action made by person is not extinguished(所作業不亡), when motivation and sake are gathered(因緣會遇時), the person shall suffer from one’s own sequential result and rewards(果報還自受).’.



Brief Introduction



  As long as one has the mouth, normal vocal cord, normal mind, then one can express the thoughts in language to others. So communication is very important; there are also skills in talks. Besides oral language, there are also gestures, characters, patterns, music, etc. All are the modes of the communication.

  One day in a fuggy summer, there are a lot of mosquitoes with special ferocity. I had to turn on the electric fan to drive them. Dengue fever is very terrible.

  Then I heard my younger buddhimate saying, “We humans speak in languages, the light-sound heavens communicate via light waves, and how do mosquitoes communicate with each other?”

  Just finishing, younger buddhimate said again, ‘Doing twisted vines again. Why talk about mosquitoes?’.

  In the A-Budh office(在佛堂中), we should be more careful to learn-think-actualize the three homings(聞思修三自歸), three Natureizings(三自皈), dharma law, behavior in buddhi-uses(念佛), and should talk very carefully. I asked them. ‘How about telling you a story on mosquitoes?’.

  They feel very curious and want to hear about it.

  Then I told them, ‘One day several years ago, the A-Budh’s assistant Shin-Ming-Lai was doing the night buddhi lesson in the A-Budh office(新明來祖師在佛堂做晚課), chanting The A-Budh Preaches Amita Experience(佛說阿彌陀經) and The Eighty Eight A-Budhs Magnificent Name Depository and Penitence(八十八佛洪名寶懺). Soon someone rang the bell, the threshold style of the Nature-action clan(禪宗門風) points at eight o’clock in the morning to open the mountain gate of A-Budh office, and then at five o’clock in the evening to close the mountain gate of A-Budh office, to do awakement-profit both each other, so the A-Budh’s assistant went on reciting A-Budh Experience(繼續誦佛經), to allow the ring from birth to extinction by ones.’.

  After recites the night buddhi lesson, he fulfills the Direction-west-coordinates-etiquette to see those out, and then finished the whole process.

  The bell was still ringing, so he walked to the front yard and saw who was ringing so hard. One outward person was standing before the mountain gate.

  Then the piksu made salutation with the two palms together, saying, “I want to visit the Experience preacher Shin-Ming-Lai.”

  The A-Budh’s assistant said, “I am.”.

  The piksu said, “I have heard that you’ve achieved very high upward behavior. I want to ask for help from you.”.

  The A-Budh’s assistant said(祖師說), ‘All A-Budh successors are relied on giving relief and succor by A-Budh. I have gained nothing but just some praises you have heard.’.

  The piksu said, “I have begged many monkish masters while I still could not solve my problems. So I hurried to see you. I always went to Guandu Palace to do alms giving with food and the etiquette of special ferrytion method. Recently, I wondered why I always feel a gang of mosquitoes were pricking me from the evening. When I sleep, I had to wear thicker clothes, use a mosquito net with two layers. At the same time, I had to turn up the electric fan fiercely. If not, I would feel being pricked so hard that I could not sleep at all.

  The A-Budh’s assistant was very serious and perseverant with his upward behavior. In usual time, he sometimes made jokes, very humorous and easy-going. While he was very cautious when doing buddhi-lesson or preaching dharma law. He always observed the status and thoughts of other people and would react according to it. Given that he is a piksu, very good and showing respect to good-fineness-sangha, like upasakas, would he like to do the etiquette of giving method on July 15th of Lunar Calendar?

  Then the piksu said again, ‘If you could help me, after returning to normal, I would tell the firm believer of my temple who can come to Baό-An A-Budh office to rely on A-Budh and to do Natureizing(歸依佛和皈依), who can become your student.’.

  The A-Budh’s assistant heard what piksu shi-mŏu-mŏu said, silent for a while, and just told him the first step, “Now in the Buddha office recite The Great Charity Dharani seven times.”

  Piksu shi-mŏu-mŏu at once recited The Great Charity Dharani seven times and then asked the A-Budh’s assistant “What is the next?”

  The A-Budh’s assistant knew the second step of the sting relief but while it was not yet the right time, so he replied, “Just this is OK at present.”

  The next evening, the A-Budh’s assistant received a call, and Piksu shi-mŏu-mŏu told him, “There are still mosquitoes pricking me.”


  The A-Budh’s assistant kept silent and that person hung up. There was a God in charge of mosquitoes. On July 15th, when doing the meeting of dharma preaching of giving, Piksu shi-mŏu-mŏu should beg this God drive the mosquitoes away to where they should be, but this was quite difficult.

  Talking about the matters, then I thought of those piksus who even don’t know that the tenth reverting bodhisattva of the family life can become the gold-wheel king(在家的十向菩薩成為金輪王) and the revolving-wheels-sacred king is the perpetuation-body class two Nature-home-bodhisattva(轉輪聖王是二地的在家菩薩) and the Emperor of Tusita Heaven is the perpetuation-body class five Nature-home-bodhisattva(兜率天帝是五地在家菩薩), etc. The upward behavior of those piksus did not arrive at the perpetuation-body class one bodhisattva yet, those piksus saw the perpetuation-body class bodhisattva, but they don’t respect the perpetuation-body class bodhisattva; with such an attitude, their three asankhya wavejackings(innumberable wavejackings) are really very longer.

  Several months have passed. In lunar calendar, it was from September 15th to September 19th. The Buddha office held the meeting of dharma preaching of Audio-visuality Nature home-Bodhisattva, reciting The King Liáng Treasure Penitence.

  On the night of September 15th of the lunar calendar, The A-Budh’s assistant went to sleep while he felt pricked by a mosquito. Then he knew that mosquitoes asked the A-Budh’s assistant to ease them. The A-Budh’s assistant thought, “Tomorrow morning I will request…instruct Buddha-bodhisattva for the answer.”

  Later the A-Budh’s assistant told me: At that time that gang of souls of mosquitoes thanked the A-Budh’s assistant very much and then left happily. They seemed unwilling to leave him.

  After requesting Buddha-bodhisattva to instruct, he wrote on the platform of the ease-place memorial tablet the names of the ease-recipient, “Soul mosquitoes.”.

  Talking is a kind of communication. Our the A-Budh’s assistants always talked with some reservation or just kept silent, so we have had no reactions to the scolding since Lng-Magnificence Sect was found more than 540 years ago.

  To preach dharma law, sometimes we should respectfully narrate A-Budh Experience and buddhi-rule for people to learn about them. “Entertain both each other to seek progress.”

  If you think the words are not so native, we can write it like this, “Leak both each other’s gas to seek progress.”

  To be more elegant, we can also “Encourage both each other to seek progress.”

Dharma law popularity between person and person, Happy Nature-action life.


October 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2546 (Western Calendar 2002)

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