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August 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2546 (Western Calendar 2002)


A-Budh’s Experience and Buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines are the standards.


With respect to effectuate A-Budh Experience and buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines.

To disseminate to effectuate buddhi-prescriptions, samādhi, buddhi wisdom.

To praise to rend towards the only perpetuation conveying.



To issue buddhi mind wave-life after wave-life.

Diligently to effectuate the part of Experience (Da-Jenq edition, Greatness-depository Experience), Constancy four(卷第四), The Great Conveyity Nature-birth Heartland Visuality Experience(大乘本生心地觀經),

‘A-Budh effectuates great charity, can do one by times. In the city of vaisali, A-Budh preached the deep meaning to Nil-addiction-commendation(無垢稱), “You, Nil-addiction-commendation, know that the lustrating mind is the good-action root and the wrong mind is the wickedness-action root. The mind effectuates lustrating, the universe will be lustrating. If the mind mixes filth, the universe shall be filth. Identity, A-Budh, dharma, middle way are that also the mind is the leader(我佛法中以心為主); one-seriation-all laws, to fulfill Nil and No-wayward mind(一切諸法,無.不由心). You are in family and Nature-Home(汝今在家)now, you can produce the great felicity and virtue, have treasures and necklace of precious stones with Nil and No-repletion(無不充足), personal and dependents of men or women are sheltered and happy, have the achievements of Right-experience(成就正見); you do not defame three depositories, effectuate the filial duty to form one’s mind to revere parents, you effectuate great charity making giving to alone, and even not to use wrong mind to hurt mole cricket or frog or ant. You lastingly fulfill patience to be a clothes, fulfill charity to be a room, revere the person of virtue; the mind without arrogance and without egotism, to pity living-beings as a newborn baby, not to covet wealth or benefit; lastingly to effectuate the infinite heart of jubilation and the infinite heart of giving, to do supply to three depositories and the mind without tired and without-satisfaction, to deliver a preaching and then not to covet body while without-stinginess and without-cherishing.

You fulfill Nature and Congruence and wear the white clothes, although do not leave family as a piksu, but you fulfill Nil-quota(無量) Nil-side(無邊)nirva-effect(功德); you at future wave-life(未來世) are that the conduct of only perpetuation conveying arrives at perfection and full(萬行圓滿), exceed three districts and then you can natureify Greatness-buddhi(超過三界,證大菩提). You effectuate the upward mind which is the mind of the true sraman(真沙門) and Brahman, in accordance with true piksu, in accordance with true off-home(是真出家), such a doer in Nature-congruence is named In Nature-Home with Off-Home(名為在家出家).”.’.

The Veneration of the World(世尊), One by times, at Karanda bamboo-grove office, preached the teaching and buddhi-prescription for the wickedness-uses’ six groups of piksus, said, ‘Ye Piksus! To listen attentively! To listen attentively! Faith is the root and base if you want to be an A-Budh or want to enter dharma ocean, you can effectuate A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong as a ship or raft if you want to ferry the birth-death river. If there is a persona who left family to become a piksu(若人出家), but who can not protect whose mind to effectuate the prohibition and buddhi-prescription(不護禁戒), and covets the worldly happiness or holds it, who destroys one’s buddhi-uses and buddhi-prescription and one’s three depositories(毀佛戒寶); or who had lost the right experience(或失正見), has entered the forest of evil experience and then seducing limitless people into the great deep pit, such above piksu can not be called off-home(不名出家), not a sraman, not a Brahman, whose dressing and spruceness seems like sraman while whose mind always lives in family, such above sraman does not have the far away behavior(無遠離行).

There are two kinds of the far away from ignorant behavior, one is far away from whose desire body (身遠離), two is far away from whose the id mind (心遠離). What is the far away from whose desire body? If there is a person who left family, is staying in the unconstrained place (身處空閑), who does not follow desire and mood, the behavior is named the far away from desire body; if there is a person who left family, effectuates the lustrating mind, who does not follow desire and mood, the behavior is named the far away from the id mind.
Although the physical body of the piksu left family to become an outward person (身雖出家), but whose mind covets desire or mood, such above persona does not called far away from ignorance. If the pure male believer or pure female believer lives at village or town that who issues the Nil-up mind (發無上心), is at great charity to do awakement and profit both each other, such above doer in Nature and Congruence to do the upward behavior is named the true far away from ignorance.’. Therefore the wickedness-uses’ six groups of piksus heard dharma voiced by A-Budh (聞是法音), and then they arrived at the patience in dharma law (柔順忍).


Distorting Mirror

Depend on Nature law and don’t depend on person


  On 5th July, AD 2002, a scene reported on TV and in the newspapers which made people feel extremely helpless was that the left hand of a piksu(the outward person), who is in monks’ garments and has a clean-shaven head, was manacled and connected with a stainless steel tube in Interrogation Room in the police office. The piksu’s name is Master-Iń, who had left home and become a piksu(the outward person) from AD 1992 to 1994. During these three years, he was convicted of indecent assault due to rape, and had been sentenced for 15 years. Therefore, he was expelled from Buddhism. Together with piksu piàn whose name is g, he set up some religious congregation in New Taipei City this time. But the male monk probably raped female believers, so he was accused by aggrieved persons”, ending up appearing in the newspapers again. (The reporter is with a feeling for justice, as he talked about things which Buddhists dare not to speak of.)

  According to the newspaper,the monk acts like a gentleman when he guides the believers to worship A-Budh, and he even asks bhiksuni to be present when all believers are women. But this time, he did this evil thing with the excuse of erasing calamities and avoiding bad fortunes as well as Tantric sex as the pretext. Afterwards, he wanted to offer NT$50,000 to hush up the scandal, but was refused by the victim.

  Why do such unfortunate events happen again and again, particularly among several kinds of religions? For instance, some abbots in Catholic raped a maiden believer last month, and then Catholics had a public discussion on the topic of “Can Criminals be Abbots?” Some master of Christianism raped three female believers the other day, among whom one is under 14 years old. After these events are reported in newspapers and known by everyone, then probably people begin to be vigilant. Nevertheless, how can we prevent more people from becoming the victims?

  Buddhism has wide-ranging preaching ways which followers and believers must practice so as to pursue good fortune but avoid disasters. For example, they must  follow the teacher who is A-Budh-words and extinguish(以戒為師)expostulating themselves to be kind, as to be kind means to erase calamities and avoid bad fortunes.

  A-Budh Sakyamuni exhorts Buddhists todepend on Nature law and not to depend on person. Did some people fall victims to several piksus due to their worship for these piksus(the outward persons) who leave home physically? Or were they eaten by these wolves in sheep’s clothing due to their serious weaknesses resulting from their getting lost owing to illnesses or loss of property?

  There are prisons in each country, and it is impossible that everyone on the earth is a well-doer. Therefore, what we can do is praying for ourselves, and depend on dharma, but do not depend on person.

  In the period of preaching by A-Budh Sakymuni, there were hundreds of piksus and bhiksunis breaking A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong, they hurt others. Nowadays is the final period of dharma preaching, there may be a lot more buddhi prescription-breaker, while I also believe that those joying to do good are numerous, there are good doers, there are the speakers who call living being to go to good, nature, to do far away from evil and dangers. And all those to do good have a concepts, that is, wishing a better life for everyone.


Cups of Comments

That Good


  Free publication is a kind of newspaper or magazine given to readers freely, monthly or quarterly, semiyearly or annual, which is about Buddhism, Taoism or social medical service.

  We do good deeds together, and the more we do, the more peaceful and harmonious our society will be, which will be very pleasant.

  But after the long publication, there would be just the old writers or those writing magazine articles, and also there are few events worth reporting, such as A-Budh’s Birth Day, The meeting of dharma preaching and giving for the confluences of land and water and air, Bow as a Group on New Year

  A-Budh said Nil-raising and that all would be born and die. If publications are kept for a long time, some writers become old, some others stop writing, so it will not be easy to keep the excellent level of publications. Is this the reason some publications solicit contributions? And some publications just give simple reports to alms giving, festivals and the photos, which certainly proves an old saying, “It is difficult to open a shop but more difficult to keep it always open”.

  Is modern industrial and commercial society the cause of people’s busy life? Or is that because dharma is originally too abstruse and vast? Often there is someone who can’t understand sutras in publications, so he asks several fellow devotees, but they explain them differently. Finally he is still in a fog, and even dare not to ask others again.

  Just as that day, a younger buddhimate(師弟) read an article on Bao-hua magazine, but couldn’t understand it, so he raised his question. This circumstance also happened on some other people, including a foreigner. The foreigner read from bao-hua magazine and recited, ‘The Greatness-Gathering Experience record(大集經記載), “All living-beings with purpose(所有眾生)should deeply believe in A-Budh and dharma and sangha Buddhism in present wave-life and future wave-lives(現在及未來世); thus those confluences will often receive the superior wonderful result and rewards if they are born in the human-being or heaven(彼諸眾生生於人天中,常得受於勝妙果報)if there are some doers who fulfill Nature-congruence and then to do support(如是乃至供養)to some persons who are at Identity to fulfill off-Home(依我出家者), or at Identity to leave family to do No-reception and buddhi-prescription(或依我出家、不受、戒者), the doer to support the congruence person above can arrive at Nirva-effect(供養是人亦得功德)and then can arrive at the Nil-dread walled city(乃至入無畏城).”.Because of the congruence sake and reason(以是緣故), I at Nature-congruence say, “If there is a persona who depends on me to leave family to became a piksu, but who does not effect prohibition or the A-Budh-words or extinguish-wrong(卻不持禁戒), only to shave whose beard and to have a haircut, on a cassock cloth; although the persona’s doing is as above, if a man effects illegality to annoy or to hurt the persona as above that the comportment of the man has abandoned one's three wave-live’s all seriate Buddhas(破壞三世諸 佛) and one's perpetuation-body(法身) and the wisdom-body(報身) and the fulfillment of the wisdom-body(化身) then man will get the sequence of three evil bypaths.”.’.

  Then the foreigner said, “Does it encourage and support those who don’t keep buddhi-prescription and act evil? A-Budh preaches the wisdom to ferry but I can’t understand the meaning of the Experience.”

  The foreigner expressed very reservedly that superstition, hypocrite and blind following are triplets. Those personas do not understand the only one meaning law(了義法) in A-Budh’s Experiences, they follow others to worship the buddhi prescription-breakers or to bend knees, they are easily laughed at as blind followers by foreigner; while those personas saw the prescription-breaker outward persona(破戒出家人,the prescription-breaker piksu) who makes the comportment in the oral abuse(惡口) or the comportment in the wrong sex act(邪淫) or the comportment to slander Buddha, dharma, sangha, ….but dare not to tell their buddhimates, so the other buddhimates fall into the thickets of the evil experiences,(讓同修誤入邪見林), those personas are usually regarded as hypocrite by foreigners. If the person does not understand the only one meaning law, then he could tell nothing if a foreigner asks him about it.

  Some foreigners have the habit of getting to the root of the matters, just like that they like doing researches on archaeology or fundamental physics. And when they get the answer of “I don’t know” many times, the word “superstition” becomes somewhat worth pondering over.

  What behavior can be named sangha? The Logicty A-Hū  Experience gives a very clear and explicit record about this, ‘Piksu effectuates A-Budh-words(比丘持淨戒) and extinguish-wrong(比丘持淨戒), bhiksuni effectuates wide learning and erudition, upasaka effectuates purification-faith(淨信), upasika effectuates Purification-faith’, anyone of above doers is named good-fineness-sangha. That identity natureize budh(自皈依佛) and to buddhiize dharma law(自皈依法) and to buddhiize sangha Buddhism(自皈依僧) are named three natureizings(三自皈) that they are indicated in The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana Experience(大般涅槃經), The Inside-Outward-Bodhisattva Extinguish-wrong Experience(在家出家菩薩戒經) and many Great Conveying Experiences(大乘經) Typifications.

  The Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People(天人師) has never asked any person doing to seek logic except one’s mind and then to do natureizing(皈依) or to do trend()or to do revertment(歸依). If we do a sober analysis, how many persons are the true sanghas fulfilling the three depositories of one’s mind among million of Buddhists?

  That there is only the person fulfills three depositories of one’s mind who is the A-Budh’s true successor and can usually arrive at the superior exquisite result and recurrence to do. Because the person fulfills the three depositories of one’s mind, so who can know the buddhi’s wisdom result(菩提智果) and the nirva’s severance result(涅槃斷果), and have the power to extinguish guilt(滅罪) and exterminate error(消愆), and who can arrives at peace and happiness of present life.

  It is recorded in The Tour-behavior Experience of The Long A-Hū Experience(長阿含經的遊行經) that the mind fulfills dharma and while the mind arrives Nil-id(無我) which the above good behavior is named the one-support(第一供).

  In the Experiences of great conveying recorded that there are the Nil-up support(無上供), the upper support(最上供), etc. So it is obvious that to fulfill the three natureizings buddhi-prescriptions(三皈戒 it is recorded in The Upasaka Extinguish-wrong Experience 優婆塞戒經and the Experiences of the great conveying) to do awakement-profit both each other is the upper support, because food and clothing can only help receiver solve subsistence problem for several days or one life, but the giving of dharma enables receiver to arrive at great enjoy and the happiness of heaven or human being in the present wave-life and the future wave-lives.

  The upasaka says one’s budh or dharma to the outward person(piksu, bhiksuni) that while the outward person is receiving the giving of dharma by upasaka. Nil-attainment to transcribe the part of Experience in The Logicty A-Hū Experience(No.1193, Logicty 雜阿含經, Da-Jeng 大正版,Greatness-depository Experience 大藏經) ──......While, The Great Purification-Heaven King(大梵天王) of the saha(unendurable) world’s leader(娑婆世界主) went to the abode of A-Budh, kowtowed, to revere A-Budh’s feet, then drew back and sat at one side, said to A-Budh, ‘The Veneration of the World (世尊)! I diligently come to A-Budh’s abode daily, I have an audience with A-Budh personally and do the support(親覲供養). While this time I thought that it is too early for me to visit The Veneration of the World today when The Veneration of the World is in the fire samadhi. So I first went to the room of piksu kokālika(瞿迦梨比丘) who is the partner of Devadatta(提婆達多). Then I came to the outside of room and slowly knocking at the door, saying, “kokālika! Kokālika! You should have pure faith like the sage-good-wisdom doer like Saripu or Maudgala. You do not stay in the long night to get affliction and unpromising pain.” Kokalika asked, “Who are you?”. I answered, “I am The Purification-Heaven King of the Saha(unendurable) world’s leader”. Kokalika said, “The Veneration of the World did not foresay that you can arrive at Ona(阿那含 anaga)?”. I instantly answered the words, “Nature, congruence.”. Kokalika said again, “Why did you come?”. I thought, “He cannot be cured”. And then I said the poemity(), “There is an unreasonable place and there is a persona that whose mind with desire or consultation or utilization to use it, to treat the unreasonable place with desire or utilization is called the worldly worker in undertones lid(陰蓋凡夫).”.’.

  A-Budh said to The Purification King, “Nature, Congruence. Nature, Congruence. The Purification King! Whose mind with desire or utilization to use the unreasonable place, where can you find out that the wisdom doer produce the false thought? To treat the unreasonable place with desire or utilization is called the worldly worker in undertones lid.”. After A-Budh finished the Experience, The Purification-Heaven King of the saha(unendurable) world’s leader heard A-Budh’s Preaching, was very happy, standing from the seat, revering A-Budh and then disappearing.

  After the foreigner who lives in Tianmu, Taipei read the part of The Logicty A-Hū Experience, he said, ‘Words and expressions used in this part of Experience are relatively simple and direct, which make person easier to understand; and this is The Experience in which the family person(在家人)gave advice and comment on outward person(出家人 piksu)who is the worldly worker in undertones lid and who physically leave whose family but don’t effectuate dharma, and your A-Budh praised this Experience; from this Experience, we can understand that someone may be unreliable, and we must comprehend the meaning between the lines and noun.’.

  On hearing the outsider talking like this, I nearly blurt out, ‘There are many persons who ask A-Budh’s help or teaching and who even know no more than you do. Some of them give strong support to say that their prescription-breaking piksus are the big(力挺破戒比丘最大), if their prescription-breaking piksu is like the frequent closed-minded King Devadatta(提婆勤死皇) but some of them forbid anyone to speak of the matter of prescription-breaking.’.

  We kept on our chit chat and talking our inherence territory. The foreign missionary asked, ‘What is the meaning of nirva-effect(功德) in the Experiences? I often hear about doing nirva-effect to recite Experience or merit hall in funerals?’.

  Hearing of his asking, I think of that Nil-living(無住) mind after mind and then lastingly seeing lustrating one’s instinct to fulfill six ferrytions then the nirva good-result is named nirva-effect. Given another thought, just now the foreign missionary was asking about the fastest and safest way to go from Tianmou to Taipei Railway and to go from inherence-Pra mother to platform-north. Therefore, I answered, ‘That the person does not understand one’s instinct is a persona lacking confidence in oneself.’, was implying that he ask for the dharma except one’s mind is a slow and unsafe bypath, but the foreigner couldn’t understand it. And even if I expound ‘Nil-living, constantity(), lustrating(清淨), six ferrytions(六度), nirva(涅槃), good-result(善報), No-greed(不貪), No-affection(不愛),’ to him now, I am sure he cannot understand it, either. Therefore, I told him, ‘To fulfill Buddha, dharma, the three to buddhiize A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong(三皈戒), six ferrytions(六度) and then No-greed-love continuously fulfills it.’.

  The foreigner heard what I said and then spoke happily, ‘Now I can understand it after your words. To fulfill Buddha and dharma and six ferrytions and then No-greed-affection fulfill it continuously.’.

  He understood some of what I said and seemed very happy. The other dharma and buddhi-vow-deed, he can look at himself in the future wave-lives that which wave-life is the beginning, he can follow A-Budh and dharma diligently to fulfill the three to buddhiize A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong(實行三皈戒), six ferrytions(六度) and Buddha deeds(萬行) to do great wide nirva-effect(大作功德), and then at peacefulness to joy in great livening(大樂) to arrive in the Nil-dread city(入無畏城).

  Finally the foreign missionary asked one more question, ‘What can be called “if others utilize the mistaken manner(非法) to bother or hurt the prescription-breaking piksu “?’. I told him, ‘To utillize ignorance is called to utilize the mistaken manner to bother or hurt the prescription-breaking piksu.’ As for The Great Purification Heaven King said that the prescription-breaking piksu is the worldly worker in undertones lid, the words was said by charitable mind from The Great Purification Heaven King, A-Budh Praised Heaven King; such stories appear frequently in the A-Budh’s Experiences, particularly specified in great conveying’s Experiences.

  The foreigner heard of it and understood it, said, ‘Ah! The persona utilized ignorance, he or she made the motivation and shall get the sequences then go to the three kinds of astray bystreets(因果報應會跑三塗). Your A-Budh() told you, you shall effectuate Buddha() and dharma(). And even if you see evil man who shall go to the three kinds of astray bystreets, you keep fulfilling your three depositories of one’s mind(你實行你的自心三寶). If you see evil man but you does not effectuate charity to do ferrytion that the above manner is called “destroying three wave-lives of all seriate Buddhas’ perpetuation-body and the wisdom-body”, and then certainly you shall go to three kinds of astray bystreets, while you shall be very sad about that.’.



Brief Introduction

In Nature Home with Off-Home


  Get up each morning when it is dawn as one knows there are lots of work to do. One feels tired after a whole day’s work, and then he may go to sleep when it is nearly late at night. Time goes swiftly on its way, so three years passes just like in the wink of an eye.

  It is a good thing to be able to go to sleep and get up; as to be able to eat, drink, to do sport are also good things; it is a good thing when any one goes to the good-direction.

  The A-Budh’s Experience reported that upasaka effectuates purification-faith is a good-fineness-sangha. The buddhi-rule reported that then person dress in white clothes(白衣) implements a ceremony to impart and to see her-shang(和尚) or the prescription-breaking piksu(破戒比丘) to do the reception-promise-behavior in buddhi-prescription and then the her-shang and prescription-breaking piksu also get buddhi-prescriptions. A-Budh Sakyamuni was slandered or attacked by hundreds of prescription-breaking piksu who leave home and are the body-monkish persona(身體出家者) when A-Budh preached dharma in India at that time. Now it is the final period of preaching dharma and there may be more evil piksus than in the right period of preaching dharma. So there will also be evil piksu to slander A-Budh, Buddha, dharma and sangha.

  Now the one who slanders Touch-Nil Threshold, Touch-Nil Teaching, Lόng-Magnificence Sect, Lin-Jii Purport, Buddhism most is Bhiksu Yn-zǎi from Nong × Temple, Fa × Mountain. Once yn-zǎi had slandered Christianism and some Christians came for him to argue about that. Yn-zǎi immediately said they are the greatest, which shows he bullies the weak and fears the strong.

  Having been slandered by piksu yn-zǎi for scores of years, touch-Nil classmates(齋友們) sometimes would talk about that. The A-Budh’s assistant Shin-Ming-Lai(新明來祖師) often took something else to compare with it. From metaphor, I thought of A-Budh’s Experience. A-Budh with good conveniently advised piksu Devadatta but those hundreds of evil piksus continuously broke buddhi-prescription all the same, among whom some even made the guilt in a bleeding to Buddha(造出佛身血罪), raped people, killed other……It seems useless to try to convince those to go to good who dare to slander A-Budh, dharma, sangha.

  The A-Budh’s assistant also implied made the metaphor to say, ‘On February 15 to 19 in Lunar Calendar every year, in the period of dharma meeting, The Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience is recited(誦妙法蓮華經). Do you usually respectfully read the Experience? The clever Law Lotus Flower Experience is very thick. I don’t know which chapter the A-Budh’s assistant referred to, whose words are not easily to understand, the A-Budh’s assistant respects to fulfill right speech(正語) and he always talks with some reservation. One day, when I respected to read A-Budh’s Experience, I read that Bodhisattva Constantity with No-despite(常不輕菩薩) greeted the four kinds of sanghas, preaching dharma. Some piksus, bhiksunis, upasakas, upasikas with great authority scolded The Bodhisattva Constantity with No-despite and even threw stones at him. Thus these prescription-breakers frequently followed evil action to go to three kind of astray bystreets met afflictions many wavejacking(). While Bodhisattva Constantity with No-despite became A-Budh Sakyamuni, Those prescription-breakers who hit or scolded him just obediently came to hear A-Budh preaching dharma with respect. Thinking over it, we should fulfill honestly in conformity with dharma and became the Teacher of Devas (heaven) and people(天人師) earlier. Being stable is the best available road. We invite you and all living-beings to believe in A-Budh education(佛教), anyone can effectuate A-Budh wisdom to exceed afflictions.

  As to the prescription-breakers, they themselves went to three kinds of astray bystreets. When they were afraid, and then listened to the dharma obediently, wanted to save themselves, then it would be useful indeed.

  In the usual time, the A-Budh’s assistant(祖師) lived in the A-Budh-office(佛堂)almost every day. Before five o’clock in the morning, he would brush his teeth, clean his body and then worship A-Budh, effect buddhi training(練法). At seven o’clock he had breakfast and then recited Leng-Yan Dharani(楞嚴咒), The Four-conveying-course-instruction(四乘科儀), The Clever law Lotus Flower Experience-The Nature Audio-visuality Bodhisattva’s Popularizing Threshold Morality(妙法蓮華經觀世音菩薩普門品), The Metal-Immortality Pra-Paramita Experience(金剛般若波羅蜜經). At five o’clock in the evening, he would recite The Eighty eight A-Budhs Magnificent Name Depository and Penitence(八十八佛洪名寶懺), The A-Budh Preaches Amita Experience(佛說阿彌陀經). Then find some more time to recite The Clever law Lotus Flower Experience, The Lotus Flower Solemnizing Experience(華嚴經).

  We invite you and living-beings to issue buddhi mind(我們邀請你及眾生們發菩提心). Some A-Budh successors in the A-Budh-office issued buddhi mind(佛堂的佛弟子有些曾發菩提心), persons of them only have a concept that who hope to natureify A-nuttara-samuak-sambodhi in the future wave-life and the Exhaustive Nirva to become The Teacher of Devas (Heaven) and people, A-Budh(), to be the fullness in A-Budh’s ten Appellations(具足佛十號), three brightity-six kinds of communications(三明六通), the four Nil-impediment-argument(四無礙辯), A-Budh’s ten forces(佛十力), eighteen No-common law(十八不共法), .

  After hearing this, the A-Budh’s assistant said, ‘Very good! Very good!’, ‘Register at the school.’, ‘And then?’. If the A-Budh successor(佛弟子) knows to effectuate yonder One method who will be easier to be ○○○ doer of the upward behavior.

  Maybe it was taught by The Buddhi Prescription-Impacting Teacher The Light-Lighting A-Budh(然燈佛授戒師), or The Directive Teacher The Buddhi-Buddhi Nature-Accordance(菩提菩提如來導師), or The Instructive Teacher The Right-law-light Nature-Accordance,

  Three years has passed. Write a poem in memory of the A-Budh’s assistant.

  Newness represents perpetuation-body with Nil-addiction-pollution, brightity-Nature-congruence in the past and at present and in the future; to recur Pra-Paramita dharma-signet, buddhi after buddhi to do awakement-profit both each other lastingly(菩提菩提繼續來).


August 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2546 (Western Calendar 2002)

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Băo-An A-Budh-office, Holy-buddhism Nation Mountain(聖國山), Lόng-flower-A-Budh-education(龍華佛教),

novelty-agreement(新約), touch-Nil threshold(齋門), touch-Nil teaching(齋教), Lόng-Magnificence sect, Lín-Jii purport, Buddhis