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June 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2546 (Western Calendar 2002)


A-Budh’s Experience and Buddhi-rules and A-Budh-doctrines are the standards.

Nil-attainment and Nil-attainment and Nil-attainment to translate the Experience of chinese character from The Logicty A-Hū Experience, the whole of report The(Logicty A-Hū Experience No.873, Da-Jenq edition, Greatness-depository Experience).

Translated by Shin-Ming-Shing (buddhi-name of A-Budh-successor) whose worldly name is Yaw-Nan Su, Baǒ-An A-Budh-office, Holy-Buddhism Nation Mountain(聖國山), Lng-flower-A-Budh-education(龍華佛教), Novelty-agreement(新約), Touch-Nil Threshold(齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching(齋教), Lng-Magnificence Sect, Ln-Jii Purport, Buddhism.

' Nature is identity learning.

One at any time. A-Budh lived at the garden of the Jata-tree Anathapindaka, in the Nation of Sravasti. Nature-Congruence-identity-to perceive and hear The One any time, The Buddha is living in Home-preservation-Nation, where showing the success tree-giving-loner-single garden.

At that time, The Veneration of the World told piksus, ' There are four kinds of the good-fineness-regularity-docility-crowds.

Who are the four kinds of ? The meanings are piksu-regularity-docility, bhiksuni-regularity-docility, upasaka-regularity-docility, upasika-regularity-docility, they are named four crowds.'.

At that time, The Veneration of the World delivered a preaching to say the poemity, " At the time, all the worldly persons of one’s mind respects and arrives in instincts that the mind is preaching and effectuating poemity and is showing as good as one’s words and is speaking on good grounds. To use ability and eloquence and in Nil-dread, to widely learn and understand and fulfill dharma law, to recur in dharma-law-sequencing (法次) and dharma-law-purpose (法向) , the doer of the above way is named good-crowds.

The piksu effectuates A-Budh-words (淨戒) and completes extinguish-wrong (持淨戒) or bhiksuni effectuates wide learning and erudition or upasaka effectuates purification-faith (淨信) or upasika effectuates purification-faith, the above doers are named good-crowds, anyone of the above doers is named good-crowd that whose the above deeds are named good-crowds, whose deed is as the sun to brighten oneself and to illumine others. Nature-the sun-brightness-identity-illumination.

To fulfill the above regularity is a good-fineness-sangha (如則善好僧) , the doer of the ­above regularity can be sangha-middle-fineness (是則僧中好) , recurrence with dharma law leads sangha in fineness, deed in Nature is as the sun to brighten oneself and to illumine others. Nature-the sun-brightness-identity-illumination.".

A-Budh had preached the Experience.

The assiduous piksus learned the preaching said by A-Budh, are joyful and respectful to fulfill ; Buddha-preaching-identity is effectuated by all the persons of requesting method that the method is to perceive the Buddha and home and preaching of one’s mind, deed in accordance with preaching is docility, in Nature to arrive at docility, deed in accordance with preaching to do eloquence, in Nature and congruence to do eloquence, to do gentleness and Nil-dread, to do wide learning and erudition (多聞) , to realize and to buddhiify logic throughout (通達法) , to deliver a preaching, dharma-law-sequencing and dharma-law-purpose and the future conduct in accordance with dharma law by ones (隨順法行) , good-crowds are in Nature to deliver a preaching as Experience.'.


Dharma in Life



  After getting up in the morning, I did some exercise, finished my morning buddhi-lesson and then walked to the park. My cousin saw me and said, “Come on! Let’s play tennis. I’ll drive us there.”

  I smiled, “Enjoy yourself. I will get some vegetables in the market.” While he still wanted me to go with him, I have refused him several times, and this time I was afraid that he might misunderstand whether I was looking down upon him. So I said, “I am in my fifties and getting older. My bones and ligaments are not strong enough to support my weight and the effort brought by energetic exercise. You are only around 40 and can play tennis, while at my age, I have little choice but to take a walk, and do some exercise just to maintain my health. ”

  My cousin repeated, “Take a walk, and do some exercise?” To people outside the world of old age, it is another world entirely. When getting older, one’s bones become fragile or can even be broken if they lack calcium, the ligaments are easily broken, heart veins are also easily broken and bleed if they are less elastic, and it is easy to become puffed, tired, dizzy, and hard to recover full strength… Therefore I can only have short walks, clean the floor, wipe desks and chairs, buy vegetables and do other relaxed work, doing some exercise or walking two kilometers every day, etc. I feel getting older is really challenging; however, I can do nothing but accept it.

  He was gratified after hearing what I said. Maybe he could avoid possible injuries brought by exercising after learning the basic situation of old age.

  As to health, he told me he dare not have fried food, and ate less fat, meat and eggs for his age. Then he asked me confusedly, “As Buddhists, do we have to be vegetarian?”

  Some upasakas or upasikas would ask such questions. Some others misunderstand that being a vegetarian means good practice. While you see, cows and horses are all vegetarians. Seizing this opportunity training, I told him directly, “ A-Budh, The Teacher of Heavens and Human-being preached according to the level of questioners. For the fountainhead-slow learner, they can only be taught to lessen lust gradually. For the fountainhead-good learner, they can be taught about Buddha nature and act accordingly.”

  In the A-Hūṁ Experience, a piksu was sick and the doctor said the piksu had to have meat to regain his health. Other piksus told A-Budh, The Teacher of Heavens and Human-being, about this; A-Budh permitted the sick piksu to have meat, and the piksu recovered gradually.

  It is the knowable that A-Budh, The Teacher of Devas (Heavens) and People(天人師), with great charity taught living-being in accordance with their aptitude. For that piksu, A-Budh promised the sick piksu to eat meat for cure, piksu with healthy body can fulfill dharma law, and then can go to the world of human-being widely to preach.

  According to The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana Experience(大般涅槃經), ‘ Nature-Accordance had formulated all buddhi-prescriptions(戒) and all prohibitions(禁) which were formulated for the hopes of awakening others in the volition(各有異意); the volition for the needful food(異意故), it is a promise to eat three kinds of clean meats(食三淨肉); to be in the conception of extrication(異想故), prohibition to eat ten kinds of meats(斷十種肉); to be in the concept of geometrical progression(異想故), prohibition to eat any meat including nature death(一切悉斷及其自死者).’. Healthy piksus and bhiksunis should obey the Ten Recitation A-Budh-rule as told and keep being vegetarian. The sick are permitted to have the three kinds of clean meats. But upasakas or upasikas should not be forced to obey the vinaya for piksus and bhiksunis. If forced, then we show little tolerance for others. If we always stress we are vegetarian, we are also not considerate towards others, and easily make others misunderstand that they cannot become vegetarian, or even irritate others to laugh at us, “You can just be a vegetarian? You are good at nothing else? You cannot show off anything else, so you always stress you are a vegetarian.”

  Having heard what I said from many perspectives, my cousin said resonantly, “Although I often invited you to play tennis, you refused every time. Now I know it’s just my wishful thinking, and did not consider for others’ situations. It is just as well that you did not laugh at me.”

  I know he did it out of kindness, so I would not be angry with him or laugh at him. While I would feel bothered after a few times, I don’t want to find some excuses to refuse him more, so I explained to him this time that I don’t have enough strength. Thus maybe one day we can climb mountains or do some relaxed exercise, both enjoying ourselves.




Comments on Current Events


  On April 16th, I went home after a busy day. It was nearly 8 o’clock in the evening. Seeing the China Times on the tea table, I found that I had not read it for several days, so I took it to see whether there was anything strange. As the saying goes, “It is normal for a dog to bite a man, while it is strange for a man to bark at a dog.”

  In the newspaper, there were reports on economic depression, fraud or other issues. On the ninth edition, there was a large report how piksus and bhiksunis quarreled with each other with photos attached to it.

  It is often stressed that the doers of the body depart from home represent Buddhism. They are played off this time. Being angry, furious, monks with xongkon clothes violate vinaya, staining Buddha.

  It was reported, ‘Some piksus only whose body to depart from home(身體出家的比丘) stressed that who are higher than others, bhiksuni shall fulfill the eight reverential methods(八敬法) to respect piksu; they also stressed that in Buddhism dharma law is the highest and then everyone shall depend on Nature law and don’t depend on person(依法,不依人).’. Even some piksus preachy persona(比丘法師) spoke directly, ‘None of all Experiences has said that bhiksunis could do buddhi-recurrence in right law.’.

  How many essential rules and formulations to be fulfilled and then the person can be called a piksu or off-home(出家) or homekeeping(住持)? So, respectfully to read A-Budh Experiences, then we can know what the A-Budh said about it.

  After respectfully reading A-Budh Experience and buddhi-rule, it is known that any piksu should beg outside, any piksu should not take money in their hands, any piksu should not have meals after noon. My Goodness! How many piksus in China or Taiwan have reached this basic standard ? Respectfully to read The Greatness-Pra-Nirvana Experience(大般涅槃經), the Experience reported, ‘The doer of piksu is named to destroy worry(比丘之人名破煩惱); now, if I with the id can not destroy evil awareness and worry, how am I now worthy of the name of piksu ? ’.

  Experience reported, ‘The doer of off-home is named to fulfill good-road(出家之人名修善道); now, if I with the id(我) to do evil, how could I be called the divorce from family(云何當得名為出家)? How could I be called to fulfill divorce from family(云何當得名為出家)? ’.

  The Logicty A-Hūṁ Experience No.873, A-Hūṁ Department, Da-Jenq edition, Greatness-depository Experience, “The Piksu effectuates A-Budh-words(淨戒) and completes extinguish-wrong(淨戒) or bhiksuni effectuates wide learning and erudition or upasaka effectuates purification-faith(淨信) or upasika effectuates purification-faith.”. The four kinds of the good-fineness-regularity-docility-crowds are good-fineness-sanghas. They also can be named the piksu effectuates A-Budh-words and completes extinguish-wrong is named good-fineness-sangha, the bhiksuni effectuates wide learning and erudition is named good-fineness-sangha, the upasaka effectuates purification-faith is named good-fineness-sangha, the upasika effectuates purification-faith is named good-fineness-sangha. According to fulfill the A-Budh’s dharma standards, they all can be called shih-A-wisetion (shih-A-Huey) bhiksuni good-fineness-sangha.

  Sangha is Indian Sanskrit, translated as ‘harmony(和), conforming(合), stable minds(眾)’ ; to harmonize with perpetuation-body(法身) and the wisdom-body(報身) and the fulfillment of the wisdom-body(化身), to conform with one-accord-photo(合於一合相), at stable minds widely to ferry confluences(廣度眾生); then it can be named a sangha of harmony-conforming-stable minds.

  According to the A-Budh Experience, A-Budh Sakyamuni fulfills that Pra-Paramita is the great teacher. In Buddhism, acting with dharma law is specially stressed, Pra-Paramita is very deep delicacy the only one meaning law of Nil-attainment, the remote branch law(辟支法) and sravak law(聲聞法) are the unmeaning law(是不了義法). So, in A-Budh Experience, the old apprenticeship-budh(辟支佛) and old sravak orhan(聲聞羅漢) shall respect the doer of the issuing buddhi-mind; when the person of the remote branch conveying(辟支乘者) or the person of sravak conveying(聲聞乘者) sees the Nature-home doer of issuing buddhi mind(發菩提心的在家人) or the off-home doer of issuing buddhi mind(發菩提心的出家人), those with small result shall respect the doer of issuing buddhi mind.

  A-Budh Experience reported, ‘There is Nature-consistency(頓) and gradation(漸) in the great conveying, the doer of Nature-home(在家人), who effectuates perpetuation-body and the wisdom-body and the fulfillment of the wisdom-body and buddhi vow-deed, is the first meaning(第一義) harmony-conforming(和合) sangha.’. While the piksu or bhiksuni, who does not effectuate perpetuation-body and the wisdom-body and the fulfillment of the wisdom-body and buddhi vow-deed, is the worldly agreement-union(世和合) sangha who shall respect the Nature-home sangha(在家僧) of effectuating the perpetuation-body and the wisdom-body and the fulfillment of the wisdom-body and buddhi vow-deed. If any one does not accept such a great deep method-threshold, should he or she be the egotist of the anti-upward increase(增上慢人) reproached as in The Clever Law Lotus Flower Experience(妙法蓮華經)? The doer shall depend on Nature law and does not depend on person(依法而不依人), the doer shall depend on the law of Nature meaning and does not depend on the unmeaning law(依了義法而不依不了義法). A-Budh Experience formulated that piksu or bhiksuni shall be in homekeeping(住持) and then at identity to rely on A-Budh and dharma law and sangha Buddhism(住持自歸依佛法僧) and shall not store up money or things, etc.

  If the piksu or bhiksuni stored up money or things that he or she broke whose promise to be observant of prescriptions of A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong(若蓄財物是破戒), he or she can only be called possession keeper(財物管理人). As for the buddhi-recurrence(住持), the only one meaning law is that the doer of effectuating perpetuation-body and wisdom-body and the fulfillment of wisdom-body and buddhi vow-deed is recurring right law to do Nature-law homekeeper(如法住持). To be simpler, the Nature-home sangha of effectuating three reliance on A-Budh-words and extinguish-wrong(實行三歸戒的在家僧) is a homekeeper(住持) in home and three depositories(住持三寶). To be most simple, A-Budh Sakyamuni(釋迦牟尼佛) showed A-Budh-knowledge-fulfillment(示佛知見) to confluences(給眾生) who in dharma law can dissever from worrying the great ocean of birth-death, who can arrive at lustrating-mood(究竟) or buddhi-mood(畢竟) or great joy(大樂); upasaka(優婆塞) or upasika(優婆夷) is a family person(在家人), piksu(比丘) or bhiksuni(比丘尼) is an outward person, so, any family person or outward person preaches dharma law, fulfills dharma law, prints A-Budh Experience or buddhi-rule(律) or A-Budh-doctrine, they are recurring right law to do Nature-law homekeeper(住持正法的如法住持).

  Respectfully to read A-Budh Experience, we can find the Experiences that A-Budh teaches four sanghas(佛教四眾) in Nature and three depositories(住持三寶). Which one? In all Experience we never find that bhiksuni or upasaka can not in Nature and three depositories to preach right law(住持三寶正法).

  In A-Budh Experience, The Constantity with No-despite Bodhisattva of the body to depart from family(身體出家的常不輕菩薩) actively respected four sanghas, then bodhisattva in present wave-life became an A-Budh and whose A-Budh name is Sakyamuni Nature-Accordance(釋迦牟尼如來). Then we know that we shall follow the Nature-home Bodhisattva great sattva of fulfilling the only one meaning law(應跟隨實行了義法的在家菩薩摩訶薩), we ourselves should act in the only one meaning law, thus to become a Buddha and then widely to ferry confluences. Come on! Let us erase worry and the result of affliction. Why do you waste your time on your surrounding?

  I have asked a piksu outward person (出家人), who is only the body to depart from home but his mind not to dissever from afflictive family (只是身體出家而心未出家), to set The Metal-immortality Pra-Paramita Experience with Shin-Ming-saying (金剛般若波羅蜜經中鈔) and etc. on a bookshelf in his bookshop. He was busy with A-Budh’s srari and had no reply. Some bhiksuni in charge of a bookstore in Taipei said, “There will be no profits, so they won’t be put on the shelf.” Dare she aim at earning money? There are a few upasakas or upasikas who have less money than others, when we want to print A-Budh Experience every time that we can only print several books; it is not to have too much chance to print more than one thousand books, and the print expense almost used under two hundred thousand New Taiwan dollars, while up till now we just charge 50% of the cost per copy. That is, after being printed, each copy will lose 50% as to its cost. We just think of it as the almsgiving of possessions and of the Buddha-truth. By contrast, some piksus and bhiksunis own great possessions and power, with thousands or billions of dollars in hand.

  I do think that piksus and bhiksunis, who are with existences attainment and are only the body to depart from home, quarreling each other really stains Buddhism. They are too rich and energetic. Please use your money and energy on acting according to dharma.


Brief Introduction


  It is the wish of many people that the future is better and the next generation is richer and happier. To fulfill this good hope, many people have been engaged in action to make the future better. Then come many great educators, great statesmen, famous doctors, judicial experts, farming experts, etc.

  More than 2,500 years ago, in India, there were scores of kingdoms, among which King Suddhodana had a son named Siddhārtha; Siddhārtha received the education of a king, learning sutras, manners, music, martial arts, politics and strategy; when he grew up, he got married and had his own children, living a happy life.

  One day, Prince Siddhārtha went out of the city for a trip, passing the east gate, the south gate, the west gate and the north gate, only to see that the old were suffering old age, the sick were moaning and crying, the dying were painful and helpless facing the Four Separations, as well as the relatives who were also crying. Then Prince Siddhārtha could not enjoy himself like before. Maybe he was wondering: how to make more people live happier in the future.

  If working from a political and military perspective, unifying the whole of India through wars, there would be only one generation of prosperity. So how could the future generations live a stable and happy life? To make others live a happy life, he himself should know how to achieve it first, then benefiting others, passing from generation to generation, their present life on earth are arriving at congruence peacefulness-happiness home(人間當下就是安樂家鄉).

  After being an ascetic for six years, he finally fell down. A shepherdess fed him milk to save him. Then Siddhārtha had a bath in a river. He meditated under the tree when a meteor shot across the sky. Seeing this, Siddhārtha natureifyed Nil-up right-true, every confluence is one’s heart-gift-instinct-lustrating with fullness in Nature-Accordance wisdom-virtue-photo.

  To lead all living creatures to a peaceful life, after specific planning, A-Budh preached the first half of The Greatness-exactness-immensity A-Budh Lotus Flower Solemnizing Experience(大方廣佛華嚴經) to The Nature-home Bodhisattvas-great sattvas(在家菩薩摩訶薩) who had been taught by past A-Budhs, A-Budh encouraged those Nature-home sanghas to follow A-Budh to preach great law widely to ferry living-beings.

  Many civilians, officials, soldiers, policemen, engineers, doctors and nurses left their home to defend the nation or save humans, even losing their lives. A-Buddha Sakyamuni entered the world then. He devoted his love and preached dharma to destroy defilement and pain. So he went to Deer Park preaching the Four logic Holy Buddhism(四聖諦) to Mr. kaundinya(憍陳如), and taught the person with ordinary capacity to go in wisdom garden land and to go to happy home mind after mind.

  A-Budh thought of convenience of widely to ferry living-being, so the only perpetuation-conveying(唯一佛乘) conveniently was said, ‘Identity revert A-Budh (自歸依佛), identity revert dharma law(自歸依法), identity revert sangha Buddhism(自歸依僧). What thought with good deed can be named sangha? Sangha is Indian Sanskrit, translated by Chinese to have three steps of harmony(和)-conforming(合)-stable minds(眾); to fulfill dharma law and the mind and good deed to be in according with dharma law is named harmony, one-accord-photo is named conforming, widely to ferry confluences and to let confluences to arrive at joy after joy(眾樂樂) is named the stable minds(稱為眾). So, in A-Budh Experience and buddhi-rule and A-Budh-doctrine, there are plenty of doers fulfilling dharma who are the family persons of upasaka or upasika(優婆塞或優婆夷在家人) and the outward persons of piksu or bhiksuni(比丘或比丘尼出家人) that all they are named sanghas, they shall preach dharma law to lead confluences to arrive at peacefulness-happiness, they can both teach adherents of Buddhism(都可以收徒). And it was clear that the outward person of piksu or bhiksuni can not keep money or matter, shall not have meal after noon, etc.

  In A-Budh Experience and buddhi-rule and A-Budh-doctrine reported, ‘Below The Teacher of Devas(Heaven) and People(天人師佛之下), the seat-class of the upward behavior(修行位階) appears that the follower is Nature-home Bodhisattva(似乎是在家菩薩), then the next is Off-home Bodhisattva(次之是出家菩薩), and then piksu and bhiksuni and upasaka and upasika. The King Experience, The Great Conveyity Nature-birth Heartland Visuality Experience reported, some living-beings can only receive the heaven conveying(天乘) or human-being conveying(人乘) that they can be taught the first step to go to heaven or human-being, and then they can be taught to become the doer of great conveying, so here shall have the convenient method for heaven-people conveying.

  Among the living-being, there are few with great buddhi vow after all; the doers with higher result are much fewer than those peoples without upward behavior, like the huge gap between a leaf and the vast sand on the earth. Although the Nature-home Bodhisattvas with higher upward behavior(高修行的在家菩薩) are fewer than the outward persons of piksus and bhiksunis, but the great upward behavior doer of the Nature-action teacher of Zongjing piksu(宗鏡比丘禪師大修行者) and others knew to disseminate Nature-home Bodhisattva buddhi-threshold(懂得發揚在家菩薩法門), and to praise Nature-home Bodhisattva. Is it that the Nature -action teacher Zongjing(宗鏡禪師) knows how to act in dharma-law-sequencing(法次) and dharma-law-purpose(法向) ?

  Some Nature-home Bodhisattvas with great vow and great buddhi behavior fulfill Pra-paramita, they fulfill the preaching of companion(同事攝) to live with ordinary people, they fulfill six ferrytions widely to profit confluences, The King Experience(經王) and The Great Conveyity Nature-birth Heartland Visuality Experience(大乘本生心地觀經) always said that The Manjussri Nature-home Bodhisattva(文殊師利在家菩薩) and The Nature Audio-visuality Nature-home Bodhisattva(觀世音在家菩薩) and The Diffusing Wisdom Nature-home Bodhisattva(普賢菩薩), etc. The Teacher of Devas and People(天人師) with great charity said the dharma-law-sequencing(法次) and dharma-law-purpose(法向), wishes that all living-beings(眾生) can be peacefulness-happiness and willingness -will(善逝). Therefore, many Off-home Bodhisattvas(出家菩薩) can not become the Nature-home Bodhisattva(在家菩薩) at that time, while they greatly respected The Great teacher Fu(傅大士), The Great teacher Pang(龐大士), Yang Wengong(楊文公), Li Wenhé(李文和), etc.

  To perform A-Budh’s command, the A-Budh’s assistant Lo-Yin(羅因祖師) preached A-Budh dharma(佛法) in the ming-Dynasty, till now Touch-Nil Threshold (齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching (齋教), Lng-Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Lín-Jìì Purport (臨濟宗), Buddhism has had a history of more than 500 years; more than 100 years ago, Baǒ-An A-Budh Office(保安堂), Holy-Buddhism Nation Mountain (聖國山), Lόng-flower-A-Budh-education (龍華佛教), Novelty-agreement(新約) was founded; later A-Budh’s assistant Zhou-Pǔ-Jing(周普經祖師) lived there for more than 10 days, and transmitted the dharma artery(法脈) and true words(doctrine真言) and hand-signet(手印) to the A-Budh’s assistant Su-yang(蘇養祖師), thus giving the exponent of A-Budh(親勅) from the A-Budh’s assistant to A-Budh’s assistant(祖祖親勅) is the A-Budh education(佛教) that such is Băo-An A-Budh Office(保安堂), Holy-Buddhism Nation Mountain (聖國山), Lόng-flower-A-Budh-education (龍華佛教), Novelty-agreement(新約), Touch-Nil Threshold (齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching (齋教), Lng-Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Ln-Jii Purport(臨濟宗), Buddhism to show the A-Budh’s assistant after the A-Budh’s assistant to deliver the source with the stream of buddhi wisdom capacity(祖祖源流), buddhi prescriptions(戒)-stability(定)-wisetion(慧)-popularity(分) with the incense to savor minute after minute(分香) and experience-process(歷程), concept(理念) and operation style. May you all be peacefulness-happiness. May the nation flourish and the people live in peace.


June 1st, Buddhist Calendar 2546 (Western Calendar 2002)

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Băo-An A-Budh-office, Holy-buddhism Nation Mountain(聖國山), Lόng-flower-A-Budh-education(龍華佛教),

novelty-agreement(新約), touch-Nil threshold(齋門), touch-Nil teaching(齋教), Lόng-Magnificence sect, Lín-Jii purport, Buddhism.