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The Brief Introduction of The Bao-An A-Budh office’s Preaching-popularity.


  It is the wish of many that the future is better and the next generation is richer and happier. To fulfill this good hope, many have been engaged in action to make the future better. Then come many great educators, great statesmen, famous doctors, judicial experts, farming experts, etc.

  More than 2,500 years ago, in India, there were scores of kingdoms, among which King Suddhodana had a son named Siddhārtha; Siddhārtha received the education of a king, learning sutras, manners, music, martial arts, politics and strategy; when he grew up, he got married and had his own children, living a happy life.

  One day, Prince Siddhārtha went out of the city for a trip, passing the east gate, the south gate, the west gate and the north gate, only to see that the old were suffering old age, the sick were moaning and crying, the dying were painful and helpless facing the Four Separations, as well as the relatives who were also crying. Then Prince Siddhārtha could not enjoy himself like before. Maybe he was wondering: how to make more people live happier in the future.

  If working from a political and military perspective, unifying the whole of India through wars, there would be only one generation of prosperity. So how could the future generations live a stable and happy life? To make others live a happy life, he himself should know how to achieve it first, then benefiting others, passing from generation to generation. Their present life on earth are arriving at congruence peacefulness-happiness home(人間當下就是安樂家鄉).

  After being an ascetic for six years, he finally fell down. A shepherdess fed him milk to save him. Then Siddhārtha had a bath in a river. He meditated under the tree when a meteor shot across the sky. Seeing this, Siddhārtha natureifyed Nil-up right-ture, every confluence is one’s heart-gift-instinct-lustrating with fullness in Nature-accordance wisdom-virtue-photo.

     To lead all living creatures to a peaceful life, after specific planning, A-Budh preached the first half of The greatness-exactness-immensity A-Budh Lotus Flower Solemnizing Experience(大方廣佛華嚴經) to The Nature-home bodhisattvas-great sattvas(在家菩薩摩訶薩) who had been taught by past A-Budhs, A-Budh encouraged those Nature-home sanghas to follow A-Budh to preach great law widely to ferry living-beings.

  Many civilians, officials, soldiers, policemen, engineers, doctors and nurses left their home to defend the nation or save humans, even losing their lives. Buddha Sakyamuni entered the world then. He devoted his love and preached dharma to destroy defilement and pain. So he went to Deer Park preaching the Four logic holy buddhism(四聖諦) to Mr. kaundinya(憍陳如), and taught the person with ordinary capacity to go in wisdom garden land and to go to happy home mind after mind.

  A-Budh thought of convenience of widely to ferry living-being, so the only perpetuation-conveying(唯一佛乘) conveniently was said, ‘Identity revert A-Budh (自歸依佛), identity revert dharma law(自歸依法), identity revert sangha Buddhism(自歸依僧). What thought with good deed can be named sangha? Sangha is Indian Sanskrit, translated by Chinese to have three steps of harmony()-conforming()-stable minds(); to fulfill dharma law and the mind and good deed to be in according with dharma law is named harmony, one-accord-photo is named conforming, widely to ferry confluences and to let confluences to arrive at joy after joy(眾樂樂) is named the stable minds(稱為眾). So, in A-Budh Experience and buddhi-rule and A-Budh-doctrine, there are plenty of doers fulfilling dharma who are the family person of upasaka or upasika(優婆塞或優婆夷在家人) and the outward person piksu or bhiksuni(比丘或比丘尼出家人) that all they are named sanghas, they shall preach dharma law to lead confluences to arrive at peacefulness-happiness, they can both teach adherents of Buddhism(都可以收徒). And it was clear that the outward person of piksu or bhiksui can not keep money or matter, shall not have meal after noon, etc.

  In A-Budh Experience and buddhi-rule and A-Budh-doctrine reported, ‘Below The Teacher of Devas and people(天人師佛之下), the seat-class of the upward behavior(修行位階) appears that the follower is Nature-home bodhisattva(似乎是在家菩薩), then the next is off-home bodhisattva(次之是出家菩薩), and then piksu and bhiksuni and upasaka and upasika. The king Experience, The Great Conveyity Nature-birth Heartland Visuality Experience reported, some living-beings can only receive the heaven conveying(天乘) or human-being conveying(人乘) that they can be taught the first step to go to heaven or human-being, and then they can be taught to become the doer of great conveying, so here shall have the convenient mothod for heaven-people conveying.

  Among the living-being, there are few with great buddhi vow after all; the doers with higher result are much fewer than those peoples without upward behavior, like the huge gap between a leaf and the vast sand on the earth. Although the Nature-home bodhisttvas with higher upward behavior(高修行的在家菩薩) are fewer than the outward persons of piksus and bhiksunis, but the great upward behavior doer of the Nature-action teacher of Zongjing piksu(宗鏡比丘禪師大修行者) and others knew to disseminate Nature-home bodhisattva method threshold(懂得發揚在家菩薩法門), and to praise Nature-home bodhisattva. Is it that the Nature -action teacher Zongjing(宗鏡禪師) knows how to act in dharma-law-sequencing(法次) and dharma-law-purpose(法向) ?

  Some Nature-home bodhisattvas with great vow and great buddhi behavior fulfill Pra-paramita, they fulfill the preaching of companion(同事攝) to live with ordinary people, they fulfill six ferrytions widely to profit confluences, King Experience(經王) and The Great Conveyity Nature-birth Heartland Visuality Experience(大乘本生心地觀經) always said that The Manjushri Nature-home bodhisattva(文殊師利在家菩薩) and The Nature Audio-visuality Nature-home bodhisattva(觀世音在家菩薩) and The Diffusing Wisdom Nature-home bodhisattva(普賢菩薩), etc. The Teacher of Devas and people(天人師) with great charity said the dharma-law-sequencing(法次) and dharma-law-purpose(法向), wishes that all living-beings(眾生) can be peacefulness-happiness and willingness -will(善逝). Therefore, many off-home bodhisattvas(出家菩薩) can not become the Nature-home bodhisattva(在家菩薩) at that time, while they greatly respected The Great teacher Fu(大士), The Great teacher Pang(龐大士), Yang Wengong(楊文公), Li Wenhé(李文和), etc.

  To perform A-Budh’s command, the A-Budh’s assistant Lo-Yin(羅因祖師) preached A-Budh dharma(佛法) in the ming-Dynasty, till now Touch-Nil Threshold (齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching (齋教), Lόng-Magnificence Sect (龍華派), Lín-Jìì Purport (臨濟宗), Buddhism has had a history of more than 500 years; more than 100 years ago, Baǒ-An A-Budh Office(保安堂), Holy-Buddhism Nation Mountain (聖國山), Lόng-flower-A-Budh-education (龍華佛教), Novelty-agreement(新約) was founded; later A-Budh’s assistant Zhou-Pǔ-Jing(周普經祖師) lived there for more than 10 days, and transmitted the dharma artery(法脈) and true words(doctrine真言) and hand-signet(手印) to the A-Budh’s assistant Su-yang(蘇養祖師), thus giving the exponent of A-Budh(親勅) from the A-Budh’s assistant to A-Budh’s assistant(祖祖親勅) is the A-Budh education(佛教) that such is Băo-An A-Budh Office(保安堂), Holy-Buddhism Nation Mountain (聖國山), Lόng-flower-A-Budh-education (龍華佛教), Novelty-agreement(新約), Touch-Nil Threshold (齋門), Touch-Nil Teaching (齋教), Lόng-Magnificence Sect(龍華派), Lín-Jii Purport(臨濟宗), Buddhism to show the A-Budh’s assistant after the A-Budh’s assistant to deliver the source with the stream of buddhi wisdom capacity(祖祖源流), buddhi prescriptions(戒)-stability(定)-wisetion(慧)-popularity(分) with the incense to savor minute after minute(分香) and experience-process(歷程), concept(理念) and operation style. May you all be peacefulness-happiness. May the nation flourish and the people live in peace.


The Brief Introduction of The Bao-An A-Budh office’s Preaching-popularity.

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Băo-An A-Budh-office, Holy-buddhism Nation Mountain(聖國山), Lόng-flower-A-Budh-education(龍華佛教),

novelty-agreement(新約), touch-Nil threshold(齋門), touch-Nil teaching(齋教), Lόng-Magnificence sect, Lín-Jii purport, Buddhism.